Brief Thoughts on the Upcoming Batch of May Dramas

I don’t usually talk about my thoughts on upcoming dramas, but when was the last time that six dramas would be expected to premiere in a month? I honestly don’t remember, and I don’t know how I’ll be able to watch them all. After all, I’m already swamped with enough work to do that keeps me from blogging more than one post a day. It’s not that I wouldn’t like to blog more, it’s just that I can’t.  At least not with my current schedule. So thanks for sticking with this blog and for continuing to come back for more!

Anyway, where was I? Oh right — Prior to writing up this post, I was confused about which dramas would be airing and when. After some research with the help of my best friend, Mr. Google, I think I’ve got this down. So here we go!

Baby-Faced Beauty:

Premieres Monday, May 2nd (which was today!) following Crime Squad

Starring Daniel Choi, Jang Nara, Kim Min Seo, and Ryu Jin

Synopsis: Jang Nara plays Lee So Young, a woman who dreams to become a successful fashion designer, but because she has a youthful face, she’s often mistaken for a teenager instead of a thirtysomething adult. Though she didn’t go to college and she has family debts to take care of, this doesn’t dull her dreams and lively spirit. She becomes entangled with Daniel Choi’s Choi Jin Wook after she gets hired at the company that he works for. There most likely will be plenty of comedic beats and misunderstandings since Jang’s character is hired at the job based on the misconception that she’s a recent college graduate. Heh, I love noona-dongsaeng relationships! (See What’s Up, Fox for more!)

I’m not super excited about this drama or anything. In fact, I don’t think I’m really excited for any of the upcoming May dramas, though a few have piqued my interest. I will probably watch this one because this is Jang Nara’s comeback to the small screen after six years and I’m curious to see her in an acting role once again. I’m not a fan of the other three leads, but Daniel Choi is a decent actor and Kim Min Seo was unforgettable in Sungkyunkwan Scandal. I’ve seen Ryu Jin in a drama or two, but I feel indifferent about him.

I know that this drama will probably end up being a ball of frothy cuteness, instead of having substance. Most likely another trendy and light watch. What I’m waiting to see is if this drama will be more original than the synopsis. If after one or two episodes it proves to be something I would regret finishing, I’ll drop this baby without further consideration. Life is too short to watch bad dramas, yo!

Excitement meter (based on a scale of 1-10): 5/10

Best Love:

Premieres Wednesday, May 4th following Royal Family

Starring Cha Seung Won, Gong Hyo Jin, Yoo Inna, and Yoon Kye Sang.

Synopsis: Gong plays a singer who used to be a member in a popular pop group, but due to unfortunate circumstances, her career goes down the drain. That is until she becomes one paired up with top star Dokko Jin (Cha) for a fake marriage in a variety show that’s similar to We Got Married. Yoo Inna plays the MC on this variety show who was actually also part of the girl group with Gong, but she was the least popular member at the time. Now, she’s also a top star and as the MC for the variety show, and she becomes jealous of Ae Jung’s involvement with to Dokko Jin. Yoon Kye Sang plays an Oriental medicine and is also thrown into this variety dating show.

I have no doubts that the Hong Sisters will succeed in producing another cute, hit rom-com, especially since I’ve enjoyed their past works immensely. There’s never a dull moment when watching a Hong Sisters’ drama, even if the second half usually becomes more melodramatic. I have complete confidence in their work and will be joining the zippy ride. I also have complete faith that the cast will step up to the plate and exceed my expectations. C’mon, it’s Cha Seung Won and Gong Hyo Jin. And Yoon Kye Sang and Yoo Inna are also great, so yay!

Excitement meter: 8/10

City Hunter:

Premieres Wednesday, May 25th, following 49 Days

Starring Lee Min Ho, Park Min Young, Goo Hara, Lee Joon Hyuk.

Synopsis: Based on the 1980’s manga of the same name. Lee Min Ho is a womanizer, but is actually one of the smartest men in Korea, boasting a doctorate from MIT and also works as as communications guy at the Blue House. Park Min Young plays a bodyguard at the Blue House. Goo Hara plays the president’s daughter and Lee Joon Hyuk’s character rivals Lee in the love triangle. His character supposedly looks after our heroine and is a sweet, caring guy.

