YouTube Highlight of the Day: Dove Evolution

Mother's Day

Darn, I had planned to say this earlier but oh wells–Happy Mother’s Day! Like the poet William Ross Wallace wrote, “For the hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rocks the world.” I hope all of you that celebrate Mother’s Day were able to spend time with your loved ones this weekend. I know that I had a wonderful weekend, even though it went by too fast like always.

This is an old YT clip from 2006 that I recently discovered, thanks to two of my professors in two entirely different classes. I’m not sure if any of you have seen this already, because it did gain a lot of attention when it was first put on YouTube. The concept of beauty and how each culture’s definition of beauty varies has always intrigued me, even more so after doing some research on eating disorders for a paper that I have to write. I’m sure that every woman in modern society has looked at themselves critically at least once and thought, gosh, I look ugly today. We’re almost trained by our modern culture to hate our bodies, because if we don’t, there might be something terribly wrong with us.

I know that for those of us who live in the United States, we’re constantly bombarded by the media, which shapes and distorts our value, particularly how we define beauty. Well, this is an interesting clip, sponsored by Dove, that may perhaps change how you view that skinny, size zero model on the front cover of a magazine, or that hot actress on television in the future.

So what did you think? Pretty cool how technology is so advanced that it can go as far as distorting our perceptions, right?


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