An Original Song from Kurt Schneider

Yessss! Buddies Kurt Schneider and Sam Tsui have been working on an original song for several weeks, notifying fans that it would be released sometime today. A few moments ago, the two uploaded the music video onto youtube, so the wait is finally over for expectant fans! Directed by Kurt Schneider and sung by Sam Tsui, this song is about a girl who is dating a boy that constantly breaks his promises to her. It also seems like her boyfriend is a womanizer who is two-timing her. She has a good guy-friend (Sam) who likes her.  Sam asks her to let him into her heart. He promises her that as long as she lets him in, they can start again.

The music video is very pretty to look at (‘s all Kurt, baby!) and the song has a really nice tone. It’s hard for me as a fan to judge the music objectively because I love these two so much. To be honest, I tend to love their song covers more than their originals. However, after listening to “Start Again” a couple of times, I like it. Will it turn to love? Maybe not. But what the heck? They’re still awesome–and I have nothing more to say.


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