Day 7: Your Favorite Line(s) by a Male Lead Character

I have two favorite lines to share today, and ironically, both are from a Hong Sisters’ drama. Y’know, there’s a lot of good quotes out there, said by hundreds, if not thousands, of male leads in the years past. But for some reason, these two male leads hold a special place in my heart. Their quotes are not gonna blow you away, but when watched in context, it’s perfect. At least for me.

“Go Mi Nam, from now on, I give you permission to like me.” — Hwang Tae Kyung

Like I said, there’s nothing special about this quote at all. But for a die-hard YAB fangirl, this scene was squealtastic, with a lot of flailing in between. I thought that it was the cutest thing ever, because prior to this scene, we had been waiting for a confession on both ends. And that was pretty much it. Which I loved. It was just absolutely perfect, and so in character for Hwang Tae Kyung. You must watch it to understand what I mean. And even if you do, it may not have the same effect on you as it did for me.

I just…love that scene. *happy sigh*

“As the person who loves you, this is my decision. Who knows where this will go, but let’s do it together. If we live, we both live. And if we die, we die together.” —Dae Woong

I have nothing much to add to my MGIAG review so…I think I’m done. A little too tired at the moment to add more.

(All quotes taken from Dramabeans MGIAG & YAB recaps. Screencaps taken from each drama’s official website.)


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