Songs I Listened In 2010 On Sleepless Nights Part 1

Happy holidays, everybody! I hope all of you are enjoying your break and that you had time to marathon dramas spend some time with your families. 

I’m not exactly an insomniac but there are nights when I just can’t fall asleep right away for various reasons. This is when my iPod becomes really handy to drive away that darned late-night caffeine. I recently looked at my songs playlist, and basically chose the songs that I frequently listened to during this past year. You may be familiar with some of the artists while others you probably have never heard of. Oh, and some of these songs may have been released before 2010, but I hadn’t started obsessing over them until this year.

These are in alphabetical order by artists/bands.

“사랑한단 말 못해 Can’t Tell You I Love You” and “잘못했어 I Did Wrong” by 2AM

“Life” by Beckah Shae

“Tell Me Goodbye” by Big Bang

“Walk on the Water” and “The Lost Get Found” by Britt Nicole.

“Oh Happiness” by David Crowder Band

“In My Head” by Jason Derulo

“Down” by Jay Sean

“Avalanche” by Manafest

“Walls” by Manic Drive. They’re even more awesome live.

“Anchor” by Satellites and Sirens

“I’m Going Crazy” by Se7en


“Break Your Heart” and “Dynamite” by Taio Cruz


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