Fierce Wife Tip 19 Recap

This episode was filled with subtle moments and although I did enjoy it, I found myself getting easily distracted during most of the hour. Don’t get me wrong, this episode had a lot of adorable scenes that made me a happy camper, but halfway through, I started missing the angst from the previous episodes. God, does that make me crazy? On the other hand, the story is certainly progressing and continuing to show An Zhen become her own woman. Still, a part of me wants more conflict because the war’s not over! We’re just riding on the calm before the storm. I mean, what happened to Wei En vs. An Zhen, eh? Those two need to butt heads again. It’s bound to happen sooner or later so just please cut to the chase, Show.

Tip 19 RecapTo Be Fierce Means to Be Brave and Live For Yourself

An Zhen wakes up the next morning and finds her daughter–who didn’t want to disturb mommy while she was asleep–already awake. Awww. Meng Meng asks her about her father’s whereabouts and is told that he will visit her later. Hearing this, Meng Meng tells her mother that she doesn’t want her dad to come because right now, she hates him. An Zhen is completely floored and speechless. She tries to play it off and asks her daughter if she even understands what hate is. “I know. Daddy likes her, but he doesn’t like us. That’s why I hate Daddy.” Oh. Snap. Who said little kids aren’t smart?

An Zhen stands on top of her balcony and digests the conversation she just had with her daughter. I love the screenshot on that right that speaks a thousand words.

Wei En is doing some reflection on her own and is also standing outside on the balcony (coincidence? I think not!) when Rui Fan comes outside to console her, telling her that no one blames her for yesterday’s event. As he leaves to check up on his daughter, Wei En looks at him wistfully and thinks to herself that although he’s given her the love that she thought always wanted, maybe it’s not a love that cannot exist.

Tian Wei takes An Zhen and her daughter to her mother’s place. During the ride, mother and daughter play a traditional Chinese game that involves some tickling and squeezing. Tian Wei smiles at them and comments that Meng Meng is seems to be feeling a lot better now. Meng Meng adorably asks her mom if Uncle Tian Wei is always mean because he doesn’t smile, as if he’s not within the vicinity. Hearing this, he turns around and teasingly roars at her. Then she asks if she can just pick her favorite color and add it to her name, since his surname is Lan, which means blue in Chinese. Heehee. Little kids are so cute!

At a small restaurant, Rui Fan is trying to pull some strings with an old friend so he can start making some money again. His friend apologizes, bringing up his affair and how everyone in this industry has heard about it. Plus, his wife probably wouldn’t let him get away with hiring a friend who cheated on his woman. I would feel sorry for you, dude, but you chose this path yourself.

His friend leaves and Rui Fan stays behind with a forlorn look on his face. It’s here that his old co-worker, Ah Tang, who had left his company and now works at a popular cooking TV show, notices him. Sitting down at the empty seat across Rui Fan, he tells him that his current job is to recruit beautiful female cooks to the show and it involves asking random people if they know anyone in their family who is not only a good cook, but a beautiful woman as well. (Because we all know that everyone would rather watch a woman with boobs than a woman with skills. *rolls eyes*)

Rui Fan suddenly thinks of An Zhen and recommends her to the show. Ah Tang, having not seen her recent physical transformation, doesn’t think she’s the right candidate. But at Rui Fan’s persistence, he promises to ask her. Anyway, Rui Fan does request that Ah Tang does not reveal to his ex that he was the one who recommended her. Ah Tang interprets his words as lingering, affectionate feelings for his ex-wife. Rui Fan, of course, shoots it down, explaining that after all the hurt he’s caused her, he wants her to be happy. He’s consciously aware that he’s trying to redeem himself while knowing that the little nice thing he does for her cannot atone for his past mistakes. You got that right, buddy.

 At Grandma’s house in the countryside near the beach, Tian Wei successfully attempts to set up a kite for Meng Meng to play with later. He happily tries out the kite and tells An Zhen to look at the kite that’s soaring.

 The two take the time to sit on top of the sea wall where An Zhen confesses to him that she’s finally decided to give up Operation Lure Husband Back OR ELSE. Since the day her daughter said that she hated her father, An Zhen has kept those words to her heart. She realized she didn’t want Meng Meng to harbor hateful feelings. Although she had set her sights on regaining her husband, she forgot that she had other people around her she needed to take care of–like Meng Meng.

She doesn’t want to play games with them anymore and realizes that she just wants to be herself. She’ll pay the price for her choice, but the price she must pay is trivial to her. Tian Wei isn’t upset at her decision. On the contrary, he adds that a perfect woman actually would be sort of boring and that as long as she’s happy with herself, he hasn’t wasted his efforts at all.

