Secret Garden In Less Than 20 Minutes

If I had known months earlier in advance that Secret Garden would be parodied by Kpop band Big Bang, I wouldn’t have bothered to finish the drama itself. After being on hiatus for about two years, Big Bang held their Big Bang Show comeback on SBS and filmed for the show on two separate days. The boys performed some old favorites like Last Farewell and Sunset Glow, sang all (!!!) the songs off of their newly released mini-album live, showed clips of interviews of all the members, and also released their music video for the title track Tonight, which I’ve posted below. 

However, the biggest part of the show was perhaps when the band released their parody of SG. The boys cracked up at seeing themselves dressed up and acting like the characters from the drama. This isn’t the first time Big Bang has parodied a drama series, since they’ve also parodied hit dramas Boys Before Flowers and Coffee Prince. Though the ending was a bit weak, I enjoyed watching it immensely.

So what do you think? Does it beat the original series or does the parody suck? One thing I do know for sure, Big Bang won’t be saying their last farewells to us anytime soon. And just for kicks, I’ve posted their live performance of Last Farewell below since it’s one of my all-time favorite Kpop songs.

Source: Soompi


3 thoughts on “Secret Garden In Less Than 20 Minutes

  1. My favorite part (by my favorite member, Dae-sung): (sprays stuff all over face) Smell, smell… (looks at the plant) You smell, too! HAHAHA, totally had me rolling on the floor laughing.

    Ok, maybe it was funnier in Korean.

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