Fierce Wife Tip 20 Recap

Drama, drama, drama. I felt that the plot was really lackluster in this episode and that everything was just trudging along. This is a first for me, having praised the drama’s pacing in the last two recaps. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I was sick and grouchy this past week, but it was so hard to finish this episode. I found myself losing focus and multi-tasking while watching this instead. So that’s why you’ll notice that I added some sarcasm in this recap. I couldn’t help it, honest!

Thankfully, we’re getting closer and closer to that pivotal moment where Wei En will officially be declared a nutcase, if she hasn’t already been labeled one. I hope we’re nearing her demise because I want some more Tian Wei and An Zhen moments! Please!

Tip 20 Recap: I am my daughter’s shield


The reporter’s slightly taken aback at the idea that An Zhen might have been the first to start an affair but no matter–the juicier the gossip, the better! Wei En realizes that she’s just opened a Pandora’s Box and attempts to leave when the reporter promises to keep everything she says a secret. (Like who would fall for that, really? Wei En’s no dummy. You’re just giving her an excuse to sabotage An Zhen behind her back.)

A little caveat: First of all, no reporter would be that obvious and ask a random stranger about something like this. And honestly, how could he not dig up on Rui Fan’s history, especially his affair with Wei En, while trying to find something dirty on An Zhen. I mean, reporters aren’t this…dumb. Well, maybe some are but anyway dude, be stealthier!

The reporter shows her the photos he discreetly took of Tian Wei and An Zhen, asking her if the man in this photo is who An Zhen is having an affair with. Instead of answering directly, Wei En goes, “Well, you already took the photos. Why ask me?” She stalks off and you can see the reporter go, awww hells yeahhhhh, I’m gonna make bank. You gotta say, Wei En’s a sly one. When the reporter leaves, she returns to the house and smiles in satisfaction.

That’s all? That’s all you got, Wei En? Heh, you’re no match for An Zhen if you’re resorting to these kind of tactics. But I guess you got your wish–you casted doubts on your enemy to make her seem not-so-perfect.

The next morning, Ai Lin shows An Zhen the cover of a magazine, with An Zhen having an affair before her husband making the headlines. An Zhen flips through the magazine immediately and is quite distressed. Wei En hears the commotion downstairs and smiles, her smile widening when she hears Ai Lin promise to find the bastard who did this and kill them.

Coming down the stairs, Wei En complains that it’s too noisy and exacerbates the situation. She insults Ai Lin and before she leaves, she makes a point of emphasizing that although she’s a stray cat who must rely on the kindness of others, at least she’s loved. What about them? Oooh good one. I would’ve slapped her right then and there. Just sayin’.

With reporters camping outside her home now, An Zhen emerges to answer their questions. She refutes any questions about the affair, but the reporters seem to assume that she really did have an affair herself, not caring to stop and actually investigate into the event. One reporter even comments that the way she’s using her daughter as a shield is quite shameful. Something within An Zhen snaps, and with angry tears streaming down her face, she declares that her. child. is. not. her. shield. On the contrary, she’s her child’s shield, and she’ll do anything to protect her.

Ai Lin gets a call from Tian Wei, having found out about rumors earlier at work when Rui Xuan presented him with a copy of the magazine. He offers to help in any way possible so that this doesn’t affect An Zhen further. The first thing Ai Lin wants him to do is to find the reporter who wrote it.

Rui Xuan, dressed as if she’s an outlaw, meets up with An Zhen at a restaurant and discusses about what she and her hubby can do to help her. Maybe they’ll hold a press conference so that An Zhen’s name will be cleared. An Zhen says that it doesn’t matter and that she wants to teach her daughter to love, not to hate; she doesn’t want Meng Meng to become like Wei En. After all, she’s already decided who she wants to be and that will never change. Rui Xuan cheers on her friend and they grab some lunch.

Meanwhile, Tian Wei accompanies Ai Lin to meet up with the reporter after pulling some strings to find the person. The reporter doesn’t want to reveal who his informant was and Tian Wei doesn’t have the time to play around. He tells the reporter that he’ll have to reveal everything in court and is about to walk away when the reporter stops them.

He honestly doesn’t know who the woman is, except that she’s An Zhen’s neighbor and she sees her daily. Hearing this, Tian Wei asks him to describe the woman and the physical description of the woman matches Wei En perfectly. Ai Lin shows him a photo of Wei En and when the reporter confirms, Ai Lin’s like, oh you’re SO dead, Wei En.

