Korean Drama Review: My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

**This was an old post from my tumblr. Sorry for all this re-posting, but I’m currently in a transition mode so I’ll be transferring some of my better posts from tumblr to wordpress. **

Hello, folks! Since My Girlfriend is a Gumiho is one of the cutest and funniest Korean rom-coms ever, it deserved something more than just a simple review from me. I’m happy to announce that I have a guest blogger here with me, who’s here to share her thoughts on this drama despite her hectic schedule. Both of us have slightly different opinions but that’s what made writing this so much fun! Thanks so much to the lovely tifranlie for being willing to share her thoughts on MGIAG. Hope you guys find this to be a light, fun read because MGIAG was one entertaining journey we’ve embarked on thus far in 2010. This isn’t TOO wordy, so we hope you have fun reading this!

At your personal Baeksang Awards 2011 (kind of like the American Oscars), what would be some of the potential titles ofthe awards be for MGIAG and why?

tifranlie: Some potential honorary aliases that come to mind would be “Cutest Coupley Drama That Combines the Supernatural and Human Worlds”, “Greatest ROFL Comedy”, “KBBQ Jealousy”.

The first title is pretty self-explanatory. Normally movies or dramas have this element of overused ideas of a human hooking it up with a nonhuman, and it gets old. At first I expected myself to be rolling my eyes within a few episodes into the drama, but I didn’t. Rather I was immensely captivated at how the producers magically refined the idea to make it not-so-typical.

The second title is also sort self-explanatory. Comedy demands laughter. While watching MGIAG, I fell on the floor a couple of times. Not on purpose (why would I do such a thing?! [— Hey, I sometimes fall to the floor for extra dramatic effect – endodo] ). I usually watch dramas lying down on my bed (which is bad for your eyes, depending on angle. Don’t do it!) so it’s quite easy for me to suddenly lurch to the side and plop over onto the ground. Not a pleasant landing, but since my mind is mostly focused on what just occurred in the drama, you can say it’s “pleasure over pain” (in a non-dirty way, thank you!).

Finally, the last title is completely related to me. I have this undying love for meat, specifically beef. I love steak, and I love hot pot where the meat is rare and barely cooked at all. I feel so beastly but I can’t help myself. Watching this drama creates all sorts of cravings when I see any of the characters helping themselves to THE DELICIOUS FOODS! Then I become quite envious. So warning, if you watch this drama, you might develop food envy. I was a victim, and you might very well become one too!

endodo: Aw man, I’m not a super creative person, so I only came up with two. One would be “The Best Hoi Hoi Couple That Ever Existed In Kdramaland.” Hoi Hoi is something that can only be mentioned in context with MGIAG. It’s kind of like a reference to E.T for all you kiddos who remember that classic movie. Something happens to me when our couple does their Hoi Hoi handshake. I often am unaware that I start pointing my own fingers at my computer screen, as if I’m subconsciously trying to connect myself to the drama itself. Of course, it’s not gonna happen but hey, a girl can try. The Hoi Hoi finger-connecting-handshake is Mi Ho & Dae Woong’s “special handshake” and it’s a perfect symbol of how their friendship and love began. It’s their unique trademark. In fact, I always tend to have a goofy smile whenever this couple is together. They’re just THAT cute.

The other award title I would dish out is “The Only Drama In Which Everybody Wants To Marry The Female Protagonist.” Yeah, that was a mouthful. But seriously, since watching this drama, I have questioned my sexuality. (I’m straight, just in case you’re wondering.) Because if I was ever given a choice, I would marry Mi Ho in a heartbeat. Then we’d probably have cute foxy kids, who would excel at sports since they have inherited some of their gumiho mother’s abilities. We could live off of bubbly soda and Korean BBQ, and never get fat. Or uh, Mi Ho would never get fat and she could just somehow zap the fat out of me when I’m fifty. While visiting the neighborhood Ahjummas, we’d watch Korean dramas together. Then live happily ever after.

You never know, IT COULD HAPPEN!

