City Hunter Set For A Tentative Airing Date

I’ve been waiting for this!

There’s finally been news about Lee Min Ho’s next drama, City Hunter, which is the drama adaptation of the Japanese manga of the same name. According to a 10Asia rep who talked to an official from Lee’s agency, City Hunter will be tentatively set to premiere on May 25th, 2011.

Lee Min Ho will reprise the role of private detective Ryo Saeba from the manga in present-day Seoul, South Korea. This will also be the first drama adaptation for the manga series.

I’ve always liked Lee Min Ho, and I think he shows a lot of promise as an actor. His last drama was Personal Taste, which was one of my biggest disappointments in 2010. I sure hope this new project will further expand his acting chops. Unless I am mistaken, we have yet to hear of other casting news for the lead roles. I’m sure that when the air date inches closer, there will be much promotional news for this drama. But for now, we wait! Have patience, folks! Until May, that is.

Source: 10Asia


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