Fierce Wife Tip 21 Recap

Although The Fierce Wife ended its run a couple weeks ago, it’s still not over on DBJ until I finish recapping the series! I was too burnt out from work and my studies to recap this, which is why I had to put recapping on a hiatus. Good thing I had a small break this week to recuperate. Thanks for waiting, FW fans!

Tip 21 Recap: Do you still have feelings for him?


Just as Meng Meng is about to take a sip of the orange juice, An Zhen comes downstairs to drag her daughter back to bed. She spots the medicine on the table and looks suspiciously at the cup of orange juice, which brings her gaze to Wei En. Like a cat itching for a fight, Wei En stares back at her boldly as if daring her to voice her suspicions. Although she has a strange gut feeling that she something bad was just averted, An Zhen doesn’t say anymore.


Wei En calls her friend Qi Qi and reaches her voicemail. She giggles like a maniac and calls her poor friend all sorts of names. I suppose she’s really venting her frustrations against the people around her, so taking it out on a random person instead makes her feel better. Or not. The next thing we know, Wei En cries and closes her eyes, staring out the window for the rest of the night.


Her psychiatrist asks her if the medicine he gave her last time have helped her. She replies that they haven’t (only because she threw them all away) and tells him that she can never return to normal. He genuinely wants to help her, but she scoffs at him, believing that he’s only doing this for money.

He doesn’t deny that he does need the money, yet he speaks the truth when he says he wants to help her. Furthermore, haven’t there been a few people who have loved her unconditionally since she first came to Taiwan? Hearing this, Wei En flares up and accuses him of being one of An Zhen’s people. She leaves only after yelling hysterically to stop wearing a mask because he’s just like everyone else.


Back at home, Rui Fan finds An Zhen and Meng Meng trying to set up a tent in their backyard for other kids to play with when they come over. He offers to help at Meng Meng’s request and it’s not long before the three of them have it set up. From the balcony, Wei En sees for herself how happy the three of them look. In a fit of jealousy and anger, she grabs a hose and sprays water down upon them, soaking the tent and their bodies until they are forced to take shelter back inside.

Because of this incident, An Zhen warns Meng Meng not to play with Wei En, telling her that the older girl is not feeling well these days.

Wei En finds An Zhen preparing for bed and begs her to leave Rui Fan alone. She accuses her of attempting to steal Rui Fan back. An Zhen doesn’t deny that she once thought this, but she no longer has the desire to reconcile with her ex.

Wei En is skeptical at hearing this, and even brings up the example of how An Zhen gained the public’s sympathy with her television broadcast so that Rui Fan now has nothing. She asks her how far she will go to be satisfied.

An Zhen has been silent during Wei En’s raging rant against her. It’s like she’s given up on ever understanding this girl because every accusation that comes out of her mouth is utterly ridiculous and nonsensical. “Do you come from another planet? Why are your standards of right and wrong so different from our own?”

Smirking, Wei En comments that she sounds like Lan Tian Wei, which gives her a perfectly good opportunity to bring up whether he’s still pursuing her or not. She giggles at the thought that he might be dating her, continuing to do so when Rui Fan (who has been listening all this time) enters the room to stop her. She doesn’t want to listen but rather asks him the reason why he’s jobless and homeless.


Rui Fan is about to drag her back upstairs himself when An Zhen steps in to assure Wei En of her own feelings. Wei En may love Rui Fan so much that she’s turning crazy, but An Zhen refuses to be like that because she has come to terms with her divorce. Wei En won’t let this go and is frustrated when Rui Fan apologizes to An Zhen instead of taking her side. Rui Fan is also sick of all the arguing and is tired of being embarrassed by Wei En. Hearing this, she finally runs back upstairs.

Moments later, An Zhen comes upstairs to find Rui Fan staring out the window and Wei En hugging a pillow to herself, sulking.

