Vote For Jang Il Jun!

This is what I do almost every time I finish an episode of Prez.
Oh Choi Soo Jong, we’re meant to be! 😛

Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody! (And to all you single kids out there, hold your head up high and raise your hands in the air! Let’s get this party started!)

I’ve recently found my drama love for 2011. I didn’t think I would fall head over heels in love with a drama this early in the beginning of the year, but I’m definitely not complaining that I did. President has stayed consistent and solid in its run so far, upping its game with twists and turns throughout the plot that actually makes sense (to me, at least). The cast is just absolutely outstanding. Each and every character contributes to the story, even if they’re mere side characters. Each episode fills me with joy to the point that I have to stop and pause my watch to calm down, or else I may have a heart attack from hyperventilating so much. It’s not the perfect drama ever penned, yet it comes pretty darn close in my book. It’s because of this drama that I’ve fallen in love with a character named Jang Il-jun, who is portrayed wonderfully by my ahjusshi crush, Choi Soo Jong. I’ve only watched up to episode 10, so I don’t know how much more awesome this show gets. However, I do know that after I finished 10, I sighed contently, then proceeded to hug my computer screen and thank the drama gods for bestowing me with such a gift. This is a drama that shouldn’t be missed and if I can’t convince you to watch it, then so be it.

I can’t really put into words Prez’s effect on me, but I do know this: it turns me loony with glee! After all, I’ve been learning from the President for the past several weeks. Here are several snapshots of what we’ve been covering in our lessons:

How to be like Edward Cullen. No need to find a Bella. Just pick any person off the streets!

How to flick bugs away when they’re annoying you

How to scream “My Precious” and sneak up on people better than anyone else

How to act coy so you won’t be caught eating foods you don’t like

How to hear no evil

How to laugh like there’s no one listening

How to handle being in an awkward situation (ie: peeing in pants during huge press conferences) Ottoke? Kekeke

How to do the ninja kick and pow pow pow in the snow

How to eat without hands and other tools

How to stay fobby and hot all at once

How to guilt-trip your friend into giving you all their cookies

How to make use of “awkward turtle situations.” Example:

Girl: You’re hot
Choi Soo Jong: DURRRR!!!

How to juggle air. It’s an impressive trick for show and tell.

How to fake an injury when called to confess all your sins in public

How to be the center of attention in those hated family photos

Now what are you waiting for? Go watch President, STAT! If you want to learn from Choi Soo Jong, you must get in line. No exceptions. He’s a busy, busy man. I had to wait my turn too but as I have promoted myself to the Keeper of the School, I’m going to enjoy every single moment with him. In fact, I’m still taking lessons from him as I speak. But no worries, as long as you sign up and wait patiently, CSJ will teach you well. Learn from him, and you will become a Master.

Choi Soo Jong awaits you. See? He’s so happy that you’ve signed up to watch him for the next 20 hours, he’s jumping for joy!

Photos all from the KBS President Page


8 thoughts on “Vote For Jang Il Jun!

  1. Yes, I’m watching ep6 right now as recommended by everyone else. Yes, sigh me up as well, please. I’m that archangel444333 🙂 celestialorigin is my usual screen name everywhere else just because of some mixed up when I signed up for twitter originally (and never gotten around to fix it).

    BTW, Where did you get all those photos? They are scream worthy.

  2. You ladies are very welcome to join me in the CSJ fanclub! There’s no return after this post. You are either on the ship, or you’re not. 😛

    I got all these pictures from the KBS President page. I was scouring around for some yummy photos of CSJ and I was clicking on random tabs and finally found what I was looking for. I guess I clicked something along the lines of “behind-the-scenes.”

  3. I lub him, oh how I lub him so. He’s just perfect, and I’m content he has his perfect wifey by his side. Did I mention he’s perfect. I would pee my pants if Jang Il Jun actually pulled one of these faces in a scene.

    • And he’s just topped JGS as my I Lub You, which is good ’cause that way, I have less competition on the net. He is absolutely wonderful and yes, he is perfect. HHR is so lucky to have him! I love her too and I would pay just to be part of their family for a day. He’ll make a very fine President indeed.

  4. Ajusshi CSJ is just daebak! LOL
    Who knew he’d be such a goof…haha…I think he likes to do funny faces with his mouth open lol hehehe..

    I’m on 10 too now..

  5. I love this man. Thanks for the photos they are a real trea. He always plays such intense characters that these images are almost difficult to reconcile with his drama image 😀

  6. Reblogged this on Aigoo! Dramas! and commented:
    Choi Soo Jong tends to play very serious characters in dramas but it seems he’s otherwise quite joyful 😉 To the point that it becomes hard to reconcile the image of his earnest drama characters with tthe man behind the scenes. Thes images are priceless. Courtesy of Dodo’s Bell Jar at

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