Happy Birthday, Tolkien!

This is a little late (for January 3rd is over for more than half of the people around the globe) but if he were still alive in 2011, Tolkien would be celebrating 119th birthday today. Seeing as how this blog will be full of LOTR/Hobbbit stuff for perhaps the next year or so, I wanted to write up a little post to toast the man who brilliantly created his own little world: Middle-earth. It’s because of him I’ve spent perhaps 1/10 of my short life thus far, re-reading all his books and re-watching the movie series. We know that years after his death in 1973, Tolkien’s influence around the world continued.

So to commemorate Tolkien’s birthday, here’s an article on Tolkien’s influences, whose works enabled Tolkien to put together his stories that are famous around the globe today.

I also want to include my favorite soundtracks from the three movies. I like all of the songs in the three soundtrack CDs, but there’s a limit of how many I can post here, so I’ll only choose the most memorable ones. Hope you’re in for some relaxing instrumentals because that’s basically what you’re going to get below. Some songs are perfect for yoga or meditation. Just sayin’! (If you’re not into any of the soundtracks, then skip down to below for some funnies. Teehee!)

The Fellowship of the Ring

“Concerning Hobbits.” Why is this such a pretty song?!?

“The Black Rider.” Not gonna lie — I love half of this song and the other half creeps me out so badly, I need to hide behind a pillow. But wonderfully composed and executed, as usual.

“The Council of Elrond”

“The Breaking of the Fellowship.” This is one of those songs when I immediately say to myself, “Oh Sam. And Frodo. Sigh.”

The Two Towers (endodo’s favorite movie out of the three)

“The Taming of Smeagol.” This song makes me cry, or at least a bit teary during my LOTR marathons. Sigh. Listening to this gives me another excuse to plan another re-watch this month!

“The Riders of Rohan.” Love love loveeeee this song — and the dialogue that is spoken during this scene. Gets my heart pumping too.

“Breath of Life.” An absolutely mesmerizing song. Can’t get enough of it. Wait, I technically say that about ALL of the soundtrack songs in these movies.

“The Uruk Hai.” Personally, I think this song best represents all the epic battle scenes in this particular movie. I’d even go one step further and say that this is THE soundtrack of the second movie.

The Return of the King

“Into The West” sung by Annie Lennox, who has a lovely voice btw.

“Twilight and Shadow”

“The Return of the King.” Well, I certainly can’t forget the song with the same title as the movie itself. Whenever I hear this song, it’s a bittersweet feeling of joy fusing melancholy. The battle is over, but nothing truly returns to normal. At least not for some people in the movie, anyway.

Anyway, if you didn’t like ANY of those songs. (Why would you not like any of them though? Kidding, kidding.) Here’s something that’s supposed to make you laugh. Thanks to my guest blogger Shadowfax for the tip.


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