Manny Episode 5 Mini Picspam

I’m loving this drama more and more. If you think Seo Ji Seok looks good in that pic above–where he’s all like, Y’wanna mess with me? Bring it, boys!–you should see him in action. He’s stealing this show as Manny and seems to be getting hotter and hotter with each episode. Of course, I’m not lovin’ this show only because Seo is in this (I’m not that shallow), but it does make this drama all the more appealing. Here are a few released photos that tvN posted on their official website, though I wish they included the major scenes from the episodes, instead of these random ones. Oh well, I’ll take whatever I can get!

Episodes 5-6 really does center around the developing romantic feelings between the two sisters and our Manny. Manny is quite oblivious to both ladies’ affections for now, but I have an inkling that he’s slowly warming up to Do Young. But it’s still too early in the ball game to be sure, so Yi Han is seen around both women, protecting and helping them out of scrapes.

If you don’t mind a spoiler, I can tell you that these three photos below are just part of a reverie that Byun Jung Soo‘s Janice has. I love how she’s the older sister, yet she’s like a little girl and in various situations in these two episodes, she’s actually the less mature of the two. Aren’t these shots beautiful?

Oh Manny, where art thou? *swoons*

When is it going to be Wednesday, goshdarnit? I want moar, moar, MOAAAAAARRR!

Photo credits: tvN


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