Best Love First Impressions

I had originally planned to write up a quick first impressions post last week, but I just didn’t have the time. This week’s no different, since it’s midterms and papers galore, but I decided that I WILL write something about Best Love because goshdarnit, this show is getting awesome! Like this:

Before I jump into my first impressions, I want to tell a semi-funny story that happened to me today. While watching episodes 3 and 4, and getting sucked into the drama by the minute, I started searching on YouTube for fan-made clips. I don’t know exactly what the heck I was thinking, but the next thing I know, I typed in “Best Love scenes.”And uh, yeah, I didn’t get the YouTube results that I wanted. Let’s just say that it was a really good thing my parents didn’t walk in on me, or else it would have been a super awkward moment. Like now. Hahaha.

Well, now that I’ve shared my little story for the day, on to my first impressions!

I echo the voices of other bloggers when I say that this drama is completely fresh, zany, and fun! The first episode had initially renewed my trust in the Hong Sisters, but then watching episode 2 left me with a twinge of disappointment. It was lackluster, and I didn’t enjoy it as much as I had the first episode. This is most definitely because I had watched the episode raw, so I just couldn’t understand the comedy. Which is why I decided that I’m going to be patient and stick with subtitles for the future episodes. It wasn’t the drama’s fault, of course, that my Korean sucks — you’d think that after six years of watching Kdramas, my Korean proficiency would at least improve, but no. I guess this dodo brain needs more Korean dramas so it can naturally pick up the Korean itself. Har har har…

So anyway, I love Best Love now. Episode 3 turned me into a crazy fangirl. I guess you can say that it’s because of Cha Seung Won that I’ve gone quite loco. In fact, I feel bad for my poor neighbors because my family is now in an uproar on Wednesday and Thursday nights. And trust me, it’s not just me. Papa dodo is also lovin’ BL, even if he refuses to admit that he’s a huge Hong Sisters fan himself, and that this drama is another ball of WIN. (He actually finished the episodes before I did!)

I think the awesomeness lies with Cha Seung Won’s comedic timing. It’s great, and he doesn’t have to do anything except act in character before we start to crack up. Dokko Jin is aloof and seemingly brash, but he’s also got this soft side to him that he covers up when he’s around others. He’s such a perfectionist and definitely a high maintenance kind of guy, so it’s hilarious to see him getting flustered around a woman that doesn’t do his bidding because she’s already seen his true demeanor behind the veneer.

It’s also funny to see him begin to fall in love with Ae Jung already because he’s like a child that doesn’t know what the heck these feelings are. How much do I love that this drama’s theme song triggers his heart to beat quicker? Oh Hong sisters! You ladies sure know how to get the romance crackling, instead of having us wait until half of the series is over for the romance to settle in.

Gong Hyo Jin isn’t being overshadowed by Cha either, and is showing her comedic experience in Best Love. I really love how natural she is as an actress, which makes her feel so tangible as a character. In fact, she’s kind of like a contrast to Cha Seung Won, who is playing Jin with much exaggeration, though in a fantastic way. Ae Jung is just an washed-up actress that has had a lot of bad luck come her way in the past few years. Yet this doesn’t dampen her spirits, nor does it turn her into some mean, pessimistic snob. She’s everything that I would love to see in a female lead — tough, blunt, and full of heart. Ae Jung has sass, and she is strong enough to stand back up on her feet to finish her pursuit of her dreams as an entertainer. Hence, in less than four hours, she has won my heart as a female lead.

Speaking of how these characters have earned my love already, major props goes to Yoon Kye Sang as Dr. Pil Joo. He’s quirky in his own way, which makes him all the more endearing. I think this is the first time that I’ve liked a second male lead this much in a Hong sisters drama. His initial meeting with Ae Jung left both of them with deep impressions of the other. Now it’s interesting to see how this Couple Making reality show will play out. I’m sure that there will be a lot of great romantic tension in the episodes to come.

As for Yoo Inna playing Se Ri, I find her acting decent. Out of the four leading characters, she’s the only that I feel almost indifferent about. However, I do like that she’s holding her own against Gong Hyo Jin, which is no easy feat. She’s not quite as experienced as an actress and it definitely shows, but I think that once she’s given more screen time, she’ll be showcasing more of her character. If our second leading man doesn’t get with our leading lady, then I’ll be more than happy to relinquish him to Se Ri, especially after what little I saw of them in episode 2.

So, in other words, I’m extremely satisfied with all the acting shown thus far. Oh drama gods, thank you so much for actors and actresses that can actually act!

I hope everyone knows just how much I love the Hong sisters. I haven’t watched all of their penned dramas (I will someday!), but I do know that two of their previous works has made it to my all-time favorites list. Perhaps like many YAB and MGIAG fans, I had a lot of expectations coming into Best Love. Yet with the crapload of May dramas, I thought that perhaps this year, I just might be disappointed. I was so nervous that I was literally chewing through my nails when I started the first episode.

But who am I kidding? It’s the Hong sisters! That’s not to say that they might write a crappy drama one day — and perhaps for you, that drama may have been last year’s MGIAG or 2009’s YAB, or some other drama — but for now, everything that I’ve watched that’s written by them is perfect. By the time the drama is over, I’m happy to say that it’s a gem.

Even though it’s much too early to declare that this may be one of my contending favorites for 2011, I can say that, along with Manny and Can You Hear my Heart and 49 Days, this is going to be my May crack that will pull me through all the stress in my life at the moment. Yay for Best Love!

Photo credits: Best Love’s Official Website


2 thoughts on “Best Love First Impressions

  1. Gong Hyo Jin has always been good so she didn’t blow me away. I knew she would do great.

    But it’s Cha Seung Won who steals the show. He’s comedic timing is GOLD and spot on. Never have I seen an actor who can play comedic like that. It’s priceless.

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