How was MGIAG refreshing and original compared to the other dramas of 2010?

tifranlie: What can I say? MGIAG has that unique element of comedy that cliché Korean dramas don’t have. The plot takes you for a spin, and if you’re emotional like me, you can empathize when the main characters are undergoing trials. Now that I think about it, I think it’s cause Lee Seung Gi and Shin Min Ah both have this outgoing personality that really shines when they’re acting. Lee Seung Gi is very expressive when he is happy, sad, worried, or freaked out. Although Shin Min Ah is several years older than I, her behavior (in this drama) has this child-like innocence that doesn’t get on my nerves. On a side note, this drama lets me appreciate the goodness of Korean BBQ, or just beef overall (I’m feeling hungry right now as I write this)!!

endodo: Rom-coms are pretty much my favorite genre, whether it be dramas, movies, or even books. However, I’m also kind of picky (compared to the general population of Kdrama watchers but other snarky bloggers can beg to differ) since there’s only so many ways one can tell a love story. This is also why I abhor the Hallmark Channel movies but that’s another topic for another day. I think it’s safe to say that rom-coms are also pretty predictable, since it’s usually known from the get-go that Boy A will get with Girl A. Throw some usual clichés, plot devices, comical beats, and shenanigans and we get a general romantic-comedy synopsis. However, how that love story is told is what sets apart each romantic-comedy — and this is also why Gumiho was so lovable, not to mention enjoyable, for me. The story unraveled at a pace of its own and the romance never felt contrived. There’s depth and intensity but it never went overboard for me. It was just my perfect cup of tea.

Even though I do love my rom-coms, I’ve seen so many other romantic-comedy dramas this year alone I was afraid I wouldn’t like MGIAG very much. I mean, even with a Hong Sister hit like You’re Beautiful last year, a drama could easily go very wrong, given a wrong direction in one of four areas: writing, acting, editing, or directing. (Those are the main areas that I focus on when watching a drama but there’s obviously much more.) So I have a small confession to make: I watched the first episode of MGIAG feeling quite indifferent. In fact, I was pretty bored and thought that the drama didn’t quite meet my expectations, especially since it was the Hong Sisters’ first project after YAB. I felt rather apathetic about it, although I also felt guilty because it was something I felt I should feel excited about. Thankfully, four episodes later, my indifference soon became unadulterated adoration. I may have liked the OTP (one true pairing) from the start, but it took perhaps four episodes for me to actually fall in love with this drama as a whole. And boy, I was really in love afterwards. If I hadn’t loved it, I wouldn’t be writing this right now.

Perhaps it’s because there was also no Prince Charming and Cinderella in this story that made this drama different. It wasn’t about some poor girl who was living in the dumps and then falling in love with a chaebol heir. No, instead this drama was about a gumiho — a nine-tailed fox — who strove to become human because she wanted to. She simply desired to become a part of the world, even encountering years of adversity for it. Her love for an immature boy-man only increased her desire.

The fantasy premise alone makes this drama completely different from ANY rom-com I’ve seen thus far, as well as the drama’s take on the gumiho story. I was so used to hearing about how the gumiho was a cunning, evil femme fatale that it was a pleasant surprise to see a different take on a familiar folktale character. The writers do play on previous interpretations on the gumiho, but they also add a lovely naiveté to this character. Plus, I practically died of laughter at some of the odd twists at common clichés. I like it when a drama makes fun of itself and I LOVE x infinity it when it takes it one step further by throwing at us familiar plot devices only to surprise us more in the end. For probably the first time this year, any of my initial expectations were thrown out the window, and instead of predicting about what would happen next in every new episode, I just went along with whatever Show took me.

Not only are there hilarious hijinks, there’s that fantasy factor too. I’m not just talking about how the drama could get away with 3D visuals and CGI effects (that would usually result in some eye-rolling) but how the fantasy element upped this drama to another level and became one of its biggest strengths. The mythology kick brought out more symbolism and metaphors in a drama than I’ve ever seen before. Like the fox bead, the foxy rain song, the Little Mermaid story, the superglue, the beef > chicken, the hourglass, etc. — All these were brilliant used to further reiterate the points the drama was making. It’s just so awesome that in a supernatural world, anything can happen. So to a certain extent, screw logic. Let’s make magic in this realm instead.

