YouTube Highlight of the Day: Siwon’s Solo of “Who Am I”

Happy Good Friday and Earth Day, y’all! Well, it’s no longer Good Friday or Earth Day for the majority of you, but whatever! My blog, my rules! 🙂

A few of my friends have been obsessed with Super Junior for, oh say, about a month or so. One of them linked me to this YT clip, which I thought was appropriate, given the season. I’m a fan of Casting Crowns, and was touched that Siwon and his fellow SuJu members performed this as part of their Super Show tour last year. I’m not going to lie, I watched this several times, just because. It’s a decent cover, no?

(Confession: I teared up a teeny tiny bit when watching this last night. But that may not be due to the song, which I’ve heard hundreds of times, but also because I had just finished watching episode 12 of 49 Days. Oh my God, what did you guys think of that episode? I was in tears. TEARS!)

So without further ado, I present to you Siwon and Super Junior’s cover of “Who Am I.”

Enjoy, and have a blessed weekend!


5 thoughts on “YouTube Highlight of the Day: Siwon’s Solo of “Who Am I”

  1. WOW. With all the vids me, Kender and Soluna have watched in the past several weeks.. they fail to show this little gem. And OMG.. that was a powerful song. I am moved, deeply moved. I knew Siwon was religious and has strong faith but, WOW. That perf just took me my surprise. Makes me like SiWon now better as a person and makes love SuJu more!

  2. @xiaosxin @soluna413

    I know, right? This totally made me love Siwon even more. It blows me away that he sticks to his faith and decides to perform a cover of a Christian song at a SuJu concert. He knows he has influence, so he doesn’t fail to use his influence in a positive way. Siwon, you’re awesome!!!!

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