That Love Comes: Episodes 7-8 Recap

Sorry for the delay in recaps! Real life can suck like that. Finally, there’s the familiarity of drama angst and The Cute, which I gotta say that I’m la-la-lovin’ it! But I’m enjoying the adorable scenes more than angst though. This couple may seriously be one of the cutest couples in Chinese/Taiwanese drama history. Everybody else fades into the background when these two are rockin’ their roles! I think this may be my favorite two episodes in this entire series so far, but that’s also because something special happens here too.

Episodes 7-8 Recap:

Xia Tian nervously walks to the cashier counter and faces Ye Zi, with Yuan Yuan glaring on the side. Instead of apologizing for his earlier indifference to Ye Zi’s romantic confession, Xia Tian asks to buy a bottle of his favorite lemon-flavored beer. Both girls are incredulous, and Yuan Yuan even asks him why he had to buy that right now instead of talking about, about… Xia Tian interrupts her and switches the subject, offering an almost unconvincing explanation for coming here. He had wanted to take pictures but he was missing an assistant to help him. Offering the camera up to Ye Zi, he waits for her response.

Ye Zi smiles shyly, and Xia Tian breathes a sigh of relief when she agrees to go with him. Methinks this is just a silly excuse for a date, but I’m not complaining!

Lost in thought at her photo shoot, Flora is busy thinking about what had happened at Xia Tian’s house that she asks to take a break. Now we see what really happened back at his house. As Flora embraced Xia Tian, the latter lingers on her touch for a fleeting minute and slowly drops her hands. How awesome is it that the two are doing this right in front of a mirror? She tries again to hug him, this time reaching to put her arms around his neck but he drops her arms decisively.

The pair of sunglasses that she’s holding accidentally lands on his laptop, opening up to a photo of Ye Zi on his screen. To have a photo of Ye Zi as the last thing that he saw on his laptop accurately reveals his true feelings. Although he hadn’t responded to Ye Zi’s confession in the last episode, it wasn’t because he was actually indifferent but because he was probably coming to terms of his newfound crush.

The two see the photo and Flora starts to fire a bunch of questions. Who is this girl? Does he like her? Is that why he broke up with her? Wow, way to jump to conclusions, girlfriend. Heh. But I like jealous Flora. It’s much better than the Flora that hasn’t done anything for the past six episodes.

Flora returns to the photo shoot and in the midst of shooting, falls backwards. The rest of the crew rushes to her aid and her personal assistant asks if they should take her to the hospital. A sensitive Flora shouts back that she’s not so fragile that she needs to be taken to the hospital. When another crew member asks if they should notify Xia Tian, Flora instinctively shrieks for them not to. The shocked looks on everybody else’s faces leads a very flustered Flora to almost mumble that it would be pointless to call Xia Tian for such a small matter. Exactly. But that gets me wondering if she would call Xia Tian about her clumsy fall if they were still together. Girl, I’m sure that if you gained a little more fat to cover them bones, then that fall would have been cushier. Just sayin’.

Gah, this next scene is so cute! Xia Tian indeed takes out Ye Zi for a lesson in photography. While he’s carrying his nice professional camera and shooting the natural setting around him, Ye Zi follows his every step, using the borrowed digital camera to snap shots here and there. While the two are enjoying this little photography outing together, Ye Zi’s shirt accidentally gets caught on a nearby tree. She tries to struggle free on her own, but it is unable to do so until Xia Tian comes over to assist her.

The two sit side by side to look over Ye Zi’s shots, with Ye Zi hesitantly asking about the quality of her shots. She still needs practice before her photography is up to Xia Tian’s standards. She inches closer to him and peeks over to look at her work (so cute!) while Xia Tian explains how her photos could improve. In the midst of explaining, Xia Tian is interrupted as cries of help across the street gain his attention.

A thief is getting away with the stolen money, so Xia Tian interferes to catch him. He catches up and starts sparring with the robber. After delivering several good punches and kicks, he manages to tie the man’s hands behind his back while a policeman takes the thief away. What a totally random scene. I guess that was a perfect excuse for Joe Cheng to show off his muscles! Not that I’m complaining or anything.

