Day 6: Your Favorite Song from a Kdrama OST

I don’t know about you, but I love walking into an Asian store or restaurant and recognizing a song playing in the background that’s from a drama I’ve watched before. Whenever that happens, I start wearing this goofy smile on my face and reminisce back to the days when I was watching said drama, even if it sucked balls. I’m not usually the one that’s able to remember a song from a Korean drama off the top of my head, but there’s always exceptions of course. One exception is the entire Chuno OST. Regardless of whether you liked the drama or not, you have to admit that the soundtrack for the drama was an absolute masterpiece. Each song may be individually memorable, but combined into one complete set, it’s magical.

I’m not going to include each song from the Chuno OST, but I will choose my top 3:

I always tear up a little whenever I listen to “달에 지다 The Moon is Crying” by 베이지 Beige. It’s just so pretty and bittersweet.

Then there is the song 민초의 난 by MC Sniper that gets me pumped up during workouts.

Let’s also not forget Stigma by Yim Jae Beom that never fails to remind me of Dae Gil. Oh Dae Gil. *sob*

There honestly have been many songs from various dramas that have touched my heart, but I ultimately chose Chuno because this is the only drama where I love the entire OST collection. You’re Beautiful was a close second, but Chuno’s music will forever hold a special place in my heart in years to come.


One thought on “Day 6: Your Favorite Song from a Kdrama OST

  1. Oh my god, this brings me right back to last spring… *sniff*. Although I’m in two minds about this drama (first half was brilliant, second half still engrossing even though plot went wacko), the soundtrack still leaves me dazed.

    Haha, and the MC Sniper song is on my workout playlist too!

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