That Love Comes: Episodes 9-10 Recap

Oh man. This show is getting crazy and not in a good way! I’m still enjoying the series so far, and I can’t wait to finish recapping this, because I want to share my thoughts on various things. Even though this may not be a stellar Chinese drama, it’s still an entertaining story. I do wish that this drama wasn’t so simplistic, and that we could delve into each character a little bit more, but I’ll be satisfied with whatever I can get. Two more episodes and we’re done, peeps! Hang in there as we start to cross that finish line!

Now that Flora has arrived, the main part of the photo shoot begins. As Xia Tian’s personal assistant, Ye Zi awkwardly hangs around, not knowing exactly what she’s supposed to do. During break time, she sees that Xia Tian’s bottle of water is empty, so she thoughtfully brings him a cup.  On her way back, she accidentally trips as another employee intentionally (?) kicks her in the shins, so she splashes water all over Xia Tian’s laptop. The same staff worker yells at her while everyone else rushes over. All the shoot’s important photos are stored in that laptop, and Ye Zi profusely apologizes to the crew, especially to Xia Tian. He doesn’t look at her but orders for the water to be wiped up. Thankfully, the laptop and the photos are safe, but emotional damage has already been done. Everyone now thinks that Ye Zi is an idiot, and loudly comments about her stupidity. Geez, one person calling her an idiot is enough but the entire crew? For God’s sake, it was an accident and she fell because someone tripped her. Can you guys not think of any other lines to say?

Ye Zi meekly steps away from the scene and decides to go home early. She’s terribly embarrassed as she leaves, pelted with insults from the rest of the gang. She texts Xia Tian that she’s sorry to leave early, and heads to the park for some reflection time. Xiao Lu somehow finds her (Wait, he’s not on a leash?) and she starts talking to relieve her inner thoughts.

“My heart hurts. I really, really like him. But our worlds are just too different. I barged into his world. I’m sorry I cause so much trouble for you [Xia Tian]. Is it right to be courageous and pursue love?”

By chance, Bao Qiang Ge (finally he shows up!) is running errands and happens to see her sitting alone. He sits down next to her and asks, “Are you happy right now?” He reminisces their past and remembers how she once failed a math test. In order to prove herself to the teacher, she practiced hard for days and nights. On the next test, she earned a perfect score. The point of taking a trip down memory lane? He knows that as long as Ye Zi is determined, she will be able to achieve her goals. As long as she believes in herself, she can embark on any road. This statement brings Ye Zi to recall Xia Tian’s similar comment back when they were hiding in the alley. This little pep talk strengthens Ye Zi’s resolve.

Next day at work, Store Manager excitedly reports that Flora and crew will be coming in today for their next photo shoot. This slightly dampens Ye Zi’s spirit, especially once she sees Miss Smirky Face approach the shop. Someone’s apparently got something stuck up her butt. However, before Ye Zi’s spirits are completely squashed, Xia Tian shoots her a smile and starts getting to work, since he’s in charge of the photography portion.

One of the models has an emergency and fails to show up. The director in charge is pissed, but Flora steps in at the right moment and in a low voice, suggests that Ye Zi be the substitute model. She hesitates at first, doubting her own abilities, yet finds the courage to agree to be a guinea pig the model.

Dressed up in a frilly pink dress (OMG! I WANT THAT DRESS!), Ye Zi awkwardly participates in the shoot. At first, she doesn’t know how to portray the right facial expressions when standing next to Flora. She tries to smile naturally during the poses, but it isn’t until towards the end of the shoot that she gains confidence in what she is doing. Instead of worrying about failing, she starts to have fun and gives Flora a run for her money. To everybody’s relief, the shoot is a complete success.

Flora is one of the last to leave, waiting for the perfect moment to hand Ye Zi an invitation to her party. She and Xia Tian received an award for a collaborative photography project, and to celebrate, she’s throwing a grand party for everybody. For those who often watch dramas, we know that accepting the invite would be a mistake, and that this party is Flora’s sneaky plan to do something mean. Told ya she’s bringing her A-game in nastiness.

