Day 3: Favorite Female Lead Character

I can’t believe it takes me days to think of my answer for these questions. Perhaps I’m taking this challenge more seriously than I intended to, but I’m having fun coming up with these responses nonetheless, especially since I have an excuse to take a trip down memory lane. Ah, to be able to go through all the dramas I’ve watched over the years and rewatch a few episodes here and gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling of satisfaction.

I remember picking up this drama when I was still a newbie to Korean dramas. But just because I didn’t know much about this genre back then didn’t mean that I couldn’t tell a good drama from a dud. I especially knew that this would a be a drama that would become one of my top favorites, and a drama that would go into my treasure box. After all, it’s hard to erase a character like Kim Sam Soon from your mind after her infamous crying scene in the men’s bathroom in My Name is Kim Sam Soon. I have never forgotten that moment and it’s one of my favorite scenes to date. What makes Sam Soon my favorite female character of all time has nothing to do with her magical powers or her picture-perfect body. No, Sam Soon was far from perfect and that’s what made her so memorable. She was, in other words, your everyday average woman. And that’s what made her so awesome.

She’s a character I love because it felt like I knew her personally. It may sound crazy, but watching Sam Soon was akin to watching one of my personal friend’s life on screen. There’s no doubt that MNIKSS was a story about love and growth, but it also carried a thematic message of a hero’s journey. In this case, our hero is a female who ROCKS!

There are very few female characters who are so forthright in what they want, be it a man or their dreams. We sometimes get those wannabe-Sam Soons from time to time, but none can take the place or top this one.

I love that she wasn’t as physically attractive as the typical Kdrama heroine and that she had a lot of meat on her bones, unlike some. It’s easy to overlook Sam Soon and think that she looks almost homely compared to the other actresses on the screen. But a few episodes in, you realize that her personality really makes her such a lovable and winning character; that what makes her so endearing lies in the fact that she’s an ordinary gal that you actually want to root for. Like you, she has dreams that are actually attainable, and not like the romantic aspirations that are so out-of-reach in many dramas. No, she doesn’t want to save the world or become a billionaire; she’d rather set up her own bakery and marry a man who loves her. She has her wants and her needs, all of which she would confess in a heartbeat.¬†Sometimes she’s an immature little girl, other times a fierce woman. Her imperfections don’t matter to me because no one is without flaw. What matters is that Sam Soon is so real and that this woman can be found everywhere in my life. Guaranteed.

Her story doesn’t just stop at the 16th episode in this series. Instead, it continues on, only that we don’t know what it is. Like I mentioned above, her story can be seen in the lives of many others, too. However, the ending for each Sam Soon in our lives is unique, and further proof that this character is alive. Kim Sam Soon, the best female character in a Kdrama series. Ever.


4 thoughts on “Day 3: Favorite Female Lead Character

  1. I love Sam Soon too, and I think you described her perfectly. ^-^ I admit that this drama was one of the better ones that I’ve seen [big accomplishment, considering how you know I feel about Kdramas]. Haha.

    On another note, you seem to always take so long coming up with answers to questions.. [aka formspring] =p But it’s ok because at least everyone knows you actually think about what to say and stuff. That’s better than giving a half-hearted response like Arwen does

  2. Reading this entry brought a tear to my eye. It’s been years since I first watched the drama and it is the first drama I watched the entire series. I loved her passion for life and her loved ones.

  3. 100% agree. She’s the most real leading lady character i’ve ever seen. Unlike Han Ji Eun on Full House or Kong Ah Jung on Lie to Me who were way too pretty as usual women. Or comparing to another character played by Kim Sun Ah, Lee Yeon Jae on Scent of a Woman who was too lovely and melancholic.

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