What else cannot be seen in another drama of this year? Shin Min Ahand Lee Seung Gi. These two bring a new definition to the term adorable — they define it. It’s come to the point that I’ve become their fangirl and I would treat them to a week’s worth of Korean BBQ if they asked me. They’re not always so wacky, even though they do have quirky moments, they also have quieter beats that subtly portray their strong relationship with one another. Because of the numerous accounts of trials that test their bond, Shin Min Ah’s Gu Mi Ho and Lee Seung Gi’s Cha Dae Woong have reached that point where even death cannot threaten their love for each other. I admit that sounds totally cheesy and corny, especially if you haven’t watched it yet. It’s when you actually watch these two characters come to life that you realize they’ve somehow become more than characters in a story, but people you actually want to know more about. For the first time ever, I tossed and turned at night, worrying about them and about their future. Would the fox bead kill Mi Ho? Would she and Dae Woong last after the 100-day contract? Would she still have all her tails left afterwards or does she dissipate into the air, leaving Dae Woong alone? Those questions constantly plagued me and it also started a lot of deep, pensive conversations with my friends.

Shin Min Ah and Lee Seung Gi may make up the cutest couple ever but they’re not the drama’s only appeal. Rather, these two shone the most and are probably one of my favorite OTPs in Kdrama history. I may have squealed and awwed like a lunatic for eight weeks because of The Cute, yet there’s something about this couple that triggers an automatic emotional connection within me. Many other OTPs may have great chemistry in their dramas, but Mi Ho & Dae Woong were something special. For the first time ever in my books, the female AND male led the relationship. Our main man didn’t take care of his lady at first. There may be many other dramas that are about an immature man, but none had such an imperfect start than Dae Woong. This story may be about a gumiho who discovers true love, however, it’s also a story about a boy who matured to become a man. Not just a socially acceptable one but someone who finds his own niche and purpose in life.

Why should someone watch MGIAG?

tifranlie: I have pretty biased opinions, and I’m easily amused by the comical antics and heart-fluttering moments that rom-coms provide. I wish I could speak for everyone when I make recommendations for any drama, but I still stand firm with my opinion of M.G.I.A.G. If you love romantic comedies as much as I do, this drama should be next on your “to-watch” playlist.

endodo: I wanna say YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! with exclamation marks but I know that there will always be people out there who may not like the same kind of dramas that I do. And that’s perfectly okay, since the best discussions begin with varying opinions. When I started liking this drama, I was excited to watch it every week. I pretty much watched it the day the episodes aired and with a sense of religious fervor. Those late nights and lots of caffeine in the morning? Yeah, absolutely no regrets whatsoever. MGIAG is a “feel good” drama that has a lot of heart and despite its fantasy element, it’s relatable and realistic too. It’s also a drama that carries a lot of meaning underneath the comedy and a drama that can be angsty but that angst isn’t used to fill up time; it’s a catalyst for plot development. I didn’t dread the angst, I welcomed it. Which is why Show is ze best!

I touched briefly in an earlier comment that I really do like our main couple. Even though they may be cute together, I like them individually as well. The greatest strength and flaw in a Hong Sister drama is how the writers make the lead couple so appealing that it kind of pushes the minor and second-lead characters to the side. (Sorry Doctor Dong Joo!) Dae Woong and Mi Ho may both be endearing and lovable as a couple, yet I loved seeing their personal maturation as well. They may only reach awesomeness when they’re together but they’re fantastic by themselves too.

Dae Woong’s hero’s journey from a little boy to a mature adult was something that I was anticipating all along. In the opening, Dae Woong, like Mi Ho, had contrasting characteristics. He’s a total wimp around Mi Ho, but acts high and mighty around his friends. He’s confident that he’s going to become a famous action star, yet he really has no idea what the term “working” means. In episode 1, he’s an immature wimp that can’t speak his true thoughts in front of a gumiho. He cowers in front of her because he has no balls, so to speak. Then all that gradually changes as he’s kicked out of his house and he has to take care of Mi Ho. Before, he didn’t have an innate sense of responsibility. Not only does he develop as an individual, he realizes for the first time in his life what it means to sacrifice himself for somebody else. This may sound a tad similar to Lee Seung Gi’s character in Brilliant Legacy but I think Dae Woong is different from Woo Hwan in that he actually had to live on his own for awhile. Woo Hwan also had personality issues whereas for Dae Woong, it’s not so much about having crappy personality but just major immaturity.

