The Best Medication For A Sickly Dodo

Is this.

And this.

[More spoilery photos without an explanation ahead. Feel free to write your own speculations, but this is really an excuse for me to look at all this eye-candy and feel guilt-free about it.]

Oh thank you drama gods for such fan-service. This will probably show up in episode 5 or 6.

Photo Credits: SBS 49 Days Page


9 thoughts on “The Best Medication For A Sickly Dodo

      • Oh, I knew it was Jo Hyun-jae. I was just emphasizing the shirtlessness couldn’t top even a fully-clothed JIW. ^_^ And don’t worry, I’m pretty good at sharing. kkk I won’t keep him too long.

  1. JIW is so cute in the first pic *saving it in my PC* But too bad 49 days lost me in the middle of episode 2 …. Anyway ,I just jumped on your blog today and I’m really lovin’ it ^^ !

    • Thanks for stopping by, Rose! I think anyone who didn’t think Jung Il Woo was hot before probably changed their minds afterwards when they saw these yummy pics of him from 49 Days. But even if they didn’t, that’s alright because that would mean more Jung Il Woo for the rest of us!

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