Interesting Article of the Day: Rescue Me From Traffic Jams!

So I’ve got several series going on, including YouTube Highlights of the Day and My Current Obsession. If you’ve been following this blog, you’re probably aware that these posts aren’t necessarily written on a daily or weekly basis, but written randomly or whenever I feel like it. Recently, I decided to start another series of posts to enlighten those who don’t often read or watch the news. Personally, I find news fascinating and although I don’t necessarily keep myself updated daily, I still make an effort to know what’s going on in my surroundings. There’s always bound to be something interesting to talk about whenever I read the news and this article is no exception.

If you’re ever in China and you’re running behind your schedule because of a traffic jam, wondering how you can possibly make it to an important meeting, here’s a little something that can possibly solve all headaches: You can now hire a car service employee to sit in on traffic jams for you and to take your car to the desired location while you are whisked off first by another employee. Instead of wasting hours stuck in between millions of cars in China, you can solve your problems with cash! As long as you have the moolah, you can pay someone to be your substitute driver. Would I lie to you? (The correct answer to that question would be a resounding “NO!” I’m telling you, this is FOR REALS. No joke.

Considering the fact that China has a huge population of about 1.3 billion inhabitants and that more individuals are able to afford their own cars now, this new business is good for entrepreneurs who can make tons of money off desperate motorists. In a study sponsored by IBM, China is said to be tied with Mexico for the country with the worst traffic jams in the world. So instead of waiting for the traffic jams to subside before the congested road lightens up, the customer will just leave it to someone else to do all the waiting.

Can you imagine the calls these business people get? “Oh hello sir, I’ve got a super important date with my fiancé and I’m supposed to propose to her tonight. Yes, yes. This is verrrrry important. I need a substitute driver right now and if she doesn’t say “yes” because you don’t get here on time, I will have your head!”; or “I have a Jay Chou concert I need to go to. I payed $500 for those seats. Take me away from this horror and let me see my idol!”; or “I’m in a really urgent situation right now. What’s the situation? Oh um… I don’t need to catch a flight nor do I have an urgent business meeting. No, it’s uh, something to do with the toi—Oh oh oh! I feel something squishy slowly coming down in my pants! How fast can you get here? I’ll pay you the $60 fees–no, I’ll pay you $200 if you can get here in less than three minutes. Oh $@#%!, it stinks! Yes, get here in three minutes, you hear? I’LL GIVE YOU THE DAMN MONEY SO HURRY UP!”; or “Hello, hello? Is this Wuhan’s-Patient-Drivers-Who-Will-Sit-In-Traffic-Jams-For-Money-Company? Oh great. Do you know who I am? You must have heard my voice before. C’mon, think! Wait, don’t think. That will waste thirty seconds of my time. I will tell you who I am: I am the CEO of blahblahblah. I make a million dollars per minute and I’m wasting my time here because of this stupid traffic. I’m desperate. I need to get to my job and make more money. How fast can you come?”

Oh God. I need to go to China and sit in a traffic jam. Not every city has this driver to the rescue option, but cities such as Wuhan and Jinan do. There’s a demand for traffic jam rescues in Beijing as well, but the city’s strict motorcycle freeway law bars businesses from offering their services to customer there.

Read more from the article by clicking the link below.

Source:  Yahoo


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