Bye Bye Adam Couple!

It was announced yesterday that We Got Married’s Jo Kwon and Ga In, otherwise known as the Adam Couple have decided to leave the show. Although I’m a little bit sad at the news, it’s also been a month since I’ve watched anything WGM-related, so I don’t really know what has happened since. Of the three couples on that show, they were my favorites, although the Goguma couple is very adorable as well.

There’s been a few speculations that Ga In left the show because she wanted to focus on her solo activities. She and Jo Kwon are also currently filming for All My Love each week, as well as working on a comeback project with her band, Brown-eyed Girls. These activities took up most of her time and caused her much fatigue. Broadcasting station MBC has yet to announce when the last episode will be filmed and aired, but that they’re working out a schedule with the soon-to-be-not-a-couple. It’s too bad that these two will no longer be a couple on WGM anymore, but life must go on. I’m sure 2011 has other things in store for them so good luck to them both!

So here’s some youtube clips that contains all my favorite moments from this couple. You two will be missed!

Source of news: allkpop


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