My Current Obsession: 太完美 (Too Perfect) MV

Super Junior-M for their Too Perfect MV

HOLY SHIZ! Why are these boys so freaking pretty? I can’t believe I’m spazzing about this, but yes, I’m hooked on this MV. (Just like my friends soluna413 and klutzow. Heh.) Since I’m in a state of total incoherency right now, please just watch the MV and see what I’m talking about. It’s been a while since I’ve followed Kpop/Cpop/Jpop. I still update myself once every few weeks or so, but I felt proud of myself for stalking out this MV when it was released on the 20th of February by SM Entertainment.

It’s not like this song is all that great because to be honest, I can’t understand their Chinese without the provided Chinese subtitles. I don’t even like the music since it’s a bit too auto-tuned for me. I was feeling a bit grumpy about Hankyung not being a part of SuJu-M anymore, but the unhappy feelings quickly  went away after watching this. I still wish he was a part of the group, but the train’s moving on without him. I was commenting to my friend Arwen about the flawless faces on these gentlemen, but she was kind enough to enlighten me that their faces were probably airbrushed. Who cares? They’re still beautiful. I blame Siwon, and Eunhyuk, and Henry’s hotness for watching this MV uncountable times. I’m shallow. Sue me. 

I seriously just can’t. stop. watching. this. Anyone know a cure for too much fangirling? (Or how to treat a sore throat after too much squealing?) Please tell me! *flails*

Just LOOK at this magnificent face (no touching or else someone *ahem* will come bite you):

If you love it as much as I do, and you want to watch this 24/7, download it here. Thanks to my dear friend klutzow for the link! Now my enabling on the web is complete. Please let me know if either my friends and I have succeeded in fueling your obsessions. 😛


2 thoughts on “My Current Obsession: 太完美 (Too Perfect) MV

  1. Yes, he’s quite magnificent, isn’t he? The epitome of perfection. I’m not a huge fan of the song either but it’s definitely catchy at times and my man looks scrumptious so no complaints here. Thank you for fueling my obsession even more, miss! I don’t know whether to sincerely thank you or berate you for causing the countless hours I know will come in which I’ll procrastinate doing schoolwork because I’m hunting down more pics & videos of my ILU. 😛

    • LOL. Thank me, thank me! Haha. Jk. If it were my friends IRL, they’d kill me. T_T

      As for the song, you’re totally right–it’s catchy at times, but not awesome. It’s decent, which is what I think after listening to all of the Asian pop songs lately.I think some of SuJu-M’s previous songs were better, but I can’t judge the singing since it’s been messed up by machines. I guess one gets used to a song and after listening to it on repeat countless times. But you should get back to working on schoolwork tomorrow, you hear? 🙂

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