Ye Zi ponders and debates if she wants to attend the party. She opens up her handy dandy laptop to check out the blog — positively owned by Xia Tian. How do I know this? Let’s see. The drama gives a big fat clue in this episode, since the anonymous-yet-not-so-elusive blogger has written about “leaves.” Under a picture of a small leaf, there’s a comment that although this leaf may be weak, it will continue blossoming until it develops full confidence. Reading this, Ye Zi looks over to her own small plant by her side, and cheers herself on. Okay, I think we. get. it. now. Enough symbolism!

The next morning, Yuan Yuan drags Ye Zi to a shopping spree, to pick out the perfect outfit for tonight’s party. I see how it is, Show. You just want to distract us with the pretty clothes! After trying out several outfits, Ye Zi picks out a gorgeous sequined black dress. Yuan Yuan approves, and reassures her that this dress is worth the money. That night, she shows up in her party gown, only to realize it was an informal party after all. To make matters worse, she becomes the attention of everybody else, who all comment on her attire. These people must be out to get her, because any person in their right minds would compliment the young lady instead of belittling her outfit. It’s not like the invitation forbade guests to wear anything other than jeans and a t-shirt. SHEESH!

To make matters worse, Flora and Xia Tian emerge from the house together. Ye Zi had wanted to surprise Xia Tian and had purposely kept her invitation a secret. However, that was probably not a good idea. The crowd eggs on the two to kiss, for some illogical reason. Hello? Didn’t he publicly announce that he’s in a relationship with Ye Zi now? Have they all lost their minds?

Oh, but this is a drama, and instead of telling the crowd off, Flora complies. She wraps her arms around Xia Tian’s neck, and slowly reaches in for a kiss, while he just stands there. Hello? Are you a statue? You could have evaded that kiss y’know. In the crowd, Ye Zi tears up in disappointment. After the kiss, Xia Tian removes himself from Flora’s embrace. It’s at this time that he notices Ye Zi in the crowd. Unable to stomach this scene any longer, she leaves with tears streamin down her face. She exits the party quickly, while Xia Tian chases after her.

Tired from the running and sobbing, she sits down on a curb. Coincidentally, Bao Qiang emerges, as if he’s got his Ye Zi radar functioning properly. He hands her a hankerchief and is saddened to see her so distressed. Xia Tian finally catches up, but before he can talk to Ye Zi, Bao Qiang intercepts his path before he can get any closer. Oh man, look at Bao Qiang’s face. He tells Xia Tian bluntly that ever since meeting him, Ye Zi’s confidence has diminished drastically; it’s all because of him. There’s almost a fist fight, but what’s important to both men is to see Ye Zi safely home. Xia Tian bows out of this situation and leaves.

He returns home and turns on his laptop where we see him publishing something on his blog. And yes, it’s the same blog Ye Zi frequents. In fact, she’s also back home, with her laptop open to his home page. He writes that for this first time, he saw her cry. He adds that he hopes the clouds over her will clear up, so that her days become brighter. It’s a pretty Chinese phrase and it basically means that he hopes she feels better. Both have about a bazillion flashbacks at this point, from when they meet until now. Ye Zi especially has numerous flashbacks to the kiss between Flora and Xia Tian. Poor girl. She’s heartbroken.

Her mood is noticeably in the pits at work the next day and she’s got so much on her mind that she forgets her basic duties. Store Manager and Y.Y notice her dampened spirits, and Y.Y even asks whether if Ye Zi had a horrible time at the party last night. Did something happen between her and Xia Tian? Thankfully, Store Manager cuts in before Ye Zi attempts to explain herself, helping her dodge this question. She then takes a lunch break, hoping to feed Xiao Lu too, but he’s nowhere to be found.

Mom calls at this time to check up on her. Hearing her mother’s voice brings tears to her eyes, and she lies to reassure her mother that she’s doing well. It’s almost weird for her mom to be calling just to ask how she is, considering their last encounter with each other. But okay, I’ll take it. Mom hopes that if Ye Zi ever needs someone to vent to, she can call her.

