Day 2: Your Favorite Male Lead Character

You know what sucks about being sick and having a stuffy nose and being unable to think straight because you’ve been coughing uncontrollably for days? Everything. But thankfully, a good family friend came over tonight and treated my family to all you can eat huo guo 火鍋 (hot pot). It was absolutely wonderful…except I couldn’t taste most of what I was eating and I ate until I had a food baby.

I don’t know what to name my food baby. Maybe an unusual name like Caractacus. Or not since Caractacus sounds like cactus and I don’t like cacti since they’re green (one of my least favorite colors) and they have pointy thingys. Don’t be offended if that’s your name. It’s a lovely name, really. Why yes, I’m currently searching up names in a baby names book right now. Don’t ask me why. I swear I’m sane–and very much sober–right now. Unless one can get high off on hot pot and water. You tell me. Anyways, I should probably shut up and post my answer to this question, shouldn’t I? Maybe I should just quote Obi-Wan and say, “This is not the dro(dodo)id you’re looking for” and just screw it. Life is too short to be too serious!

Why are all these questions so darn hard to answer? Geez, you might as well include half of the Korean men I’ve spazzed about over the years into this one post. Over the years, I’m sure I’ve favorited more than one male lead for at least a week or so, but to talk about THE one male character that trumps all others is such a challenge. But it’s a challenge I happily accept in my hyper state. Which male character makes my knees weak and turns them into jello? Who’s the one that captured my heart with their performance and made me cheer for them wholeheartedly? It’s none other than Jang Il Jun, played by the wonderful Choi Soo Jong.

Jang Il Jun has a dream. He dreams to become the president of South Korea, to wipe away all the political corruption and to establish a brighter world. It sounds like a naive, childish dream from a Disney movie but that’s what makes him so amazing–the fact that he believes he can accomplish a childish dream. Though he’s surrounded by people who will use any means to gain their heart’s desires, he tries not to compromise his personal beliefs. He can’t possibly become corrupt because too many people have believed in him and sacrificed their lives so that he can achieve this one dream. It sounds corny and cliche, but Jang Il Jun isn’t. If you’re one of his advisors or underlings, he may aggravate you for sticking to the rules like glue. Many times he uses smarter tactics than his opponents to sway his enemies, which are interpreted as sly and cunning tricks.

He’s painfully honest regardless of the circumstances. In addition to this, he has a passion for politics and justice I haven’t seen in recent years. Jang Il Jun may be a fictional character out of a script, but he tugs at my heartstrings. So even if you’re a lazy, apathetic person like me, you’d want to vote for this guy because his sincerity somehow rubs off on you. It really does.

I mean, this man is old enough to be my father but who gives a crap about age? He’s not a flawless character and in fact, the drama shows him making numerous mistakes. However, in my eyes, he’s the male lead character to beat. It was early on in Prez that I just  couldn’t take his sexy righteousness anymore. I couldn’t stand it. It was torturous and half of the time, I reached out to my computer screen and tried to touch him. What? Who says a man can’t be righteous AND sexy as hell at the same time. I’ve got the photos to prove that it can be done.

Hence, Choi Soo Jong as Jang Il Jun became my I Lub You in a matter of hours. I was in love with not only the character, but the man himself. He quickly replaced Jang Geun Seok’s Hwang Tae-kyung as my favorite male lead because to be honest, though I still adore the latter, Choi Soo Jong’s acting is much more stellar. (That’s not saying that Jang Geun Seok won’t get there, but he needs to broaden his range.) Don’t believe me? You’ve gotta watch President. God knows I need more Choi Soo Jong in my life.

Which is why I’ll be resuming my Comrades watch shortly. After I get better from this stupid cold.


6 thoughts on “Day 2: Your Favorite Male Lead Character

  1. After Koala unni’s ravings about President on Thundie’s blog, I thought I should gave President a shot. It’s not really my cuppa tea, me not being big into politics and all, but after this stellar endorsement, I’m seriously considering watching it anyway. It’s not like I’m loaded down with anything else, seeing as how I’m in a bit of a dry spell, drama-wise.

    • “Stellar endorsement?” Haha, no no. I didn’t do the drama justice. I also didn’t think Prez would be my cup of tea for the same reason you listed above. After finishing it, I think Prez transcends the topic and focuses a lot about a man with a mission and his journey. The drama centers around his family and people around him too. It analyzes the human heart and although it doesn’t explore the human psyche as much as, say, Flames of Ambition, it was still a wonderful portrayal of it. Try the first episode. You’ll be surprised. I know I was.

  2. My fav is Han Gyul (Gong Yoo) of Coffee Prince. I was rewatching recently and fell in love with him at the exact same spot as on the first watch. It was when he drove back to Yoo Joo’s apartment to do the appreciation dance. His spontaneous silliness and smile KILLS me.

    • Hi Nikki!

      Mm good choice. Gong Yoo as Han Gyul was a knockout. I own a hard copy of Coffee Prince but I don’t think I was as invested with the story as everyone else. It is a drama I do like to rewatch on a rainy day though.

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