More Stills From The BTS Of Fierce Wife Tip 19

Remember that Fierce Wife BTS I posted about last week? Well, here are some more stills from it. Seems like these men have a blast filming for each of the episodes. I would die to be in Hu Ying Zheng‘s shoes right now. Her character Rui Xuan certainly has grit and balls. I heart her. But that doesn’t mean I forgive her for being surrounded by these wonderful, sexy men. I mean, she gets to touch all of ’em! More than once! *sobsob* So that begs the question, where can I get some of these guys to save me when I need a superman to whisk me away from disaster? Like the parking lot at Costco on the weekends. God knows I need a strong man to move all those cars outta my way! 

And the best for last. I’m sorely tempted to MINE him but I shall try my best to resist any desire to do so.

With a few more episodes to run, The Fierce Wife is enjoying its current popularity in Taiwan. According to news outlets, episodes 19 and 20 brought in 6.87% and 7.28%  respectively, making it the most watched TV show during that time slot. That being said, I bet this drama series is bound to have a successful finale. I had initially thought that the series would end at 25, but after looking at a few Chinese websites, the number seems to have lowered to 23, making the finale scheduled to air on April 16th. If this changes again, I will let all of you know. As for right now, let’s just enjoy what we have in this moment!

By the way, last week’s episode recap will be up sometime today! Thanks for all of your patience!

Photo Credits: Fierce Wife iSET blog


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