Onto the female protagonist! I also adore absolutely everything about her. It’s interesting that although Mi Ho is hundreds of years old, she’s also like a little girl. She was trapped in another world for so long that when she was finally released from her captivity, she was lost. She may be old in terms of age, but she has a sweet sense of innocence. Mi Ho is kind of like a little kid in that she wants to know everything about the world. Whatever she can get her hands on, she wants to touch, taste, and smell. Not innocent perhaps in terms of sexual innocence — my girl is frank and forthright in her wants — but innocent in that she strongly believes in happiness and love. She doesn’t know much about the current world, and so it’s to her benefit that she meets Dae Woong. It must also be noted that her frankness alludes to her gumiho characteristics, as well as to her supernatural abilities. So casting all of that aside, Mi Ho also undertook her own hero’s journey. She initially only had thoughts about becoming a human being. Then she fell in love with one and realized she needed to protect him even if it meant that she could possibly die. She put him above her own needs, ignoring the costs. And I think the costs should not be looked upon lightly. It was either death or love, and she chose the latter. The fox bead added that extra angst to the plot, since it was the fox bead that decided the fate of both protagonists. I know Dae Woong later also comes to the same epiphany, but I dig that Mi Ho takes on the responsibility of protecting a guy despite being a gal. I mean, how often do we see a woman shielding her man from danger in a drama? Not very often, of course.

I mentioned that this isn’t a Cinderella-esque story. However, there was that Little Mermaid metaphor which I absolutely loved. The Disney version gets a happy ending whereas for those of you who have actually read the story, the end does not bode well for the mermaid. I think that’s probably why it’s not a fairytale that’s mentioned in dramas very much. Mi Ho, just like the mermaid, wanted to lose her tail(s) and become a full-fledged human. Both fall in love and both faced the same life vs. death situations.

So why should someone watch it? For the cuteness overload. For a refreshing take on the Korean mythology. For not only pure entertainment but to see a wonderful substantial quality from a pop drama. It’s a gem in my book and deservedly so. It’s a drama that I would love to re-watch again and again, rain or shine; when I’m swamped or bored. MGIAG is emotionally appealing from the get-go, never losing its grip on its viewers. On another tangent, if you ever need a distraction away from real life, a drama that fuses fantasy and reality, then this would be perfect for you! Reallys!

What are two of your favorite scenes?

tifranlie: As mentioned before, I really love the moments that make me burst into uncontrollable laughter, causing me to literally press pause on the drama to gasp for air and let the flood of laughter die into silent chuckling. The first scene that comes to mind (involving Dae Woong and Mi Ho) is when they both put couple rings on each other. At this time, DW explains that the ring is only part of an agreement where he hold Mi Ho’s magical bead that enables him to conduct stunts that are otherwise hazardous to his current bodily condition, while gradually healing him; and Mi Ho is allowed to be his fake girlfriend for the time being (100 days). Sometime after the pact, Mi Ho makes a very bold statement about wanting to mate with DW. DW, shocked is stopped in his tracks, unable to believe what he has just heard.

Another scene that sent shivers down my spine and sent me into a giggling hysteria was the (HOT) kissing scene towards the mid-end of the drama. DW and MH are both in the middle of a cross walk where MH is caught in internal conflict about what she wants to do about her current situation: leaving DW and going to Japan with her advisor, Doctor Dong Joo, or staying with DW. Unable to let Mi Ho go (this time with true feelings!), he grabs her and VOILA, KISS! But to be honest, it was a “real” kiss because DW was returning the magical bead to Mi Ho.

endodo: Only two favorite scenes? I have a favorite scene in like, every episode! Anyway, one of my favorite scenes is when Mi Ho presents Dae Woong with the advertisement of the camcorder that he wanted. Back at the mall, she had mistakenly thought that Dae Woong pointed at the advertisement for the camcorder instead of the actual product. I love how this scene encompasses so many lovely symbols. Mi Ho gave Dae Woong something he had initially not expected, nor would he have wanted it if it was given to him by anybody else. But because the gift giver was Mi Ho, who had worked her butt off to earn money just to buy the ad depicting an enlarged photo of the camcorder, Dae Woong accepts it gladly. From this situation, Dae Woong and Mi Ho realize that they often assume many things about the other, and their misconceptions hinder them from actually discovering who the other person really is.

I actually have another standout scene but it’s the cross walk moment tifranlie mentioned above. So there’s nothing more that I can add to that except it was a wonderful symbol of both individuals coming to that halfway point. Prior to that episode containing that scene, I was freaking out with my drama friends about how the plot would unfold. We were coming up with numerous possibilities but Dae Woong’s decision to give up the fox bead was totally unexpected, in a good way of course. Props to the Hong Sisters on that one. Anyways, since I don’t want to be labeled as a copycat so I will briefly mention another scene.

