Manny, Manny, and More Manny!

These two are my faves. 

I have a whole slew of Manny photos to share, from Episode 6 and Episode 8, respectively. The photos I posted last week from Manny were actually only from Episode 5, not 6. But cable channel tvN was kind enough to fuel my Manny addiction by adding more photo stills to the drama’s official website. These photos from last week’s episodes make me such a happy dodo. Like, you have no idea. Unless you’ve become an addict like me as well.

In Episode 6, the family plus Manny take an overnight camping trip. Even Janice comes along, now that she’s fully aware of her crush on the much younger and sexy Manny. Not that I blame her for having a crush. I’d be hypocritical if I did because to be honest, who in the world can deny the hotness of Seo Ji Seok when watching him onscreen?

Her outfit is so not fit for camping gear, but being the fashionista that she is, she’s oblivious that she probably shouldn’t wear certain clothes while camping. Even if she’s planning to capture the heart of Manny, who is, by the way, shared by me and my friends. I’ve got dibs!

Still. Hot Dayum. I hope to look like that when I’m in my late 30s or 40s.

Some good ol’ fun with the children, who are winning little actresses and actors of their generations.

Bulgolgi! Yum! How cute is this shot, though? Like I said, Manny is so adorable around the kids.

Time for the usual campfire karoke!

I don’t care if Seo Ji Seok doesn’t know how to properly play the guitar, because he is hot regardless of what he does.

Is he looking at her, or somewhere else along her direction? Do Young is growing on me. I definitely don’t think that she’s the spineless mother that many saw in Episodes 1-2. She’s much more than that, even if this means that she needs our Manny’s assistance to recall her personal strengths and potential as a designer.

Below, we see Janice greeting fans and showing off a ring. Want a spoiler? *spoiler*She’s in a dream sequence.*end spoiler*

Manny airs Wednesdays-Thursdays against 49 Days, Best Love, and Thorn Birds on tvN.

Photo credits: tvN’s official Manny page


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