Owl City To Return Soon

Squee! Squee! Oh goodness gracious, today has been all sorts of wonderful, hasn’t it? I believe that Dream High has officially become my drama crack of the new year. It makes me so bubbly and giggly it’s absolutely ridiculous. I’ve got piles of work to do but this little drama de-stresses me. Which is freaking awesome. Wait, I’m not supposed to be talking about Dream High right now, am I? Ahem. Ahem.

Yesterday, Owl City aka Adam Young announced via his twitter a release date for his next album, entitled All Things Bright and Beautiful. The album is set to have a total of fifteen new tracks and will be released in late spring or early summer.

I personally can’t freaking wait for his next album. While we’re at it, I’m also waiting for him to write a book or something. (See Owl City’s blog under my blogroll and you shall see his utter brilliance with a pen or uhh…. a laptop.) Ever since I heard “Fireflies” playing on the radio, I fell in love with his music. I know Fireflies was ridiculously popular when he was promoting it, but for those who think that all trendy music is overrated, I personally felt that it deserved every praise. I can’t quite describe it but his music is soothing, albeit filled with witty lyrics that makes you ponder awhile afterwards. His songs may not be for everybody, but it is indeed my perfect cup o’ tea.

You can read more about him talking about the recording process on his latest blog post over at his blog. It apparently took him six months to finish recording this new CD. Although the exact date isn’t sure, Owl City fans can breathe a sigh of relief as they look to hear more from the one-man band this year!

Thanks to my lovely friend Arwen for the tip.

Source: Owl City’s blog & twitter


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