The Boys are Back!

Scheduled to air sometime later this year, upcoming film Witches of Oz will be starring two very familiar actors who are famous for working together in The Lord of the Rings TrilogySam Astin (Sam) and Billy Boyd (Pippin), the latter who recently just got married

Based on the beloved novel by L. Frank Baum, the story centers on Dorothy Gale, now grown up and a successful children’s author after she moves to New York from Kansas. One day, she discovers that her popular stories are influenced by her repressed childhood memories of Oz, and that her past experiences were not reveries, but were all real. Which freaks her out. However, she soon must overcome her fears as the Wicked Witch of the West comes to New York City.

Filming began in late 2009 and ended in February 2010. Billy Boyd will be reprising the role of the beloved Tin Man, whose name in this movie is Nick Chopper. Not much is known about Sean Astin’s character except that his name is Frack. I do know that Frack won’t be one of the main characters in this film, but that Nick Chopper will be. The PD will be Leigh Scott, who will also wrote and acted in this film. His other works include 2007’s Transmorphers and 2005’s Frankenstein Reborn and King of the Lost World. (Haven’t seen any of them.) Other stars who will be starring in this include Eliza Swenson as Billie Westbrook, Christopher Lloyd as the Wizard of Oz, and Paulie Rojas as Dorothy Gale, among others.

After seeing the behind-the-scenes and trailer for this movie, my interest is now piqued. With a character name like Frack, I’m doubly interested. Also, a chance to see Billy Boyd and Sean Astin working together again? Sign me up, pronto! The premiere date has yet to be announced but I’ll be sure to keep you all updated when it comes out in theatres later this year.

Source: TORn


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