Because of all the media attention she’s getting now, An Zhen sent her daughter to Rui Xuan’s house to sleep that night. On the phone, she wishes her daughter good night with tenderness, tearing up when her daughter cries to come home. Ai Lin shows up at her house and upon entering, sees Wei En in the living room.

She storms into the room and grabs Wei En, yanking her by the hair and yelling for her to kneel. With all this commotion, Rui Fan comes running. Ai Lin accuses her of telling the reporter, but Wei En denies saying anything, claiming to only remain neutral when he was asking her questions. Rui Fan tries to defend her but An Zhen won’t have any of it. She’s fed up and shows them the door, warning them that she never wants to see them again.

I wonder why she didn’t do this sooner. Personally, I would be awkward and uncomfortable to live with my ex-husband. Add the mistress that he was dating while married to me into the mix and I’d have slammed the door in his face if he begged me to stay. I mean, it riles me up because no one I know would allow their ex-husband and his girlfriend to shack up under their roof. It’s Rui Fan’s loss and he needs to accept the consequences.

Rui Fan’s upset himself, especially since his ex and Ai Lin seem to think he had a part to do with this. He begs Wei En to explain herself. “Even if I’m in the wrong, you still have to love me. You promised me that no matter what, you’ll always love me. So that’s why you had me stay by your side all this time, right?” This girl has no conscience left in her bones anymore, not that I’m surprised.

With nowhere to go, Rui Fan turns to his parents’ house. He requests his father to let him stay with Wei En for only a little while. His dad complies, saying that once Wei En steps foot into his home, he’ll be the first to leave. As he leaves, his mom tries to console him and even offers him a few of her own savings. He sends her back to the house without taking any of her money.

Wei En sits outside the gates, waiting for Rui Fan. She brightens when he opens the gates and steps outside. Dejected, he shakes his head. With that, they pick up their suitcases and walk to God knows where for the night.

Although he told his mother that he still had some money saved up, Rui Fan knows that it was a lie. Rui Fan tries to borrow some money from Kang De, but Kang De spent a lot of his money to buy his wife her birthday present the other day. His ex brother-in-law suggests that Wei En should get a job to help support him, but Rui Fan won’t allow for that.

Why, because women can’t work and support their loved ones? That’s a bunch of horse manure, Rui Fan. Wei En is partly responsible for bringing you into this mess, so it’s actually quite logical for her to get a job too, especially since neither of you have any money left. She’s worked before and I see no reason why she can’t work now.

Kang De is curious to know as to what the money will be used for and is surprised to hear that Rui Fan’s looking for a place to rent. He’s even more shocked to hear that An Zhen kicked them out because Wei En was the culprit behind the magazine scandal. Knowing this, Kang De refuses to even consider asking his wife to lend money to him, unless it’s to send Wei En to a mental hospital. Good idea. I’d pitch in some money myself at this point.

Rui Fan stops by An Zhen’s house as she’s reading Meng Meng a bedtime story. He’s come to apologize on Wei En’s behalf, and tells An Zhen that he’s going to take her to see a psychologist soon. He begs that she let them stay at this house for a while longer. Before An Zhen can answer, Meng Meng asks her father to teach her how to skate tomorrow. An Zhen’s heart softens, and she agrees to both her daughter and ex-husband’s request.

An Zhen, An Zhen, An Zhen. Please remember that you are a divorcee whose husband cheated on you with your cousin. Your cousin just tried to sabotage your reputation to the press and is probably still looking for ways to screw with you, given her mental deterioration. You’re walking on a slippery slope here and I hope that you can wake up before Wei En does something even worse in the future. God knows that beyotch isn’t done with you.

Having gotten An Zhen’s assent to continue living at the house, Rui Fan’s next agenda is to convince Wei En to see a psychiatrist. She doesn’t want to. “I thought I would be really happy. But ever since you became mine, I haven’t been as happy as before.” Rui Fan promises her more stability in the future and hopes that she won’t cause anymore trouble for the both of them.

A lot of reporters have come to the Wen house. The grandparents have been debriefed by Rui Xuan and Kang De about who caused all this trouble. Grandpa Wen is furious and vows to clear An Zhen’s name. Even though this means that he must turn his back on his son, he cannot overlook what Wei En has done. On the other hand, Grandma Wen doesn’t want her son’s reputation to be completely destroyed, and would choose to protect her son rather than her daughter-in-law. However, Grandpa’s mind is set and he heads out to confront the reporters while Grandma sobs.

