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I’m taking a quick study/food break right now and I recently finished a cute little drama called 愛就宅一起 ToGetHer starring Rainie Yang, Jiro Wang, and George Hu. The Chinese title plays on the words 宅 and 在 because both sound like Ai Jiu Zai Yi Qi, which translates directly to love together. The reason why 宅 was substituted for 在 is because in this drama, our lovely female lead is often called 阿宅 (Ah Zhai). I don’t know, I thought that was pretty cute. Ahem. So anyway, with a total of twelve episodes, the drama did really well in portraying a love story of two people who complement one another.

I’m so used to dramas that are at least 16 episodes in length so it was a treat to watch a rom-com that was short and sweet. To sum it up, ToGetHer is like comfort food that fills you up. It’s a hearty meal, but it won’t make you feel overstuffed or wanting more after you’re done watching it. It leaves a satisfied, happy feeling in your tummy. It’s not quite as addicting as Sunny Happiness nor quite as awesome, but I loved it. It was an easy watch and fun to zip through. Though it’s over twelve hours of your time, I guarantee that it will bring a smile to your face.

I’ve never enjoyed a Rainie drama so enjoying her acting as Mo Mo in ToGetHer was a first for me. The same goes for Jiro and George Hu, two actors I thought were decent, but not good. They’re still not great actors, but they have potential. This was the best performance I saw from all three of them. My favorite aspect about this drama was the music, which was both upbeat and mellow depending on the scene. I know one can already find the soundtrack for this show online, yet I needed an excuse to post about this drama.

Before I give y’all the download links for the OST, here’s a quick synopsis about the drama: Mars (Jiro) is a pop star whose popularity declined after years of being in the spotlight. After all the negative publicity he received, he wasn’t able to find any work to do and hence, went into some financial troubles. He was forced to relocate and move in with Mo Mo (Rainie) and her sister Chu Chu (Linda Liao). Because of Chu Chu’s debts, the two must rent out their deceased parents’ room to him. Mo Mo seems to have agoraphobia and spends most of her time reading a manga called “Prince Kashaba.” In fact, her entire room is filled with Prince Kashaba goodies.

She happens to be in Mars’s foreign language class. Jia Sen (George) has been  Mo Mo’s best friend since elementary school. He’s an athletic swimmer and often competes and wins these swimming competitions. However, he has the mental capacity of a young child and relies on Mo Mo’s support and friendship. With a best friend that loves her and an egocentric celebrity living at her house, Mo Mo is caught up in a love triangle. The rest of the story you can find out by watching the actual drama!

There are a total of six songs for me to share. I didn’t include the instrumentals on this post, but I’m sure you can find them somewhere else online.







My personal favorites are the title tracks 默默 Mo Mo and 越來越愛 Loving More And More, both of which are sung by Fahrenheit. Check out their music videos below!


11 thoughts on “ToGetHer OST Download Links

  1. Can I say that I watched this drama and really didn’t like it? Mainly because the storyline made them classmates in the foreign language class where no one could actually speak comprehensible English. Why do they do this to themselves? It was so painful it turned me off the whole series, although the restrained performance by the actors was much preferable to the usual overacting. I can only attribute my completing the drama to the fact that I was unemployed and bored out of my rational mind.

    • Of course you can say that you didn’t like it! I never expect anyone to like everything that I like and vice versa. I suppose I loved this show because I happened to watch it when I needed a fluffy rom-com to de-stress me from real life. So I could ignore all the flaws because it made me happy. I actually started watching TGH when it first aired in TW about two years ago, but only watched the first four episodes. Two years later, I went back and found it to be much easier on the eyes. I’ve only recently become a TW drama addict again and during my hiatus, I’m sure I missed out on a lot of crap and perhaps a few gems. TGH is one of the better crap in my humble opinion. The writer definitely suffered from writer’s fatigue toward the end but at the end of the day, it made me smile and that’s all that matters.

      By the way, to anyone reading this, did anyone watch P.S Man? I’m curious to know if it’s worth looking into. Or if you have another TW drama to recommend, please let me know. I’m going to put whatever you guys recommend on my never-ending to-watch list. 🙂

      • Ha, I watched P.S. Man. Depends on what you want in a drama. The chemistry between all 4 leads was amazing, even between Blue Lan (his name makes me giggle; what is it with Taiwanese and surnames being used as English names?) & James Wen. James Wen brought the cool as the 2nd lead, and might even have been more attractive than Blue Lan as Blue Lan’s hair was a wreck.

        However, the story was a wash. Bits here and there were good, like Bianca Bai’s initial storyline, but I’m under the impression that there was an extension which wreaked havoc on the storyline. It just got so. damn. slow, and devolved into some of the most hackneyed cliched plots ever. Plus Sonia Sui’s character was a too-stupid-to-live innocent kindhearted type, and the show never explained just what Sonia and Blue saw in each other – and took the whole first love thing waaayyyyy too far.

