YouTube Highlight of the Day: The Places We Should Have Gone

Oh man, I heart this short. Not only because it was made and written by Philip Wang of Wong Fu Productions, but because it was shot in a country that’s very dear to my heart. The entire shoot took place around several cities in Taiwan. The short itself is a brief story that deals with the question of giving second chances to people who may not deserve them. 

When people break up, they usually handle it in one of two ways. They either push themselves to forget about it and move on, or they wallow in depression, holding on. In my opinion, I don’t think it’s good to do either. Trying to forget means getting rid of all the experiences and lessons. Dwelling means not accepting and growing from the same experiences/lessons. When Becky says “I will do neither”, she’s saying, I can move on, while still remembering why. —Phil

I like how the ending is vague and that it’s up for interpretation. It’s not the best I’ve seen from Wong Fu, but it’s well written. The cinematography is beautiful, the brief scenes capturing the gorgeous landscape and everyday life of those in Taiwan, and makes me want to visit Taiwan again sometime soon. If you like the short or if you’re curious to know more about the behind-the-scenes action, read Phil’s commentary at their official website.


4 thoughts on “YouTube Highlight of the Day: The Places We Should Have Gone

  1. @frankmonocle- You’re right. I was a bit creeped out when he followed her home. You would think that perhaps she would move into a new place after interning in another country for six months.

    @Arwen- I want TW food too. AHHHHHH!!!! Summer, please come!

    • So before we grow old together, let’s take a trip to Taiwan, shall we? =) WE HAVE TO DO THAT SOMEDAY!! Maybe after you graduate or something..Or perhaps COME VISIT ME DURING WINTER BREAK!

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