In hopes to reconcile and to clear up the misunderstanding from yesterday, Xia Tian makes a short stop to the store. He pulls up in the parking lot and sees Ye Zi outside, cleaning tables. He gets out of his car and is about to approach her when he sees Bao Qiang there two steps ahead of him. He remembers Bao Qiang’s warning to him the other night, which stops him from continuing to talk to him further.

Days pass, and the magazine is out, featuring photos of Flora and Ye Zi. The photographs are stunningly beautiful, but despite the praise and claims that she’s prettier than Flora from her friends and coworkers, Ye Zi doesn’t believe that she could compare to real models. This time, Bao Qiang gently reminds her that since she already chose to be a part of this shoot, she needs to trust in herself.

Xia Tian is on a photography expedition, revisiting the places he went with Ye Zi. It’s assumed that the two haven’t talked since the incident at Flora’s party. He stops by the wall where they drank lemon-flavored beer together, and almost gets hit by a car. Almost. Not that I was expecting him to get hurt or anything, but thank you drama gods for not killing him off. This IS supposed to be a happy drama, right?

Xia Tian happens to stop by the place Ye Zi had her little talk with Xiao Lu. Funny thing is, the dog is there this time around too! Xia Tian asks the most adorable dog on earth for advice. It’s pretty cute, especially when he mentions Flora’s name, the puppy growls fiercely as if on cue. After this heart-to-heart talk, the two agree that Xia Tian can bring Ye Zi to foresee his work in the future, but he needs to take extra care of her.

Happily, Xia Tian runs to Ministop, just as Yuan Yuan and Store Manager try to convince her to keep the magazine she participated in.

Huh. Hasn’t all of the even episodes ended with Xia Tian coming into the store to “talk” with Ye Zi? *yawn* Been there, done that already!


I’m not gonna lie — these were two episodes that were personally hard to get through, only because it was so ridiculous in terms of plot. There was so much unnecessary plot devices and angst when all I really cared about was for our couple to get together and start making babies. Whoops, did I say that out loud?

I suppose the drama is taking steps to demonstrate the growth in our OTP’s relationship and therefore the stupid misunderstandings should be accepted because we all know that it will eventually lead to a happily ever after. Okay, I get that. But it got a little boring, perhaps because of all these flashbacks. We had like, what, 10? It was pretty annoying. There was also a lot of brooding in these two episodes, to the point that I wanted to fast-forward past it all.

I do hate to see Ye Zi acting so conscientious of her every move, and I absolutely HATED the way the crew treated her. They have no right to act that way, and it’s totally illogical that they should hate her. She’s not stupid; she just isn’t familiar with the entertainment industry and has yet to reach her full potential. As usual, Flora irked me but instead of hating her guts, I think to myself “Oh, what has she got in store for us this time, and I sure hope it’s entertaining.” She hasn’t done anything “evil” in this drama compared to what I’ve seen, but that doesn’t make her all the more likable. Especially that kiss. That damn peck is unjustifiable, but I put more blame on Xia Tian, because he could have dodged that kiss. Instead, he waited until the deed was done before looking unhappy. Not cool, dude.

Although I’m glad we got to see more of Bao Qiang Ge, especially in these two episodes, I feel like the drama is throwing us hints like we’re supposed to root for him. However, I just can’t. I don’t know enough about him. Sure, it’s obvious he loves Ye Zi and is super supporting of all her decisions, but it’s kind of too late to like him. He’s turned into the second lead plot device, instead of an actual character. He’s just so boring, and he only shows up when Ye Zi is sobbing or extremely upset. It would’ve been great to see these two go on mini-dates together, just so I could sense a deep connection between the two. Oh well. I am looking forward to the finale (and it’s not just because I’ll be done with these recaps) since I think this drama is losing major steam. I’m sensing a separation between our main couple. It may be late in the game, but at least it will probably bring them closer.


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