An Zhen: I see a line before me where everything is full of hatred. I’m tempted to step beyond that it, but I’m choosing not to.
Tian Wei: By advancing over it, you can become a different individual. But if you don’t cross the line, then you’ll be standing by yourself.
An Zhen: The only way to overcome affliction is to forgive those who wounded you.


Those last words were a quote that she read from a book a while ago. She hadn’t understood it until now. She’s no longer going to let those who hurt her influence her and affect her happiness, which goes to show just how much she’s grown. Even Tian Wei remarks that she’s become quite fierce–it takes courage to plot revenge but even more courage to let that go and forgive.

Resuming work, An Zhen’s co-workers compliment her on her physical transformation and pry into her private life when Rui Xuan whisks her away from the crowd. She tells An Zhen that Tian Wei has changed into a nicer person, retracting his promise to layoff workers if their sales results do not meet his standards. She doesn’t stop there, even wondering if it’s possible that their boss is now in love…with her? Lol.

Ah Tang steps into the store and confounded when An Zhen approaches him first. He begs for her to accept his request, even citing what will happen if she doesn’t come on the show. Like, he’ll be fired and he won’t be able to earn money, which means that he won’t be able to find a wife, and his bachelor status will displease his parents. Of course, An Zhen reluctantly agrees after all that.

An Zhen shows up at the broadcasting station to film when she runs into He Ai Lin backstage at the make up room. Lying, Ai Lin says she’s here for a very serious talk show, only to be caught in her lie when a worker tells her they’ll be delaying the filming of the reality matchmaking show she’s about to participate in. Instead of mocking her, An Zhen gently encourages her to smile because after all, she’s the director of a large company. Of course, Ai Lin tells her the truth–she’s resigned from her position.

Going outside the room, He Ai Lin grabs a drink from the vending machine. A little flashback tells us that a chairman of the board had ordered an investigation on the monetary scandal she was involved in. When evidence proved scarce, the chairman ultimately decided that perhaps there really was a problem.

An Zhen comes to find her when the reverie is over, telling her that she’s going to call her Ai Lin Jie (older sister) from now on and that she’s about to film. Smiling, she walks away.

Rui Xuan and Kang De are seen introducing and compliment An Zhen’s great cooking in a pre-filmed clip, banging on pots and pans in their excitement. Honestly, I love these two so much. The talk show host and the show’s chef welcomes An Zhen to the stage, where she’ll be demonstrating how to cook her speciality: curry rice.

Midway through the show, An Zhen accidentally blurts out that her husband and daughter love this dish. This leads the host to ask her about her husband’s affection for her after being able to eat all this good cooking. Backed into a corner, An Zhen confesses that she’s divorced now, that before the divorce, her husband told her that he didn’t like the curry and rice to be mixed together. She claims that she now knows that it’s sometimes better to separate the two.

The nosy host goes on to ask her if the rice and curry were separated because there was another party. He tells her to elaborate on her private life if she wants to, saying that they’ll edit it out later if she wants to. Ha, like that’s going to happen. The first question he asks?Oh, just whether or not she hates her husband. Dude, this is a freaking cooking show, not Dr. Phil.An Zhen is a bit shaken up at the question at first, but then calmly answers that she actually finds her husband quite brave for giving up his comfortable life in pursuit of his love. She must also move forward with her life and be her daughter’s role model. 

During that moment, An Zhen sees Ai Lin with the camera crew. Pumped up, she encourages that Ai Lin joins her to fight on despite losing what they both loved in life. “Don’t be afraid! True fierceness is taking courage to be ourselves. Don’t be afraid! There’s nothing to be afraid of. Don’t be afraid!” The entire audience and crew are touched, applauding An Zhen for her speech.

Tian Wei and his mother are tuning into the show when his mother asks him if he’s proud of his own creation. Tian Wei doesn’t answer directly but says that An Zhen isn’t his creation, but her own person. I knew I liked you!

An Zhen watches the taping over at Rui Xuan’s place, her friends and the kids excited that she’s become a celebrity overnight. They shout, “Don’t be afraid!” repeatedly. They’re not the only ones watching the taping of the show. In fact, Rui Fan watches it back at their house alone, becoming emotionally affected when he hears the kind words An Zhen says of him. But he’s actually NOT alone because creeper Wei En sits on the stairway and hears the whole thing, crying to herself.

