The Fierce Wife OST Download Links

*Broken links fixed so all links should be working fine now.*

Ever since I finished Sunny Happiness, I’ve been on the outlook for more Taiwanese dramas to watch. During a discussion with friends, some suggested that I check out SETTV’s 犀利人妻 The Fierce Wife, briefly telling me that it was one of the best Taiwanese dramas they’ve seen in recent years and quite different from the usual Taiwanese idol dramas. They raved about the acting and the fresh plot, urging me to give it a try. Having not been blown away by Sonia Sui, James Wen, Amanda Zhu, Chris Wang in their acting projects before, I was skeptical. After all, I was–am–still on a Sunny Happiness high. Plus, after reading the synopsis, I was reluctant to watch another I am Legend or Queen of Reversals coming of age story.

However, despite my initial misgivings about the drama, I recently started to enjoy it. I’m hoping to publish a small midway review for the drama sometime soon (knock on wood!) so I won’t say anymore except that I do like it. Despite being a dark romantic melodrama, I was surprised to find that the drama has moments of comedy relief sprinkled throughout the series. It’s one of those dramas that is like a multi-layered cake–one with the whip cream on top, the filling and cake in the middle, and the crust on the bottom. I’m currently on episode 9 and I’m hoping to catch up to episode 18 if my studies don’t completely take over my life.

Though I’m not sure if I would recommend this, having been told by my dad who watched the first and most recent episodes that it was too dramatic and lame, I wanted to share the download links to the OST, which I’ve gradually come to love. If you aren’t going to watch the series, at least check out these pretty songs that I’ve compiled for you to listen to!

The two ladies who contributed to Fierce Wife’s soundtrack are Freya Lim 林凡 and Yisa 郁可唯, both of whom I think have tremendous talent.

Opening song: 五天幾年 Five Days, Few Years by FreyaDownload

Ending song: 重傷 Injured by Freya Download

這樣愛你好可怕 Loving You is Scary by FreyaDownload

Here’s my personal favorite from the OST Soundtrack. Isn’t it lovely?

指望 Hope by YisaDownload

暖心 Warmhearted by YisaDownload

Although we’re inching closer to the finale and I’m behind, I can’t wait to see where this drama takes me. Reminder to self: stay away from spoilers!


14 thoughts on “The Fierce Wife OST Download Links

  1. Love these songs, have no idea what they mean, but I love them. And I finished the drama, I feel it teaches a lot about self confidence and just finding your inner peace.

  2. I have been so blessed to be part of this series when it was dubbed here in the Philippines. And I want to say that I love the song Hope. Do you know what it means, the entire song? If anyone can share a translation, I would really be so grateful!

    • zhiwang means “to hope for something” and “to count on something” according to my dictionary. Counting on or expecting something is just hoping with a greater degree of certainty that it will actually occur.

      • The lyrics are actually bie zhiwang, so the song says “don’t hope …” which is very similar to “don’t expect.” You aren’t getting it either way.

  3. Hi! I am also from the Philippines and i am hoping to find the english sountrack they’re playing for the dubbed feirce wife…
    if anyone could help…thanks=)

  4. Hello, I just found out your blog lol. Can you please re-upload the OST?I love this drama and love the songs too. But unfortunately the link already dead lol.And another inquiry, did you have full version OST of this drama?Thanks in advance.

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