Drunken To Love You OST Download

I know what you’re thinking — I haven’t even watched the finale of Fierce Wife but I took up a new Taiwanese drama? As the saying goes, “good things come to those who wait.” So have no fear because I will have those recaps out as soon as I can! In the meantime, I started watching SETTV’s Drunken To Love You last week because my friends ockoala and ripgal were raving about it on their own respective blogs. Instead of resisting the temptation to watch DTLY, I immediately gave in, knowing that it’s better to follow the wise examples of my sunbaes early on than to regret it later. The last time I chose to ignore their recommendations resulted in several overnighters and excessive fangirling to the point of craziness.

I didn’t like Rainie Yang in anything until ToGetHer, and I’m pleased to say that I love her in DTLY! Her acting has improved since ToGetHer, which makes her quite a seasoned actress now, with many projects under her belt. Joseph Chang is mediocre so far, but his chemistry with Rainie is perfect for me. These two make me laugh and happy, which also reminds me of Mike He and Janine Chang’s characters in Sunny Happiness, a drama that I’m still rewatching right now. In other words, they’re a ball full of Win!

The official OST for DTLY has yet to be released, but I did manage to get a hold of a copy of the opening and ending songs. I wasn’t able to find a non-TV version of Rainie’s “太傻 Too Gullible” that was featured in the first episode of the drama, so I’m going to wait until the official DTLY OST is released to update the rest of this post. She’s scheduled to be releasing a new CD after the drama ends, and that song will most likely be included too.

DTLY is charming, well executed, and staggeringly cute. And it begins right from the opening credits to the ending credits. I love how both styles of these songs portray the drama itself. What I love about this drama that it wonderfully balances between the fun and happy with the somber and melancholy. Something that started out as wacky and unprecedented gradually becomes the foundation for a relationship that mirrors real life dilemmas in relationships.

Here, take a listen–

Opening Song: “不按牌理出牌 Doing Something Unexpected” by Magic Power Download

Ending Song: 好的事情 “A Good Thing” by Yen-J Download 

Like I said above, the rest of the songs off of the soundtrack will be posted once it’s officially released. After listening to these songs for the gazillionth time, I hereby declare myself a DTLY addict. C’mon now, you know you want to join me! 😛


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