The next day, An Zhen really has become a celebrity with the public. At work, she’s approached by many of her fans while her co-workers watch. Tian Wei disperses them and tells them to get to work, stat! Rui Xuan lingers and coyly asks if he can also give her a makeover too. He takes one look at her and says that she doesn’t have much room for improvement. HAH! Once she leaves, I love how he directs his full attention to An Zhen. Can these two get a move on in the romance department, please?

At home, a grumpy Wei En is peeved at An Zhen’s new popularity, tired of seeing the same episode rebroadcasted day after day. She turns to Rui Fan and vents her frustration, telling him that An Zhen is scary indeed. She used her divorce and pretended to act pitiful in front of the media, causing them to be condemned. Wei En continues to fume, angry that An Zhen has it all. Rui Fan defends his ex, saying that she’s not the type of person Wei En is painting her to be.

Rui Fan can’t take it anymore either. It’s not like he can hold a press conference and tell the media that what An Zhen has said was all a lie. Since he’s the one who caused all this problem, he’ll take responsibility for it. Frustrated, he tells her to give him some space as he’s busy looking for a job!

Meanwhile, the trio and Ah Tang are celebrating An Zhen’s successful TV debut at a restaurant. A very happy Ah Tang tells An Zhen that the show’s writer wants her to be an assistant host. While they’re eating, a few fans approach the table and ask for An Zhen’s autograph. Stunned, An Zhen obliges and is also about to take a photo with them when Ai Lin intervenes and says that An Zhen’s company will allow autographs, but not photographs.

The others are surprised that she’s here and even more so when they hear that she was invited at An Zhen’s insistence. Now that she’s joined their dinner party, Ah Tang tries to get her to persuade An Zhen to permanently join his TV show. An Zhen wants to crawl under a table with all this attention she’s getting, but Ai Lin throws her own words back at her when she voices her fears. Don’t be afraid, girl!

Her other concern is that she doesn’t understand how to read contracts. Ai Lin suggestsshe get a manager to help her. Heh heh heh. Perfect! The others deem Ai Lin the best manager for An Zhen. One brilliant, unemployed lady is no longer unemployed! Woot woot!

Amid all this excitement, Tian Wei isn’t joining in on tonight’s festivities because he lied about having a lot of work to do. A part of him really wants to go, yet he also doesn’t have the balls to do so. He himself has started pensively questioning his own feelings. “Don’t tell me that towards her I feel…” Oh yes you do!

Rui Fan goes inside a children’s toy store and chooses a stuffed cat that looks like Oliver. He tries to pay for it with his credit cards but all of them are null. He somehow still ends up buying it and presents it to a moody Wei En, who perks up at the sight of her present. This is Rui Fan’s way of apologizing to her and she embraces him tightly. The two are interrupted by a knock on the door.

It’s An Zhen, who wants to talk with Rui Fan in private. Downstairs, she tells him about the offer that she received and asks him for advice. She’s hesitant to accept but he reassures her, encouraging her to give it a shot. An Zhen says she’ll do it, but while telling him so, slips and calls him husband.

She apologizes, saying that it’s hard to adjust her habits overnight, further telling him not to reveal her decision to anyone yet. She only told him because she had no one to discuss with. He also let’s her in on a little secret, telling her that no one cares about him anymore and that he didn’t know who to tell this to.

Hearing this, An Zhen’s heart softens and tells him that she’s thinking about persuading his parents to accept his current situation. She doesn’t want Meng Meng to hate her father. The two wish each other the best in their future endeavors. Secretly hiding within earshot, Wei En has overheard everything.

An Zhen is already at the bar lounge for Rui Xuan’s birthday bash when Tian Wei arrives. She tells him that listening to this music reminds her of what she used to be like before she got married. She realizes now that during her marriage, she didn’t actually live in the moment. If she took some time to enjoy life instead of busying herself with housework, maybe everything would have been better.

Tian Wei hears this and gets a bit riled up, stating that in a marriage, it takes two people. Rui Fan should put in just as much effort so she shouldn’t bear all the responsibility. Even An Zhen starts at his heated words.

Kang De is next to show up and excitedly shows them the expensive watch he got for his wife. An Zhen is quick to tell him that his gift demonstrates his sincerity while Tian Wei bluntly tells him it’s not creative enough. Before Rui Xuan shows up, An Zhen tells Kang De to prepare himself for a big surprise because his wifey also got him a present–a new wife.

Kang De misinterprets this and hilariously jumps to conclusions, thinking that wife is going to ask for a divorce. He starts throwing a childish fit and OMG I love this guy. So much. Rofl.

Thankfully, his wife shows up before he can say anymore, wearing a very revealing, albeit sexy outfit. However, during her grand entrance, she accidentally trips and bumps into several men, causing Kang De to immediately run to her side and literally shoo them away.