Grandpa Wen states the facts about his son’s affair, but tears up when he describes how faithful An Zhen was as a daughter-in-law. He clears her name and apologizes in his son’s stead, telling the press that it was Wei En who spread such malicious lies. It’s a heartbreaking scene to watch, particularly because Grandpa tearfully asks the reporters to stop bothering An Zhen.

The same reporter who wrote that article about An Zhen shows Grandpa a photo of Wei En, asking him to confirm whether this is his son’s mistress. When Grandpa does, this reporter remarks to others around him that this woman was the same woman who informed him that An Zhen was the first to have an affair. Everyone is now convinced that An Zhen is innocent and Wei En is actually the true bad witch.

*yawns* That took, oh, only 42 minutes for you to figure out! Geez, how did you get your journalism degree?

While going grocery shopping, An Zhen sees her ex-father-in-law’s tearful defense of her and is touched. Now that the truth is out, it’s all over the news. Wei En also sees the telecast while she’s getting her hair done at a salon. After seeing her pictures of herself displayed all over the news, and hearing people at the salon gossip about her, Wei En chooses to run away.

Rui Fan goes back home to tell his parents that Wei En didn’t mean to do that to An Zhen and adds that in her fragile state, she can’t take anymore shocking events in her life. His parents remain unconcerned and are disappointed that they raised a son who would put another woman’s feelings above their own.

Is it just me, or does this feel like plot recycling? Oh yeah, because Rui Fan just came to his parents’ house several scenes earlier.

Wei En returns home only to be accosted by reporters. It seems that she’s succumbing to madness as she hysterically screams and yells for them to leave her alone as she opens the house gates. Even upon safely opening the gates and entering the house, she waves at them in a frenzied motion.

Rui Fan comes home and finds Wei En hugging herself in the backyard, shaking and crying uncontrollably. He gathers her into his arms and begs her to seek professional help. She refuses, repeating “I don’t want it!” over and over again. He comforts her and tells her not to be afraid, saying that he’s going to take her to see a psychiatrist.

Now that An Zhen’s nonexistent scandalous affair has blown over, she’s back to being popular with not only the press, but the public as well. Ai Lin calls Tian Wei to thank him for finding the paparazzi, promising him that An Zhen won’t find out that he had a hand in turning things around.

An Zhen comes into Meng Meng’s room and finds her daughter still in bed, undressed for school. Meng Meng doesn’t want to go to school because she heard from a classmate that her parents are now divorced. Seeing as how she can’t hide the truth from her daughter anymore, An Zhen explains that although she is now divorced, Meng Meng will still be loved by her father and mother. Doesn’t she love her mom? Meng Meng: “The person I love the most in this world is Mommy. Mommy, don’t be afraid. I will always protect you.

During a dinner gathering at An Zhen’s house, the gang is over to celebrate. Knowing that Wei En is upstairs and in earshot, they call her names and quote idioms to describe her.

Upstairs, Wei En pets her stuffed animal to comfort herself. We know that she used to stroke Oscar as a coping mechanism. She complains that the world is indeed unfair, and that they have no right to cast all the blame on her. Smiling psychotically, she says she’ll let them have their laugh all right.

Meng Meng is in her room playing by herself while Wei En looks on, holding….A FREAKING RAZOR IN HER HAND! Zomgomgomgomgomgomg. Downstairs, the adults are still enjoying their dinner.

Ai Lin brings up Tian Wei in the conversation, saying that if she was ten years younger, she would totally date him. She tells An Zhen to go for it. An Zhen thinks it’s impossible that she’ll ever date him, but Rui Xuan asks, “Didn’t you also think that it was impossible to ever get divorced?” Heh. I love this gal.

The next thing we know, we see Wei En walking down the stairs. And there’s blood. Oh. My. Gawd. No, not the child!

Thankfully, we hear Meng Meng’s scream next. An Zhen rushes up the stairs to find Wei En’s limp body on the floor underneath a pool of blood. Although too late, she shields her daughter from the sight and calls for help from the others.

Wei En wakes up in a hospital bed after trying to commit suicide. Rui Xuan and Kang De are see her awake and though Kang De is sympathetic at first, Rui Xuan berates her for doing something like that at someone else’s house. An Zhen comes into the room and also warns Wei En that the next time she scares her daughter again, she won’t treat her so nicely. An Zhen advises her to come to her senses before leaving the room. All this time, Wei En’s demeanor remains stoic and unresponsive.

Okay, I understand why An Zhen and the others are so upset. But Wei En has turned almost completely psychotic now. I don’t think right now is a good time to start scolding a mentally unstable person, especially since she was just on the brink of life and death.

