Dream High Picspam

Oh baby. That’s my Oppa darling!!! (Edit: Just to be clear, although Kim Soo Hyun is now public property, that’s my personal endearment for him. Come up with your own! πŸ˜‰ Kekeke.)

Lately, Dream High has become one of my drama cracks. It was inevitable y’see. Once I saw Kim Soo Hyun, I fell in love. The rest is history…at least for now. Anyway, most of these photos are new so beware of spoilers. A few photos are old, I think. (My mind is currently fuzzy from a long day so I can barely think straight–and no, I haven’t been drinking!!!) I believe most of these photos are from episode 8, and perhaps even upcoming episodes, but because I really don’t want to write up this paper that’s due tomorrow, I’m procrastinating by posting up whatever photos I see on the web right now. Why procrastinate, you may ask. In the words of my good buddy Shadowfax, “Once an AP student, always an AP (always procrastinating) student.” You American (ex) high school kids should know what I’m talkin’ about it! Keke. So enough talking! Let’s look at all the pretty pictures, including some behind-the-scenes takes!

Sources: 10Asia, KBS Official Website


4 thoughts on “Dream High Picspam

  1. OMG.. I want Kim Soo Hyun for myself, sigh!!! LOve him more and more!! I Love watching his acting since Will it snow for christmast. He has captured my heart since then. SO can I just say, He is mine? haha

    • Ahahaha. Nope, sorry! You can’t MINE him because Kim Soo Hyun is public property now. πŸ˜›

      All of us around the web needs to share him. But because you’re a guest who’s stopped by on DBJ today, *whispers* I won’t tell anyone that he’s considered yours for the week! XD

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