Jung Il Woo Returns To Small Screen

Edit: At this point, we don’t actually know if he’s been cast as THE male lead but what is certain is that he will be a lead. However, he’s the only one who has officially signed the contract. The others have made only verbal agreements with the production company. Although I wouldn’t mind if the other men tentatively cast became the main lead. More eye-candy for me, then! I’ve also edited the cast and information after the jump, so check it out. Thanks to ockoala for the updated tip.

Edit 2: So Hyun Kung is the writer, not director of this drama.

Right after his best friend, it’s been officially announced that Jung Il Woo (The Return of Iljimae) has decided his next project. He’s been cast as a male lead in an upcoming SBS drama tentatively titled 49 days. He will be playing the character of Song I Soo, who apparently has the ability to take people’s souls immediately after they die. He’ll be joined by Jo Hyun Jae, Lee Yo Won, Bae Soo Bin and Nam Gyu Ri, who have already been cast. In the drama, Nam Gyu Ri’s Shin Ji Hyun gets into a tragic car accident right before her wedding and falls into a coma. She somehow exchanges souls with Lee Yo Won’s Song Lee Kyung. Lee Kyung meets Han Kang (Jo Hyun Jae), who was Shin’s first love. Shin will only survive this accident if all three people who once loved her cries. I’m not sure where Bae Soo Bin or Jung Il Woo fits into all this but I’m sure that we’ll find out soon enough!

Writing this will be So Hyun Kyung, who also wrote Prosecutor Princess and Brilliant Legacy. The drama hopes to take over Sign’s Wednesday-Thursday time slot. Filming will begin at the end of this month.

Since watching him in The Return of Iljimae back in 2009, I fell in love with Jung Il Woo’s acting, although I’ll be the first to admit that his pretty-boy looks had me squealing like a cross between a dodo and a pig. (What else is new, though?) I’ve been waiting to hear some news about his next drama and I’m happy to hear that he’ll be coming back to the small screen. 49 days will most likely air prior to City Hunter, so there won’t be a ratings competition with best friend Lee Min Ho, but I wouldn’t have cared if two (or rather, FOUR, including JIW’s co-stars) hot guys starred in two different dramas at the same time. I could definitely handle the hotness! 😛

I did enjoy Prosecutor’s Princess and Brilliant Legacy, but the writing was a bit off for me. Oh wells. Perhaps the execution is a bit iffy at this point, but I cannot say for sure until the drama officially comes to fruition. The premise sounds interesting, too. I like anything that has to do with souls. (See: My Girlfriend is a Gumiho) Let’s cross our fingers that this will be a good one.

Source: 10Asia, AsianMediaWiki, A Koala’s Playground


4 thoughts on “Jung Il Woo Returns To Small Screen

  1. EEEEE!!! but…so he doesn’t have a loveline? because i assume he’s a supernatural being with him watching jo hyun jae, lee yowon, and nam gyu ri figure their love triangle? or ami i wrong?

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