Goodbye, Lim Ju Hwan!

Sigh. Korean actor Lim Ju Hwan enlisted for his mandatory two-year military service yesterday, the 17th of May, and a few fans and reporters were there to see him off. Unlike many actors who report for duty, he didn’t host a large press conference or other special send-off events prior to his enlistment date. Two of his celebrity friends, Song Joong Ki and Kim Ki Bang were also present, and are seen in the photos below. Lim is scheduled for five weeks of basic military training before beginning the actual service.

Lim Ju Hwan has starred in Boys Over Flowers, Snow Queen, and Tamra The Island, though I don’t remember his cameo role in BOF at all. He’s most memorable to fans for playing the unforgettable Park Kyu (or should I say F*ck you?) in Tamra, and it was his portrayal of this character that made me a fan. His latest drama project was What’s Up, but that drama is perhaps permanently stuck in limbo and will never make it to the small screen. Sadness, I know.

If you haven’t watched Tamra yet, you should. Believe me, it’s good for you. But here’s a really well-made YouTube video clip of some of his cuts from that drama, anyway.

See you in two years, Lim Ju Hwan! Now if only I had a fast-forward time machine on hand…

Sources: Newsen and Soompi


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