Day 5: Your Favorite Female Third Wheel Character

This is going to be a short one, folks. Like pure and untainted wine, Eun Soo (Han Yeo Woon) surprised me in the latter half of The Story of a Man, which is one of my favorite dramas ever–and a drama that YOU should check out, if you haven’t already! She’s sweet and caring, traits that directly contrast her father and brother’s obsession for power and control. Yet it’s because of her angel-like personality that she’s able to have great influence over the two leading men in this drama. In other words, she was the mediator between good vs. evil.

I was surprised that it was Eun Soo, not leading lady Kyung Ah (Park Shi Yeon), that stole my heart in SOAM. She started out as such a trivial character, but made way to become one of the main characters of the story. I love her innocence and how strong she is. She initially seemed like such a gullible girl, yet she emerged as a strong woman who chose to stand by justice, even if it meant forsaking her life in order to stop evil from spreading any further. Eun Soo had balls, which is why she ended up stealing the thunder from our other leading lady in this show.

It’s rare for me to love a second female lead since they’re usually beyotches who don’t understand the word “no” when it comes to men. However, the characters in this drama cannot be stereotyped into simple categories because they’re so intricately layered BECAUSE they’re so life-like. This show was entirely different in that it wasn’t a rom-com and it explored several topics, including love, deeply. Not everyone may appreciate a drama such as this, and I don’t expect everyone to like it. Even a year after I’ve finished watching SOAM, I continue to reflect back on how much this drama changed my drama-watching experience. If I had to use one adjective to describe it, it would be that this drama is absolutely sublime — it’s perfect.

Here are a few great shots of Eun Soo with a few of the men in this drama. She had fantastic chemistry with everyone pictured below.

I love these last two shots of her.

My love for you will never end, Eun Soo. Never.


3 thoughts on “Day 5: Your Favorite Female Third Wheel Character

  1. I guess I liked her, but I thought she was the lead, not the third wheel..I mean, she showed up a lot more than the other girl anyway..I dunno.

    • No, she was definitely the third wheel, even though she ended up being the center of the story near the end. In the beginning, she wasn’t that important and Kyung Ah was caught between Shin and Do Woo. Kyung Ah could have chosen to be one of Shin’s people, but she ended up with Do Woo. The writer decided to make Eun Soo a pivotal character in the second half, which was surprising but a good thing for the drama.

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