Jung Kyeo Woon’s Transformation for Romance Town

KBS released a few more photo stills of Jung Kye Woon wearing a fat suit for his upcoming drama Romance Town. Along with the other cute stills that I saw today from this drama, the photos below have only served to further increase my curiosity. And wonder how it must feel to be wearing a fat suit. Looks kinda uncomfortable, yet I think I should now make it a life goal to wear a fat suit, just so’s I can say that I’ve worn one before. There’s not anything else to say except for uh, enjoy?

I don’t care how ridiculous he looks in a fat suit. I think Jung Kyeo Woon looks adorable, aside from the fact that he’s wearing a sweater that has fobby English written all over it. What does that even say? “The Guilty Parties Margaret Howe”? Say what?

I guess that I must tune in tomorrow to find out if Jung Kye Woon is worth 20 hours of my time. Who am I kidding, he’s definitely worth 20 hours of my time. (Just look at him!) Let’s just hope everyone else steps up to the plate, too.

Photo credits: KBS


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