YouTube Highlight of the Day:那首歌 That Song

I’ve been watching too much Sunny Happiness or Sunny Happiness-related videos lately. I suppose that if I really wanted to cure myself of this madness, I should stop reading, watching, and listening to anything that has to do with Mike He, Janine Chang, and Li Yi Feng. Before Sunny Happiness, I was busy watching President, but in a matter of 40 hours, I found a new crack. And upon finishing this wonderful Taiwanese drama, I found myself rewatching it again. Though I have started a new semester of school, I HAVE sacrificed precious time and sleep to get some more Happy. 

It’s because of this drama that I, along with my drama friends, discovered Li Yi Feng, a Chinese singer-turned-actor. You would *think* that singer-turned-actors would end up not being able to excel in both activities. It’s rare for a singer to also be a successful actor, and not everyone has a talent for both. Li Yi Feng, on the other hand, is an exception to this rule. Although someone has already claimed him as theirs [you know who you are!], I am happy that I’m second on the timeshare list. So I present to you the music video to his song from his latest album, which is also a song that was added to the Sunny Happiness OST collection. The title of the song literally translates to “That Song.” It’s absolutely a beautiful tune that makes you want to stop everything you’re doing and close your eyes. His voice has that effect on you.

He’s awesome, isn’t he? The epitome of perfection. I regret not discovering him earlier! Just kidding! After all, I’ve got Choi Soo Jong to keep me company!


2 thoughts on “YouTube Highlight of the Day:那首歌 That Song

  1. Awesome indeed!

    I have to think of ways to use every line pf That Song in normal day conversations, if my brains r still working, and I master that, I consider myself fluent in Mando now as I’ve got enunciation of every word in LYF’s yummy accent down by pure fangirl hardwork!!!

    • We are so, SO screwed as SH addicts. We might as well take a vacation from real life and just bask in the awesomeness that is SH. I’m actually so happy that I have a group of girls to spazz with. It’s better to be addicted and have those that you can spazz with! I also can’t get this freaking song out of my head. Rather, I find the entire OST collection too addicting. I know life is too short, but dang, this drama is a high in of itself. Who needs crack when you have the crackiest crack right in front of you?

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