Wilber Pan Releases “Touch” MV Featuring Nichkhun

Two of my favorite pretty faces are featured in an MV together! Taiwanese pop singer Wilber Pan (潘瑋柏) and 2PM’s Nichkhun are finally seen together in the former’s music video for “Touch 觸動.” I had missed Nichkhun’s tweet earlier today when he posted the link to the MV, or else I would’ve posted about it immediately upon its release. 

I like Will. I like Nichkhun. But I’m not too fond of this song or the music video. In this MV, both guys are in a club, dancing and performing DJ duties together. The two have fun, while a really pretty girl arrives at the club and catches their attention. Will stays at his DJ spot and watches Nichkhun approaches her. Later, the camera shows the boys having some fun with their boba drinks, shooting the bobas out from their straws. Doing so, they get into a fight with several guys for hitting them right on target. When the fight’s over, barely leaving a scratch on either of their pretty faces, the “it” girl steps in. She hands both men tissues, but personally wipes off the sweat from Nichkhun’s face as Will watches. The rest of the MV is more partying and Will giving off lingering looks to the girl.

It looks like the girl’s leading both  men on because during one night, Nichkhun texts her while Will actually approaches her to hand her a CD. Later on in the night, both men get a reply from her and realize the other dude is interested too. In the end, the guys choose bromance over romance…. or does Nichkhun leave Will behind in the end? Hm…

The chorus goes:

My heart beats for you. Feel my heartbeat. My breathing accelerates, sparking the pulses between us. Listen to my heartbeat. Feel my heartbeat. Please believe that I only live for you. Baby girl let’s go, go, go. Slowly move close to me. Know. Know. Know. I know you love me so. During our dance together, in my arms, quietly waiting for this feeling.

To watch, here’s the MV. Get ready for some nom nom nom eye-candy!

Absolutely gorgeous. *sighs the sigh that wishes to make babies with hot guys*


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