With the others at the hospital, Ai Lin looks after Meng Meng. The little girl is curious to know a lot of things, including why Wei En jie jie just fainted on the floor like that. Ai Lin does her best to explain and promises to protect Meng Meng if she’s ever scared. It’s nice that we get to see the Former Queen of Ice melt into kindness as she hugs this little girl. Cute!

Rui Fan rushes to the hospital and apologizes profusely for not coming earlier, trying to explain that he was looking for a psychiatrist for Wei En. An Zhen is frustrated and doesn’t want to accept his thanks. Her only wish right now is that she won’t have to see this person ever again.

He approaches Wei En’s bedside and she smiles at his arrival, commenting that he finally cares about her. She says that they were bullying her and he wasn’t there to protect her. She feels that he doesn’t love her anymore. (It somehow feels that Wei En isn’t just referring to An Zhen and her friends, but her stepfamily, too.) Rui Fan doesn’t know what to say or how to help her except to persuade her to see a psychologist.

Several days later, Wei En has returned to normal and is seeing a psychologist, per Rui Fan’s request. The psychiatrist wants her to talk about her mother, yet Wei En denies ever having one. Instead, she tells the psychiatrist that she already sought professional help for two years back in the States, and at the end of those two years, finally convinced the psychiatrist that she had no mother. She asks the psychologist whether he also wants to waste two years of his life treating her?

They move on to talk about other matters. He asks her why she brought harm upon herself. “Because my enemy hurt me.” The psychiatrist hears this and comments, “Oh, so you join your enemies in harming yourself?” Wei En plays dumb and pretends not to understand.

Wei En doesn’t want to continue psychological treatment but Rui Fan insists that she does. He mixes her medicine into a cup of orange juice and watches her take a sip of it just as he receives a phone call. Before picking up, he tells her to finish drinking it and leaves the room. (Why would you leave her?!?)

Meng Meng comes downstairs to the kitchen to get a cup of water. Seeing her, Wei En offers her cup of orange juice. The child doesn’t know that there’s medicine in it and approaches Wei En just as the latter smirks and watches. *shudders*


This episode seemed like a filler for the next, although there was some plot progression too. If you couldn’t tell from my cynical and sarcastic comments in the early scenes of this recap, I thought that the An-Zhen-was-the-first-to-have-an-affair-oh-my-god-she’s-such-a-liar-let’s-hate-her scandal was so ridiculously stupid. It was hard to believe, but only because it seemed too contrived. I’m not criticizing the scandal itself–because I know that such a thing in real life would have harmful consequences on the people involved–but the way the scandal started didn’t seem to make sense.

If the reporter was able to follow An Zhen around and capture stills of her and Tian Wei back at Rui Xuan’s birthday party, then wouldn’t he have had to do a little research beforehand? It just doesn’t make sense that he had no idea who Wei En was prior to the scandal. You’d think he would do his homework beforehand or something. But no, he doesn’t. He believes every word from a virtual stranger that claims to be An Zhen’s neighbor and it becomes front page news, thereby creating this huge scandal. Something doesn’t click here. I digress. I just wish it didn’t take so much of our time to watch because we all knew that An Zhen was innocent from the get-go. The predictability of this episode probably made it much more draggier than usual for me.

I didn’t realize that what made FW so fun was An Zhen’s interactions with Tian Wei. Tian Wei didn’t even hang out with An Zhen in this episode and that made me really sad. I hope he shows up more in the next one because I’m still waiting for his romantic feelings to blossom. Seems like An Zhen might also begin to fall in love with Tian Wei, though I think it’s still early to know. There were a few hints from the dinner party that there might be a possible romance between the two in the future, but we won’t know for sure until the next episode.

What I did like about this episode was the latter half, which focused primarily on Wei En. Certainly this drama is as much about Wei En as it is about An Zhen. It’s so interesting to see the stark differences between these two women. When life threw curveballs at An Zhen, she took them in stride and matured from the experience. On the other hand, Wei En seems to deteriorate mentally and emotionally, choosing to blame the world and shrink into her own world. In her eyes, she can only see how unfair the people around her has treated her, unable to appreciate Rui Fan’s love and support. It’s amazing how she doesn’t even recognize his sacrifice for her, and I was reeling from her self-pity.

I sometimes feel as if Wei En has multiple personality disorder, yet I don’t think that’s the case. She’s easily provoked and very sensitive to the world around her; yet puts up a front, blocking people from truly understanding her. She claims to not care about the opinion of others, but we know that’s not true since she does yearn for acceptance and comfort from society. I think her coping mechanisms are what makes her so interesting. She has several–hugging and encouraging herself, repeating the same words over and over again, hurting herself and her enemies, and stroking Oscar. Out of all of these coping mechanisms, I find her need to harm others and herself the most baffling.