He’s not too happy that his wife is all dressed up extra gorgeous tonight, and seems even more pissed off that Tian Wei bought it for her. But I guess reality sinks in that freebies are awesome so he should just politely thank the guy for buying his wife the dress. Not wanting to lose to face, Kang De tells her that he could’ve saved up money to buy her this very dress. Her reply? By the time you can afford to buy this for me, Michael Jackson would’ve already resurrected from the dead! LMAO!

He then promptly presents her his gift to her. She picks up the watch and comments that it seems like he’s giving this watch to her so that she’ll remain his bitch. (Watch and bitch in Chinese have the same pronunciation.) Kang De nervously laughs while the other two join in.

Coincidentally, a paparazzi in a nearby booth takes this opportunity to inconspicuously snap photos of Tian Wei and An Zhen together since they look quite lovey-dovey when sitting side by side.

Ai Lin’s over at An Zhen’s house and tells her that the first thing she requests is for her to reveal everything about what her ex-husband has done. Ai Lin wants to use this strategy to increase her popularity and gain public sympathy. Her idea is denied, of course because after all, An Zhen doesn’t want to sacrifice her child and affect her future.

Ai Lin expected this and tells her she’s just joking around. Both admit they aren’t professionals so they’ll be embarking on a new career now. I sense a close bond between these two in the future!

Hours later, Wei En comes back home and finds a reporter lurking in front of the house gate. It’s the same paparazzi that took photos earlier. She demands to know what he’s doing in this neighborhood as if she owns the place.

He inquires about the reason behind the divorce and her husband’s affair. At this, Wei En plants a suspicion in his mind (it’s inception!), asking him how he can be so sure that it was the husband who started having an affair first. Damn, you’re causing a lot of trouble, you little twit.


Like I said in the last recap, I wasn’t too fond of how An Zhen wanted her husband back after the divorce. Now that I think about it, it does make sense in our story because she had to realize that dropping that plan was the best thing for herself and her daughter. She had originally wanted to reunite with her husband because she thought it was best for her daughter. But it’s a different story if her daughter knew all along that something was going on and that her dad didn’t like her mother anymore. I can’t say I’m too surprised that her child caught on. Children are quite perceptive and adults often underestimate them.

I wanted to also add on to my comments last time about how I like the pacing of this drama. Even though it did get extended by a few episodes due to the rising popularity of the show, causing the pacing to be even slower, I think it works out in the end because we see An Zhen rise to the occasion no matter the circumstances. Episode by episode, she builds up confidence so that by the end, she really does become fierce. She’s such a different person now than say, six months ago, but she’s still the same attentive mother that she always has been. That being said, I do sort of hope other areas of this drama progresses quickly. Like An Zhen’s relationship with Tian Wei and the dramatic showdown with Wei En. Oh, and Rui Fan’s epiphany. I don’t exactly know what will happen in the future, and if what I’ve just mentioned will be depicted in this drama, but it’s an educated guess on my end. Since we’re nearing the finale, I just want there to be a closure on all the relationships in this drama.

I do have one small, quick caveat that I should have said in the last recap–I honestly think that An Zhen looked stunningly gorgeous in drab before, so it bugs me when others in this drama squeal at how beautiful she’s become because to me, she’s always been pretty. I know, I know–it’s just part of the plotline. But still. She’s so darn pretty, I can’t accept that she was considered ordinary before! The only difference now is that she wears clothes that suits her and knows how to act confidently like she owns them. I’m saying this because I’m an adamant advocate of inner beauty and so it does bother me when there’s a huge emphasis on physical beauty in any drama. Thankfully, FW seems to be moving away from that stuff and towards inner strength, which is more of my kind of thing.

One of my favorite scenes in this episode was in the very beginning where An Zhen is standing on that balcony. She holds her hands close to her and looks at them while standing outside her room, a few feet shy from where her wedding photo hangs. It’s such a beautiful moment and no words are needed as we see her thinking about the decision that she must make that would be more beneficial for her and her daughter. It’s a scary thing to be alone and I think it is here that she truly realizes that she can’t go back to her old life.

I’m curious to see if the next four episodes will focus on either Tian Wei and An Zhen’s relationship, or the unfinished business with Wei En. I said in the previous recap that I hate her but I don’t wish for her to die. Well, while I still stand by what I said, I also do want to see her downfall. She’s a character I’d love to hate, but also a character you can’t simply write off as the antagonist or villain in this drama. I’m waiting to see what else she’s going to do because, from what we see at the end of this episode, God knows that this woman isn’t done wreaking havoc.


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