Dae Woong had ripped out the last page of Mi Ho’s The Little Mermaid storybook. He lies to her and tells her that the mermaid lives happily ever after. Mi Ho is satisfied with the ending but hears from Sun Nyeo that on the contrary, the mermaid’s new life as a human never happened because she ended up disappearing from the rest of the world. Mi Ho ends up buying another copy of the book with the final page in tact. Dae Woong finds her while she asks him if he lied to her. Instead of owning up to it, Dae Woong tells her not to believe in anything else but him. He tells her that the mermaid does live happily ever and that she doesn’t disappear. This scene just about KILLED me. Dae Woong doesn’t want Mi Ho to get hurt so he does lie because Mi Ho sees herself as the mermaid. If she were to find out that the mermaid disappears, that’s basically foreshadowing her own future. I lovedlovedloved that he basically tells her she’ll get her happy ending. There’s no way in hell he’s going to stick to the books. Dae Woong takes a pivotal step in guiding Mi Ho to create her own ending. So again, screw what everybody else SAYS will happen; let’s make our own satisfying ending. That my friends? That’s a little slice of epic awesomeness. I love you Dae Woong!

Korean dramas are really good at sneaking in little sayings that tickle your mind so what is your favorite quote from MGIAG?

tifranlie: Perhaps I didn’t make a real effort to find the quote(s) that I really loved, but I found one that is similar to the one(s) I was thinking about. “I’m going to give you what you really want because I like you” (Mi-Ho). You might ask what is significant about this statement? If said in the right tone, you’d understand the meaning. As a person who currently really, really likes someone, but is not in a relationship, I can relate to Mi Ho who is completely head-over-heels with Dae Woong. The problem is, the other person doesn’t know (plus, DW thinks of Mi Ho as a semi-threat). It’s a sad, but somewhat joyous feeling to see the person you like/love and being able to spend time with them, but your feelings do not reach them. Mi Ho acknowledges that DW likes another girl (who doesn’t not particularly like Mi Ho) and says that she will do what DW wants, and that is not be seen with him.

endodo:“As the person who loves you, this is my decision. Who knows where this will go, but let’s do it together. If we live, we both live. And if we die, we die together.” —Dae Woong

This perhaps isn’t just my favorite line in MGIAG but one of my favorite lines EVER in Kdrama history. This quote comes from the very same cross walk scene, which is all the reason why I love this moment in the drama even more!

What parts from MGIAG would you like to happen in your future love life? Even supernatural things can happen.

tifranlie: This question will probably mark me as a dreamer, a non-realistic person who wishes for the impossible. If I were to take the love elements of the drama and apply it to how I want my future love life to be like, I would definitely want couple rings. I just think those are really cute, plus, I’ve noticed that I’m really protective over those that I love/like a lot (even if they’re not within my reach *ahem*).

endodo: I’ll keep this simple and sweet: I want to exchange a fox bead with my future love!

What characters in MGIAG remind you of your friends/family/acquaintances in your everyday life?

tifranlie: Some people come to mind when I compare characters from the drama to my everyday friends and acquaintances. One girl in particular who I really dislike and often ignore and avoid is this girl who I met online (listen well, people, it is not a good idea to meet online people you don’t like offline). I even wonder to this day how I even tolerate such a selfish person. But to the point, she definitely reminds me of Hye In (the witch of the drama). She always (tries) to get everything she wants and have everything done her way. A female church friend of mine reminds me of Dae Woong personality-wise. Facial expressions, gestures, and the slight awkwardness. Although it would be nice if they looked alike, but whenever I see my friend, in my mind, a thought pops up: Hey, look, Miss Dae Woong! Of course, I haven’t told her, nor do I plan to (unless maybe she watches the drama). She might or might not feel flattered that she is being compared to a male role.

endodo: You know what? I have a couple of immature Dae Woongs as well as those pitiful Dong Joos in my life. But I think I want to bring up another couple that probably didn’t get recognized as much in MGIAG. Yup, that’s right. Our lovely cheese couple (pictured above), whose love story was as dramatic as any drama synopsis. Whenever I see them, I’m reminded of my parents. Whenever the Director and Dae Woong’s Aunt had their lovey-dovey scenes, I inwardly cringed, expecting something so corny that I’d puke by the time they were done. Somehow, there was always an unexpected twist that eventually makes me go “Ah, that was actually kind of funny.” I usually can’t stand middle-aged adult romance stuff because I see it all the time when I’m at home (DON’T GO AWWW, IT’S NASTY, I TELL YOU!), but this couple takes the cake in hilarity and the use of dramatic clichés.