After returning the money to the rightful owner, the couple continue their lovely date-that’s-disguised-as-a-photography-lesson. Xia Tian brings out a bottle of his favorite lemon-flavored beer and starts drinking it while Ye Zi mumbles that he’s stingy for not sharing.  “Last time when I drank this stuff, you laughed at me for it, so I thought you didn’t like it,” he replies, with Ye Zi responding with a prompt “harumph!” He chuckles at her and brings out another bottle, dangling it in front of her face. “I guess you do like this kind of beer, which is good because then I don’t have to drink both bottles.” While drinking and talking together, the camera shows that the two have similar habits when both blow on their bottles of beer as if they’re sighing. They continue to play with their bottles and giggle together. Aw, so cute!

It suddenly starts raining and so they try to find a place to avoid the rain. A telephone booth would be handy here, but no such luck! Instead, they stand under a small gate. I sense a kiss coming on. A car passes by and with the heavy rain, sprays water all over the place. Xia Tian covers Ye Zi with his body (but you both are already wet), which brings them to very close proximity…

Oh my freaking bunny, it’s a full-on make out session! In the rain! SQUEEEEE! Sigh. Damn, I’m jealous. And we don’t get to see what happens next? Fine, be that way, Show!

The next day at work, everyone notices the special glow on Ye Zi’s face. The girl can’t stop smiling until Flora makes a surprise visit to the store. She purposely buys bottles of Xia Tian’s favorite beer, and proceeds to check out, flipping her wallet to show an old photo that she took with her EX-boyfriend. Oh dear. It doesn’t help that she recalls the day Xia Tian drunkenly vented his feelings about a particular ex-girlfriend at the pier.

Flora heads over to Xia Tian’s house, and he sees that she brought their favorite beer, commenting that she hasn’t changed. She asks him if he has changed and if he likes Ye Zi, a question that sends him to a flashback of all the moments he’s had Ye Zi. Smiling, he doesn’t respond until Flora approaches him and tells him that no matter what, they still have a business contract to follow. Seeing the contract, his curtly thanks her, which is a nicer way to say “Get out of my house beyotch.” Or wait, that’s something I would say.

Outside, Ye Zi and Yuan Yuan (our two Y’s!) are waiting at Ministop and upon seeing Flora pass by, Yuan Yuan notes that Flora has been at Xia Tian’s house for thirty three minutes. Distraught, Ye Zi runs to Xia Tian’s house and rings the doorbell persistently. Xia Tian gladly opens the door and before she discusses what’s on her heart, he leads her inside to see the photos of Grandpa and Grandma Zhang from their wedding photo shoot.

Ye Zi forgets her worries and is satisfied with the results as she looks at the photos. She wistfully remarks that the older couple look so joyful. However, she soon notices the lemon-flavored beer that Flora brought over, and her smile vanishes. She doesn’t even listen to Xia Tian as he explains how to capture the perfect moment during a shoot. Snapping back to her reality, her stomach grumbles, which prompts Xia Tian to invite her to lunch.

He takes her to a fancy restaurant that suits his taste. It’s apparent that he’s a frequent customer, since the waitress recognizes him and notices that Flora isn’t with him. Way to ruin a perfect evening, missy. There’s a tinge of awkwardness that soon passes away when the two take a seat. Ye Zi takes a look at the menu and is unfamiliar with the dishes, so she tells Xia Tian that she will order whatever he wants for her.

Ah, the food looks delicious! There’s a really cute moment when their dishes arrive, and Ye Zi doesn’t know how to use the utensils in front of her to eat it. She doesn’t say anything, but looks to Xia Tian for help, and he obliges. He instructs her silently by showing her which tools to use. All is well until Ye Zi tries to cut the steak, when the knife slips out of her hands, and everything on the plate falls to the floor.

Embarrassed, she runs to the bathroom and plays the restaurant scene in her head. It dawns on her that their worlds may be completely different, and that they may not be socially compatible for one another.