“Wei En, what did I say on the TV broadcast that you think is a lie? I don’t know if you can understand or not, but do you think that having to admit to everyone that your marriage has failed or that your husband has fallen in love with someone else is an easy task? No, it’s not. Furthermore, it wasn’t my original intention to say those things. Would you like me to apologize and treat you like you’re a Saint Maria? To thank you for saving my husband from his misery? Before you make a choice, did you never prepare yourself for the consequences of your choice? Since this has already happened, why don’t you have the guts to face the consequences?”

An Zhen doesn’t let Rui Fan off the hook, either. She tells him to take responsibility since he was the one who chose to chase Wei En back when she had initially wanted to leave. Because he’s professed his love for her and also promised to protect her, he has no right to yell at her. How dare they give up just because they’re facing a few bumps in the road in their relationship.

I love what An Zhen does next. She apologizes to Wei En for hitting her that one time, because at the time, she loved Rui Fan too much. Loving someone too much may make a person oblivious to their faults and lead them to mistakenly believe that the person they love is perfect. She regrets not hitting Rui Fan instead. “Between us, there is no winner or loser. Because from the very beginning, this wasn’t our war. The battle is actually between the old Rui Fan and the current one.”


Having said all that she’s wanted to say, An Zhen leaves them to ponder and deal with their relationship crisis. She goes into her room and finally takes down her wedding portrait that hung over her bed. She surveys the room and the now bare wall. Yet she smiles serenely, having officially moved on with all the drama that has happened in the recent weeks.


Ai Lin meets up with An Zhen to talk about her future. Ai Lin has signed her up for some classes that will help her build character. An Zhen comments that feels sympathy for Rui Fan and Wei En’s current situation. Ai Lin is not so sympathetic, reminding An Zhen that though they may look pitiful now, they had treated her horribly in the past. She asks her what she really wants, a question that she had asked An Zhen prior to the divorce.

An Zhen responds that she wants to be a good mother, for those around her to be unafraid, and for…her to be able to see the world through her own eyes, not her ex-husbands. Ai Lin is happy to see An Zhen come so far to become an independent woman. Now, she must work harder to earn her own luck.


Rui Fan drops Wei En off for her job interview. He lies that he’s going to meet some friends to discuss work-related topics and wishes her luck. Wei En walks up to the receptionist and tries to check in for her interview appointment. The receptionist overhears other girls in the lobby gossiping about how Wei En is that girl on TV who stole her cousin’s husband. She pretends to not find her information, hence, no interview for Wei En.


Wei En angrily demands one since she was notified by the company in the first place. The receptionist refuses and goes as far to say that if she doesn’t give her an interview, will Wei En steal her husband too? Um that really sucks. But wait, I shouldn’t be feeling pity for Wei En! Yet I don’t think the receptionist had the right to deny her an interview. Oh well, tough luck.


Over at An Zhen’s house for lunch, Kang De tells her that his company is interested in recruiting her as a representative for their company. Hearing this, Rui Xuan is happy for her and adds that as a representative, she can shoot CFs like a model. (Ironically, Sonia is a model-turned-actress in real life). She demonstrates for An Zhen by strutting and shaking her hair like a model would while Kang De uses a newspaper as a prop to blow her hair. Oh these two are hilarioussss!

An Zhen is rather annoyed at all this attention she’s receiving from the public, namely the paparazzi. She brings up that she tried to treat Tian Wei to a meal the other day but he refused, using the paparazzi as an excuse. Rui Xuan has cause to think that there might be more than that. Could it be that Tian Wei might truly have feelings for her?
I love how Rui Xuan thinks it’s perfectly normal for An Zhen to start dating again whereas Kang De forgets that she’s divorced and says, “But she’s my sister-in-law so she can’t start dating again!”


An Zhen thinks that the possibility of Tian Wei actually falling in love with her is ludicrous. Even if he did like her — which he doesn’t, of course — she wouldn’t date him. It’s not because she still has feelings for her ex, but because she likes being independent and having her own life without depending on another individual.

