Reminiscing Back To iloveegg

Back in the good ol’ days, I was completely obsessed with this one Korean website, or rather, this one song from that site. To this day, I still have no idea what the purpose of the site was except to promote these adorable egg cartoons. My favorite part about the website was the “iloveegg” song, though I hear there were iloveegg episodes broadcasted as well. After belting out the song numerous times to the point where my family banned me forever from publicly singing it, I became obsessed with collecting several cell phone charms from various vending machines. I thought that if I couldn’t watch the eggs dance and sing online, I might as well be able to look at them 24/7. Anyway, so why am I posting about this?Um…only because I randomly remembered the iloveegg song for no apparent reason. What, did you expect another answer? (=~=”) It just came to mind as I was procrastinating from working on a project tonight. (Do you sense a pattern here?)

Therefore, just for nostalgia’s sake, I present to you the “iloveegg” song in both Korean and English. Which version do I like better? Guess. If you’re interested in coming up with a hypothesis on why I used to sing this non-stop for months straight, please visit the official site here. It is cuteness overload.

Just in case any of you are curious, I do like the edible kind of eggs, too.


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