After calming down a bit, she returns to her seat, where Xia Tian takes her out to eat somewhere else. At first, she mistakes this as a sign that she doesn’t belong in his inner circle, and is upset that he doesn’t explain why he left the restaurant. Even when feeling upset, she distracts herself with various ways Xia Tian confesses his true feelings for her. The two stop at an intersection cross walk, and while waiting for the green light, Xia Tian turns to say to her, “How other people see you is not important.” Such a simple statement, but it takes loads of stress off Ye Zi. They get lost on the way to a famous midnight market, since it’s been a long time since Xia Tian ate at one. Good thing we’re now in Ye Zi’s familiar territory, so she leads the way! Her confidence now restored, it’s now her turn to pick the menu. She lists off what they’re going to eat with ease. Ah it’s good to have confident Ye Zi back in the house!

Dinner is much more relaxed this time around, as the two make jokes about each other, and even argue over what additional dishes to eat.

During dinner, Xia Tian invites Ye Zi to be his personal assistant at tomorrow’s photo shoot at the pier. She arrives early next morning on the dock and Xia Tian gives her a basic run-through of what she’s going to do. The models and assistants all come, and the shoot begins! Ye Zi stands on the side lines, completely mesmerized by the excitement. That is, until Xia Tian puts his arms around a model wearing only a bikini, to demonstrate to another male model what kind of poses he’s looking for. Her confidence wavers again, when Xia Tian becomes Mr. Demanding at work.

While they’re taking a break from shooting, the crew sees how close the couple stand, and demand to know their relationship. As if on cue, Flora steps out and comments that she would like to know, too. A brief moment passes as Xia Tian puts his hand behind Ye Zi’s back, and announces, “She’s my girlfriend.” This statement brings the smile back to our lovely girl. Flora accepts this with a constrained smile, walks over to Ye Zi to formally introduce herself. While making introductions, Flora remarks that Ye Zi is an interesting name. Isn’t there a saying that leaves will always hold up flowers?

I see how it is — someone needs a smackdown! Badly!


You know, this was a fairly interesting two episodes because I first watched this about a month ago but I wasn’t able to recap it until now. Watching this drama again, I find that I noticed a lot of details that I’ve missed before. These two episodes were perhaps the climax of the entire show. We’ve got our kiss, our dates, and then a showdown between the girlfriend and the ex. What better drama can there be than this?

To be honest, I’ve thought about dropping the recaps, only because I didn’t know if I could continue to talk about it. Giving summaries of the episodes are fun, but it becomes tedious when I have nothing else to talk about. I’m glad that we got to see more of Flora in these two episodes, yet I’m disappointed that we never got to see Bao Qiang’s relationship with Ye Zi develop. I honestly don’t know how anyone can root for the second leads because we don’t see them around. The main couple’s chemistry is so strong, that whenever they’re with other people, it’s evident that they only belong with each other. I suppose that because it’s only twelve episodes long, the writer is only focused on the romantic development between Ye Zi and Xia Tian, but leaving out key characters in big chunks of time only makes them forgettable. But seriously, I can’t get enough of this couple.

One recurring motif from episodes 7 & 8 is the mirror that serves to represent their biggest worries, but is also a representation of what they really think. Earlier when Flora wraps herself against Xia Tian in front of a big glass mirror, you see the latter’s struggle to move on with his life. Being in a relationship with a person for seven years cannot be easily dismissed, even if one party begins to have feelings for another. There’s just so much history when a couple spends that much time with one another. However, Xia Tian’s honest to himself and realizes he has no future with Flora. She’s going to continue on a path to pursue her own goals, even if she may love him, she’s always going to put her career above him. Then an episode later, Ye Zi also faces herself in front of the mirror. Her realization that she may not be the kind of girl that belongs with Xia Tian varies from his enlightenment, yet this is another nuance in their relationship.

I do think that the next two episodes will be more “dramatic,” and hopefully we’ll see more of Bao Qiang, to up the angst and bring our couple closer together. Flora’s a little annoying at this point, only because she’s so dull compared to adorable Ye Zi. I also don’t like her condescending attitude towards Ye Zi, but that makes her so much more fun to hate. Lady needs to get a clue, pronto!

Now let’s see that hot kiss one more time!


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