BTS For Fierce Wife Tip 19

“Don’t be afraid.” That was the main theme I took away from episode or tip 19 as I should probably call it from now on. I should also give you all a heads up and say that this week’s recap will be slow in coming. But while we wait, here is a fun behind-the-scenes take of episode 19, which was shown at the end of this week’s episode. It’s not English-subbed so I summarized the beginning of the clip for everyone instead because I thought that it was the meatiest portion of the BTS.

In the beginning of this clip, Hu Ying Zheng 胡盈禎 shares her thoughts about the series with Chris Wang and James Wen listening patiently and Patrick Li inserting comments enthusiastically during her small rant. These two are so awesome together. Love Wen Rui Xuan and Hao Kang De!

This drama’s intention from the very beginning was to tell viewers to not be afraid. A lot of people will watch this and think, “Who would want to marry now? Who would want to have kids and a mother-in-law?” No, don’t be afraid. Just by watching this drama, we hope you can see that a mistress doesn’t matter. Because what will happen next in the drama and what has already occurred has made everyone anti-mistresses. Now, who wants to be a mistress? Who would dare to have one? Go die! So to all the women viewers out there, don’t be afraid! Be courageous and pursue your dreams in life. Don’t be afraid! Don’t. Be. Afraid!

The rest of the clip doesn’t have much dialogue. The main male cast in this drama reveal perfect, albeit fake six packs beneath their jackets, roaring as they do so. Well, I believe all three of them do have a six pack underneath that shirt. Mmm nomnomlicious! All three individually have fun posing and making growling sounds for the camera, which is all that the camera shows us. Oh so cute!


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