        Conclusion: You could do worse, and in the realm of all TW-dramas, you could actually do a lot worse. But it’s nothing fantastic.

      • Oh! And I think I consumed most of the TWdramas of the past 3-4 years in a single gulp (during my unemployment I systematically went through my American TV, then K-drama, then TW-drama backlog) and in that period, probably enjoyed My Queen (except for the fact that no matter what it says, that show does not promote an independent woman) the most. Then again, TWdramas seem to compulsively include WTF moments so that I can never wholeheartedly recommend them. I think the Mainland collaborations like Sunny Happiness, are better in that they generally have such tendencies curbed to a large extent.

        • Yeah, a friend of mine recommended PS Man to me last year, but it wasn’t until I watched Fierce Wife and heard that Sonia & James were in PS Man that my interest piqued. Before Sunny Happiness, my favorite TW drama was Autumn’s Concerto. I just rewatched bits and pieces of it this past week. It’s…not as great as I remembered it to be. Sigh. But oh well, Xiao Xiao Bin and Ady An are amazing. Vanness not so much, but he’s decent. The second time around, I realized just how natural Chris Wu is as an actor. Guy needs to land a lead role, STAT.

          Oh I totally agree that TW dramas are full of WTF moments. If I was a pickier and snarkier viewer, I would probably be facepalming and headdesking all over the place. I think it depends on whether you want a fluffy drama or if you want a substantial one. Kdramas have both and TW dramas, for me at least, are mostly fluffy and should be watched when one has nothing else to do. They’re either hits or misses, though usually misses.

          Anyway, thanks for sharing! 🙂 You just might be my go-to person for TW drama recs. God knows I’ll need a new TW drama after Fierce Wife is over. But before that, I must go into hibernation mode. *puts on nerd glasses*

  2. I sort of skimmed this drama…I found Rainie’s character to be kinda irritating. She was always so emo. Her hair was also a little too poofy. Jiro was really cute in here though, as usual. Oh I couldn’t stand the second lead….he was so annoying. I felt bad for him because he was retarded, but he just kept getting in the way of the main couple!!!
    This drama did have some really cute moments though. Rainie and Jiro had good chemistry. I also liked Prince Kamishama (i don’t really remember his name)…he’s a pretty wise manga-character 😛

      • What’s ironic is that I never liked Rainie before TGH. I hated her in every other role prior to that and in last year’s Hi, My Sweetheart. I just couldn’t stand her. But her character works for me in TGH. And yes, Prince Kashaba was adorable. Heehee.

  3. I love this series because you’re right, its like comfort food for the soul.

    Every now and then when I need a laugh or something cute, I can go back to it. I’m not a BIG Raine Yang fan either, I do like Jiro and George..(George was cute in this role, but I prefer him in other roles) and I love Jiro in general, his acting was very cute.

    I’m trying to find if there any other leaked versions of the other songs in the drama besides the OST.
    Like “exit” Cho Ku (when Jiro sang it with his band)
    or the song he sang at his “welcome back” concert in the school.

    Would you know by any chance?

    • Hi Mia Marie,

      Thanks for stopping by and I’m glad you like ToGetHer just as much as I did. As for the songs, I don’t take requests for download links, but you could try to find it on baidu (a chinese google-like site) under MP3 if you know the Chinese names. It’s because to find the songs you want, it’ll take me some time, and if more people start asking for song download links in the future (which some already have), I’ll be swamped to try to appease everybody. That’s why I don’t take requests, sorry! If there’s anything else I can help you with, feel free to ask, and I’ll do my best to answer you if I have the time.

  4. I happend to LOVE ToGetHer, LOVED it. I’m really not a fan of Fahrenheit (pretty face, pretty face, and a not so pretty face), but i’m a huge fan of Jiro. unfortunately, he’s had a few bad projects, and I’m really glad for ToGetHer, it’s a sweet and utterly adorable to the core, especially once the characters found their way around about the tenth episode. The only problem i had with the drama was that it was too ‘neat’, the ending was, well, a little unbelievable. but i’ll got with it since this drama meant Jiro’s hair change. Finally, after all those weird hair dyes and long hair styles, I’m loving the change. it also meant Jiro has been on a style changing binge lately, doing a different style just about every time he’s hair’s long enough for him to cut.

    again, i’m just a huge fan of Jiro’s, and I can’t say i’m not biased towards the drama because of Jiro. but I truly enjoyed the drama. this is also where i became a Rainie fan (i watched her drunken to love you and loved it there, but sadly i hated Sunshine angel, partly on Chun’s horrible acting, partly on her acting after i’ve seen how much better she can do).

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