Big Bang Special Edition Mini-Album

You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for some new, fresh Big Bang songs to dance to. I mean, I did enjoy some of their songs from their Tonight album, but I didn’t fall in love with any of their new tracks. Until now. What I like about Big Bang is that they’re such a talented group and their charisma is evident in their music videos and shows. They produce music I can proudly show off to my friends who aren’t Kpop lovers, especially those friends who think that if they can’t understand the language the music is from, then it’s not worth listening to. (My argument has always been that music needs no explanation since it’s able to penetrate all language barriers.)

I’m not talking about that auto-tuned crap stuff that’s so rampant in recent Kpop music, but actual songs that were meaningful and would make me want to listen to it nonstop on repeat. I finally got my wish today when Big Bang released their special edition CD today, including three new tracks that I absolutely love.

Anyway, I couldn’t choose a favorite song to post today so I decided to post all of them below.

Love Song. My favorite. It’s absolutely lovely and EVERYONE sounds fantastic. *adds to favorites collection*

Stupid Liar. My second favorite.

Baby Don’t cry-Daesung’s solo. Out of all of the Big Bang members, I’ve always liked him the least. I don’t really know why, I just did. But this is a pretty good solo performance, and Daesung’s vocals have improved since the last time I heard him sing solo.


2 thoughts on “Big Bang Special Edition Mini-Album

  1. I only ever like a few of their songs, but I admit I like them better than all the other Kpop bands out there. I mean, come on. TOP. ^-^ Hehe. I like the first song too. Haven’t listened to the other ones, but yeah.

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