Kevin Lien’s Remix of “Wedding Dress” Cover

Update: If you click the link that will redirect you to his tumblr, that post now contains a free download link of the song! Thanks, Kevin!

Remember Kevin Lien? He became a YouTube breakout star when he covered Taeyang’s “Wedding Dress” last year. He also won the online TopBlip contest and $5000 in cash prize. Today, he released the remix version of his cover for that very same song, which was a collaboration with Danny Coggin. I think I like the original cover better, but this one is more appropriate for clubbing or a party. It definitely has a more dance-like tune, though I personally think the remix is weird during some parts. Why don’t you take a listen and compare it to the original embedded in this post after the jump? 

Here’s an earlier cover that I already posted about that even Kurt Schneider (my fave!) recently commented on:

If Kurt and Kevin ever collaborate together, my life will be complete and I will be in music heaven. I’m sure working on a future project together is probably in the works, but we have to wait to find out more! I’ll keep you guys updated or you could also follow him on Twitter and Tumblr! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Kevin Lien’s Remix of “Wedding Dress” Cover

  1. Honestly.. never heard of him and his version of Wedding Dress. His cover is really good too. But I do love this other version of Wedding Dress. A duo made a cover also of this song and posted it on YT.

    Now that version I have been playing on my Ipod and I really love it. ^^

  2. Heyyyyy unni!

    Yeah, Kevin Lien only recently got famous so I’m not surprised that you haven’t heard of him. Apparently we have mutual friends and he goes to a college near mine! I haven’t met him though. I’m sure more and more people are discovering him every day, especially after this new “Wedding Dress” remix. 😛 Whoa, thanks for sharing the cover! I really like this duet version as well. Seems like there are too many talented people on YouTube (and in other places around the world) to keep track of! XD

    • Plus Tae Yang’s song is just really beautiful too. I soooo want to watch BB concert in Japan this May! *fingerscrossed*

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