If you played the role of Hye In, how would you do a better job of
winning back Dae Woong’s heart. You after all are only a mere human being.

tifranlie: So I’m dealing with this supernatural creature, so my plan of evil may most likely fail. After learning about Mi-Ho’s secret and knowing that mixing my human energy with Dae Woong’s through kissing will weaken the bead, I would have thought of a better method, such as isolating DW somewhere where (I think) Mi-Ho can’t find him, then doing everything in my power to “mix my human energy with his” (omgoodness, I sound so scandalous now). >.> If that fails, then I’ll “play nice” and give Mi Ho “girl advice” which won’t benefit her at all and will send DW running back to me.

Disclaimer: The following is meant in jest & does not accurately represent the author’s true personality. It is all fantasy and should not be taken seriously. —endodo

Hi reader. I’m the smarter Hye In but you’re probably more familiar with the stoopid one since I never had the chance to cameo in MGIAG. Blame the Hong Sisters for not allowing me to show up. It’s okay, you can hate me for all I care. Your opinion means diddly to me unless I’m 100% positive you’re not another gumiho in disguise. Before I can trust you, you’d have to agree to a hospital check-up exam. You won’t be able to hide any tails, uh, tricks under your sleeves since my father, who graduated from Harvard med school, would be examining. Even if you pass the check-up exam, you will have to try out the swimming pool in my backyard, so I know that you’re not deathly afraid of water. Oh and try to lift up a car and vending machine too. That way, I can empirically test whether or not you’re a dirty mystical being or a human individual like me. Anyways, I should’ve gotten the guy. But whatevers, because I have another goal in sight right now — Jeremy, whom you will know from the popular A.N.JELL band that can be seen in You’re Beautiful. I’ll win him for sure. Just wait.

On the other hand, sometimes I have moments of regrets. If I had the chance to do it all over again, I would’ve came up with a better plan. From the very beginning, when I was introduced to Mi Ho, I would’ve feigned friendliness. I would have immediately befriended her with a congenial attitude, making sure to please her every whim. While I’m putting on this facade of friendliness, I would make sure to gain her confidence so I could secretly note all her weaknesses and strengths. I would have offered to cook her Korean beef and treated her like a pampered princess. This would have given me the excuse to stalk her daily, so I would know all about her whereabouts. Then, while Mi Ho is still unaware of the world, I would tell her to take some time off from hanging out with Dae Woong and come with me to Japan. While we’re there, I’d sneakily leave her stranded on some island and make sure she won’t come back to Korea. Of course, she would have a keen sense of smell, so I’d tell her I would leave her with my trusted attendants aka trained ninjas. When she realizes I’ve betrayed her, I will already be back in Korea with Dae Woong. She can try to fight them off, but we’ll be prepared to bring the entire Japanese militia with tanks, if necessary. We’d put her in a cage and erase her memories. Then lastly, we’ll send her to a European orphange, where she can live for the rest of her life.

As for winning Dae Woong over, I should not have pulled that hussy fit when I first hear that he’s hanging out with some new girl. I would have told him right then and there that he’s mine for life. I’ll buy him camcorders, cameras, and treat him to expensive restaurants. I’ll be his noona, as long as he doesn’t leave me. I’ll have to be careful not to expose my true, evil self. But since I’m more cunning than my other half, I’m sure Dae Woong wouldn’t be smart enough to figure me out. If this isn’t enough to make Dae Woong my boyfriend, I would pray to the heavens and seek the help of the Godmother spirit. I’m sure we’d collaborate together since both of us would benefit if Mi Ho disappeared from this place.

Isn’t this plan brilliant? (Not! —endodo)

Don’t be afraid of MGIAG and watch it for yourself!

How would you rate MGIAG on a scale of 1-10, based on how much you enjoyed the drama?

tifranlie: 9.2632543 rounded to 9.

endodo: A perfect 9, which I have included in my Drama Ratings page.



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