YouTube Highlight of the Day: The Making of All Things Bright and Beautiful

I’ve had a rough week and a half, even more so because I was sick and feeling pretty crappy for a long time. Just when I was about to get better, I got sick again because everyone in my family now has the flu. Go figure. Sorry that I’ve been behind on blogging, and I just wanted to let you all know that it’s probably going to take a few days before pick up my rhythm again, or what was left of it. I know I’m behind on a few recaps and series, but no worries, I promise to finish it at a snail’s pace.

I’m not sure if YouTube is going to let me embed this video, and if not, you can watch it on the original channel here. This is basically a behind-the-scenes look and interview of Owl City’s upcoming new album, All Things Bright and Beautiful. I suppose I’m advertising his album for free by posting about it on my blog, but as an Owl City fan, this video made my horrible morning a lot brighter–it made me smile.

It shows some gorgeous scenery from Owatonna, Minnesota and basically shows Adam working in the studio, talking about his album. The CD will feature 15 songs, all composed by Adam. He will be touring with Mat Kearney–another one of my favorite artists–and Unwed Sailor. His album hits stores June 14th.


One thought on “YouTube Highlight of the Day: The Making of All Things Bright and Beautiful

  1. Aww my poor honey buns is sick. =/ It seems like you’ve been sick for a long time too.
    On a happier note, I’m also very excited for Owl City’s new CD to come out. ^-^ Adam is totally awesome. Hehe.

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