Sometimes it may seem that her revenge against An Zhen is unintentional and a decision made in the heat of the moment, but whenever I see her smirk to herself, it totally creeps me out and leads me to think that it was planned. Maybe an internal gut decision. Anyway, no matter how Wei En came to decide her actions, it’s clear from this drama’s standpoint that she should take responsibility for it.

You really have to pity Rui Fan for choosing Wei En over his past life. The poor guy doesn’t know what he’s gotten himself into and if he does, his enlightenment sure is taking a while. Another thing I liked about this episode was the fact that we saw more of how Rui Fan’s decision truly affected his family, most notably his parents and his daughter. And he can’t turn back time now. He can only move forward, even if the future doesn’t look so bright for him. Too bad he can’t possibly dump Wei En now, or else the consequences will be too great. Seeing her current state, there’s no way to predict what else she may do in the future.

Excuse me while I go say prayers of thanksgiving for not having a Wei En in my life. (><“)


4 thoughts on “Fierce Wife Tip 20 Recap

  1. Heh, good recap. Your view of this episode is rather different from mine, though. Although I found the reporter storyline to be a bit far-fetched, the truth is, many reporters don’t do their homework before publishing it. My national newspaper has made terribly researched economic news reports, so I’m unsurprised that a tabloid would not bother verifying their source. Plus I give it creative license, seeing as Wei En’s attempted suicide was a much worse plot point.

    I see the repeated cycle of plot points as Rui Fan’s descent into the depths of despair. Where last episode his mother, at least, was on his side, cos after all, he’s the beloved only son, here you see that even his mother has washed her hands off him.

    And Wei En’s suicide was frankly laughable to me. I’m friends with doctors who have repeatedly told me that slashing wrists horizontally generally leads to naught but scars and possibly sliced tendons and is in fact not at all reliable in terms of actually dying, I felt that her attempt was more to get attention than anything. In fact, for someone who’s had psychiatric help (it had to be psychiatric – only psychiatrists can prescribe medicine, I believe?) I would think she’d know that.

    As for the Wei En-not-working thing? That was dumb as hell to me too. But then again, this show does have tinges of the WTFness that is liberally splashed across TW-dramas. Ep 21 bugged the hell out of me because of some aspect of that, have you watched it?

    • Yeah, it’s supposed to be a psychiatrist, not psychologist. I thought it was weird that the drama kept using the Chinese word for psychologist instead of psychiatrist, which confused me a little. But you’re right, only psychiatrists are technically allowed to prescribe medication to a patient.

      I didn’t think Wei En’s attempted suicide was that off the mark, actually. Your doctor friends are correct in that it would be unlikely for a person to slash their wrists and die from it, but I think Wei En fainted due to the loss of blood. Or uh, that’s what I got from that scene. I didn’t really read into how she attempted to commit suicide, but rather, saw the act itself as another important plot step in either her demise or recovery. I guess that scene could have been portrayed better. She seemed to be perfectly alright afterwards too, right? We definitely don’t see any scars on her arms either–hmm, that was just a random thought that popped into my head just now.

      I just finished watching episode 21 and I actually liked it for the most part. There was some WTFness in it, but I thought it was an improvement from 20, where I was headdeasking all over the place. There were some cute moments, but I was surprised at how Wei En seemed much more mentally stable after her talk with Tian Wei’s mother. That was….kind of odd, considering that she hasn’t been taking her medication. After seeing Rui Fan in 21, I can see how 20 was pivotal in bringing him to a state of depression. It’s interesting how this drama relies on the upcoming episodes to tie things together. Because we’re still waiting for a resolution on many of the relationships and problems in FW. Anyway, I’ll leave the rest of my comments and thoughts for my next recap. Thanks for reading & writing up your thoughts, galen!

      • Oh about the psychiatrist vs psychologist, the the drama was correct. Psychiatrist is 心理医生 as in ‘mental doctor’ and psychologist is 心理学家 as in ‘mental study expert’.

        You’re welcome, it’s great to be able to discuss this series. 🙂

      • You’re welcome. I’m really happy to have somewhere to discuss this drama as well. There are few dramas I’m enthused enough to want to comment about, but this is one of them.

        Oh, I was confused at first about the psychiatrist vs psychologist, then I thought about it and I think the drama’s correct – 心理医生 vs 心理学家.

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