My Current Obsession: Reasoning With Vampires

While in high school, I was curious about the Twilight hype that got girls–and even guys– crazy about Team Edward or Team Jacob. Hearing about my curiosity, a friend immediately introduced me to the world of Stephanie Meyer, lending me the first three books and probably hoping that I would be sucked into the crazy fandom.  The story was certainly interesting but by the time I finished reading it, I still didn’t feel like the series was worth the hype. I also definitely couldn’t see the appeal of a romance story filled with vampires and werewolves. Even more perplexing to me was how those around me were praising Stephenie Meyer for her good writing. Good writing? I definitely didn’t see it.

Before I say anything more, I should probably say that I have nothing against the Twilight series or even Meyer. I do, however, dislike the books and the writing. Although it does bother me from time to time that this woman is making millions of dollars as a writer, who am I to judge what the populace likes? Nevertheless, if anyone starts arguing about the awesomeness of the author’s writing, then they better be prepared to bring it because we’ll be having a very long discussion. It doesn’t take a lit(erature) major to figure out that the Twilight series was NOT well written. One only has to look closely to see that it’s clearly written by someone who didn’t properly take English classes. (Ouch. But ’tis the truth!)

Anyway, so I recently was introduced to this website that’s, in a word, “magical.” The site is called “Reasoning with Vampires” and the person who runs the site basically scans pages of the books and adds their own commentary to the book. It brings into light a lot of grammatical errors Meyer made throughout the book, as well as some logical fallacies. Or just sentences that became unintentionally funny. It’s a fun website that’s full of snark — it’s hilarious. Even if you’re a complete Twilight fan, I would still recommend this blog to you, just ’cause it’s freaking awesome. And you need to be enlightened.

Check out that site, pronto!


4 thoughts on “My Current Obsession: Reasoning With Vampires

  1. Brilliant!! Thank you for the link. And, thank you for your own assessment of the Twilight craze. I am glad that I am not the only person to think that way!

    • You’re too kind! I wrote a quick snippet of what I thought about Twilight so I wouldn’t call it an assessment, but just a quick overlook of what I feel about it. But thanks anyway for checking out my site! Yes, isnt’ that Reasoning for Vampires blog amazing? I heart it!

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