Not interested, even if Lee Min Ho looks hotter than ever in some of the promotional stills I’ve seen for the drama. I admit that I was excited about this drama early in the beginning, but then my excitement faded as time worn on. I dunno, I’m just indifferent to the entire cast and staff. I guess I’ll still check this out and hope that Lee Min Ho is appealing enough for me to come back for more. If not, into the trash it goes.

Excitement meter: 3/10

Lie To Me:

Premieres Monday, May 9th following Midas

Starring Yoon Eun Hye, Kang Ji HwanHong Soo-hyunSung Joon, and Jo Yoon-hee.

Synopsis: Ah Jung (Yoon) has worked as a civil servant for three years. She meets Ki Joon (Kang), who is a hotel executive. Due to some absurd situation, the two become fake marriage partners after Ah Jung lies that she’s married to salvage her pride. Sung Joon plays Ki Joon’s younger brother, Sang Hee. Unlike his haughty and uptight brother, Sang Hee is much more carefree. He somehow also ends up embroiled into this fake marriage. Oh Yoon Joo was once engaged to Ki Hoon, but after the engagement was terminated, she went abroad to Paris.

Meh. Another fake marriage contract with shenanigans? After Marry Me, Mary starring my favorites Jang Geun Seok and Moon Geun Young ended up to be one of the worst dramas I’ve ever watched, I’m hesitant to pick up another one involving a fake marriage. But out of my love for Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye, I shall tune in. Those two brings in ratings and they have had awesome chemistry with their co-stars in the past. They’re both very charismatic actors, so I have no doubt that they will act their hearts out and ignite the small screen. Who knows, this may become very addicting if the essential pieces all fall in place.

Excitement meter: 6.5/10

(Not the official poster by the way.)


Premieres Monday, May 30 following The Duo

Starring Mickey Yoochun, Lee Da Hae, Kim Seung Woo, and Kang Hye Jung.

Synopsis: This drama is apparently inspired by the story of Shin Jeong Ah, a famous university professor at Dongguk University, who actually forged her credentials in order to attain her position. She was assisted by her presidential secretary boyfriend Byeon Yang Kyoon in the process. The two faced jail time and their scandal forever changes the Korean media. Lee Da Hae plays an orphan who gets adopted by a poor family. She faces a lot of hardships after the adoption, and her unfortunate circumstances motivate her plot a devious scheme that will aid her in landing a job at a hotel company. Using the credentials of her younger sibling back at the orphanage (Kang), she applies for a position at the hotel. Somewhere along the way, her younger sister discovers her plan and plans to reveal her fraud, only the end will not bode well for her.  Kim Seung Woo plays the hotel manager who comes to love Lee’s character and Micky plays the heir to this resort hotel agency, who (duh) also falls in love with Lee.

This drama has been under the radar for about a month or so, probably due to all the media buzz on Baby-Faced Beauty, Best Love, and Lie To Me. I hated Lee Da Hae in Chuno, loved Kim Seung Woo in Iris, liked Mickey in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, and am apathetic about Kang Hye Jung, only because I haven’t seen her in Flowers for My Life. Because this is the last drama that’s scheduled to premiere in May, there’s still much to be revealed, such as trailers, official posters, and character stills, etc, etc. Oh well, I’m sure there will be a crapload of promotional news once May 30th comes.

Excitement meter: 4/10

Romance Town:

Starring Sung Yuri, Jung Kyeo Woon, Min Hyo Rin, and Kim Min Joon.

Premieres Wednesday, May 11 following Thorn Birds

Synopsis: Sung Yuri’s character is busy working several jobs to help pay off her father’s gambling debts. She ends up as a housekeeper for many chaebol households, including Jung’s. Min Hyo Rin also plays a spunky maid who has more work experience than Sung Yuri. Kim Min Joon plays a close neighbor to Jung Kyeo Woon. He gains a lot of wealth after his artist grandfather’s death, and is apparently described to be a bad boy. And…I’m sure you can figure out the rest.

My initial reaction was, why are you playing a chaebol, Jung Kyeo Woon, why? However, I’m gradually warming up to the idea if it involves more Nekkidness. The synopsis doesn’t sound all too original, but with great chemistry and acting between the four leads, I’ll be a happy camper, even if I’m not a fan of any of the leads except for Jung Kyeo Woon.

Excitement meter: 6/10


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