My Current Obsession: Food Blogs

A friend of mine gave up cookies and cupcakes for Lent. Although I do not practice Lent, I could sympathize with her. So, being the kind soul that I am, I offered to find her photos of what she couldn’t eat, not knowing that I was digging my own graveyard. Dear God, the photos I saw had me salivating like one of Pavlov’s dogs. I was actually trying to multi-task several activities at once, but I couldn’t do it. Hours later, I’m still looking at food, food, and more food. God bless America. 

Seriously, I can’t get over this new obsession. I am now in love with food blogs. You’ll have to peel me away from my chair and shut down my computer (which you can’t over the internet, muahahaha! Yes, I’m looking at you @svdbygrcty) to get me to stop.

Anyway, here are some sites that I’ve been looking at! I’m sure these are only a handful of goodies compared to the hundreds of thousands of food blogs out there. I don’t have the time to critique every single food blog and I’m certainly incapable of choosing the best of the best, but since I’m going to be obsessed about food blogs for a while, I guess I’ll take my time scouring over each one that I come across. Feel free to share some of your favorite food blogs or your current obsession(s). 😀

Cake-in-a-cup. As the title suggests, this is a cupcake blog that’s mostly filled with pictures that has to do with cupcakes.

Cooking Books: This blog’s different from all the others that I’ll post about because it not only includes photos of the food, but step-by-step instructions on how to make them yourselves. This isn’t surprising because after all, this is a cook book site. I love the details in each post. The author truly knows what the heck they’re talking about when it comes down to food.

FFFFOOD: The name of this blog speaks for itself.

Green Tea Crème Brulée: This is the first food blog I discovered via tumblr. I love all the photos taken on this blog because they’re mostly taken by the author themselves unless stated otherwise. Mostly photos but they’re pretttaaaayyyyy.

Heavenly Foods: I love this one. These photos aren’t owned or taken by this particular site, but rather, it’s a collection of photos from other blogs. I think it’s because the photos are so gorgeous that I wish I can reach across my screen and take a bite of each dish. In other words, these photos make each highlighted food look heavenly.

Thanks to google, I found out that there are lists of links to the “best” food blogs on the net. Yay for more links! Now there goes my life…

Photo credits: All photos were taken from these blogs.


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