However, these days she doesn’t get to be as carefree as she would like to be. She has a full schedule of appearing at TV broadcasts, interviews, and commercials. When she returns home, she realizes that a paparazzi is taken photos of her secretly, which doesn’t let her feel safe at her own house.


She meets up with Tian Wei to complain, even voicing her wish to return to being a car salesperson. She also asks him to help Rui Fan find a job. Lately she pities the situation that he’s in and wants to help him out of his mess. Tian Wei, like Ai Lin, doesn’t forgive so easily. He sarcastically wonders aloud if she really wants to get back with him, or whether “she likes to put her hot face to someone else’s cold butt”– in other words, it seems like she’s eager to assist those who will only be unappreciative of her efforts. He calls her an idiot, saying that she’ll never learn a lesson.

Shocked, and provoked to anger, An Zhen doesn’t understand how she ever deserved these harsh words. She thinks he’s the one with the problem, not her, because you know, it’s always someone else to blame.


Tian Wei realizes his mistake and immediately apologizes. She’s not convinced of his sincerity and isn’t satisfied at how unoriginal his apology is. So to persuade her, he dances and sings his own version of Super Junior’s “Sorry, Sorry.” An Zhen can’t help but giggle at the sight of awkwardness. Apology accepted! LOL!


Wei En finds an unshaven, depressed Rui Fan, who had just found out that An Zhen cleared his credit card debts, in the backyard. She’s appalled to see a few stubs of cigarettes on the ground, and is agitated to see him in this sorry state.

She asks him if the way he is now deserves her respect and love. There’s no way in hell that she’s ever going to comfort him or pity him; she needs a man that’s stronger than her, not a man that needs her to be strong for him. If his version of love is for them to suffer together, then she doesn’t want to receive that kind of love. Ooh, do I smell a break-up soon?


Someone’s in love, that someone being Tian Wei. His employees notice the change in his demeanor as he greets each of his staff with a happy smile. Just as he’s making the rounds, in comes Wei En who has stopped by to see him.


She asks him why all of them that she’s liked have ended up disappointing her. Tian Wei can’t answer this question, but asks her to consider the possibility that maybe she was the problem in the relationship. He advises her to get seek professional help. Wei En unsurprisingly becomes hostile at being told that she’s sick. In her opinion, Tian Wei is the one that needs help because he aided An Zhen in plotting against her.


Overhearing the heated discussion, Rui Xuan storms in and yells that there’s a dirty mouse in here that needs to be disposed! She even carries a broom and duster, making an attempt to brush away all the “dirtiness” on Wei En’s body. Wei En looks like she’s about to strangle Rui Xuan but the other woman isn’t afraid since her eyes are bigger than hers. Lol! Wei En leaves in a huff.

Tian Wei seeks his mother, who is also a psychologist, for advice because he truly wants to help Wei En get better. His mom is happy to see that he’s finally said that he wanted to help her and is willing to see her. The only problem is getting Wei En to actually meet her, and it’s highly unlikely that she’ll come on her own accord.


Tian Wei’s mother has a things up her sleeve though. Wei En thinks she’s coming for a job interview, but finds out within minutes that this Dr. Xi is Tian Wei’s mother. She turns to leave when Lan’s mother baits her by asking if she would like to know if Tian Wei ever truly loved her. Always up for some ego boosting, Wei En stays to hear her out.


They go for a car ride to a remote mountainside and engage in a light conversation about music until Wei En is tired of all this talk. But Dr. Xi knows better than to tell her the answer to the question she so desperately wants to know, and instead, promises to reveal everything if she’s allowed to ask her one more question.

She wants Wei En to explain love in her own words. Wei En thinks that love is when two people can’t get enough of each other and that their only wish is to be with the other person all the time. This is her definition of love, and it’s something that she believes she has never received. Not from Tian Wei, not from Rui Fan, and definitely not from her parents. All of these people have ended up disappointing her.


