What Moms Do When Babies Are Asleep

Isn’t the above photo absolutely adorable? It’s my favorite one out of the batch of stills that I received in an email from my mother about this woman in Finland who started creating these wonderful scenic designs in the middle of her living room.

Like many expectant mothers, Adele Enersen took a maternity leave from her work as a concept designer to focus on taking care of her family. When her daughter was born, Adele wanted to capture every precious moment by taking photos of her. She posted it onto her blog, now titled Mila’s Daydreams, in hopes that her family and friends who lived far away or in other countries could easily access and enjoy the photos of her baby daughter online.

Somewhere along the way, she had this brilliant idea to incorporate her child into a gorgeous scene set up in the middle of her living room floor. While her daughter is taking a nap, Adele would carry her to the living room and try to imagine what her daughter may be dreaming about. Below are a few of her photos that I’ve copied below.

So precious!

She didn’t expect to find fame by posting the photos of her daughter in her own dream world on her blog, but her photos soon gained fame not only in Finland, her homeland, but around the globe. Adele is set to release her When My Baby Dreams baby photo book in January 2012*.

When criticized by a few in the online community for exposing her daughter, she defended herself, saying that she never thought to find fame for publishing photos of her daughter on her own blog. Taking photos and creating these dream worlds of her daughter was a hobby that she enjoyed, and although she’s now famous for it, her love for this hobby won’t change.

To read more of her answers, you can check out her FAQ page on her blog.

I personally love love LOVEEEEE these photos and the creativity involved to create a dream world such as this, which is why I’m posting about it. I’m not going to include all of them so scroll down to the bottom of the page and check out the YouTube video that I embedded below. The clip is made by Adele and the music is created by her husband. It includes a series of stills of their daughter and even more awesome scenes.

Don’t you love them? Check out her blog for more photos and for more news about her upcoming book!

Photo credits: Adele Enersen


5 thoughts on “What Moms Do When Babies Are Asleep

    • I know, right? I’ve actually never heard of Anne Geddes but I just checked her out! That woman is pretty amazing as well!

      Whoops, made a mistake above. Her baby photo book is coming out January 2012, not 2010. Baddddd typo. ><"

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