Tian Wei’s mom analyzes the situation and sees a correlation between the men she has liked and her past. Both Tian Wei and Rui Fan were men that were hard to attain and they fall short in that they can’t give her everything she wants. Just like her parents. She’s choosing to revisit her past childhood trauma by pursuing men that can never satisfy her every desire, with the end result being dissatisfaction. This continuous cycle will never heal her own past scars.


Wei En is incensed that this woman that has just met her has seen through her facade and even managed to figure out what was wrong with her. But she knows that the lady is right. The important question today isn’t about whether Tian Wei loved her or not, but about if Wei En ever loved herself.


Rui Fan comes home to find the gang including Tian Wei gathered for dinner. There’s such an awkward feeling in the air, because he doesn’t really belong with them, nor can does he want to. When asked to join them, he excuses himself and asks to talk to An Zhen privately instead. He presents her with the money she used to pay off his credit card debts. It’s money he received after selling their car, and An Zhen is upset to hear that he sold their car without first consulting her.


She vents her frustrations to Tian Wei as they do dishes together while her in-laws listen in on their conversation. She named her car Mi Bao and can’t believe Rui Fan just sold it away and threw away all those years of bonding with the car. Hahaha. Tian Wei can’t help but laugh that she treats her car like an actual human being, but I suppose that this is another trait that he loves about her.


Meanwhile, Rui Fan stays up late to wait for Wei En. He calls her and she tells him that she needs some time to think to herself. Since meeting up with Tian Wei’s mom, she’s been reflecting herself and her past. Without waiting for his response, she hangs up.


Sort of a boring ending for this episode, wasn’t it? I don’t really have much to say other than that I’m glad that Wei En has finally had some leeway in her inner emotional problems. It’s interesting that she sought Tian Wei’s help, which brought her to Tian Wei’s mother. I loved how there was a wall between the two ladies at first, both figuratively and literally, yet as Wei En grudgingly relented and talked about herself, that invisible barrier was torn away. I take back what I said about her being insane or that she has some sort of mental disorder.

I mean, I just don’t know about that anymore. Her character is too inconsistent to be diagnosed with having a mental disorder anyway, though there’s definitely something off about her. There’s no doubt that she’s capable of becoming cray cray when she feels like an outsider has penetrated her comfort zone; I just think she can control her emotions, for the most part. When she can’t, she goes livid. When she can, she’s completely normal.

There were some great dialogues in this episode like usual, yet I thought that this may have been a filler episode for the next one. After taking some time off from the series, I think my love for it lessened a little. I still like it, and I think the acting is wonderful even if Chris Wang has been more over-the-top lately. I’m looking forward to watching the finale, which I won’t do until I finish my recap for Episode 22. Onto the next one, shall we?


2 thoughts on “Fierce Wife Tip 21 Recap

  1. Congratulations on finally finishing this ep!

    Yup, this ep is definitely about tying up loose ends and paving the way for the ending. Loved the smackdown An Zhen delivered at the beginning of the ep. Also, I laughed hysterically at Tian Wei’s choice of words about An Zhen trying to find Rui Fan a job. That’s one line that super descriptive but loses the punch in translation. I must find some way of using that line irl. So fun.

    I must say this ep had the most WTF moments. Like Wei En’s interview attire. Seriously? And the sudden magical turnaround once Tian Wei’s mother simply pointed out the truth?

    • Hey galen,

      Thanks! Oh yes, that was such a wonderful delivery by Sonia. Ahhhhhh so good. Oh yeah, the drama seemed to have used deus ex machina to solve the Wei En problem. It’s a cop-out to what I would like to have seen explored with Wei En’s character, but watchoo gonna do? I think I’ve become even more oblivious to the WTF moments in Fierce Wife, so I’m glad you pointed those out to me. Because I honestly missed it when I rewatched this several times to write up the recap.

      Hope to have the next recap out soon so I can finally watch the finale. Some of my Taiwanese friends were raving about it, which can only mean that they liked it. We’ll see if I do, though.

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