My Current Obsession: Coldplay

I’m kinda pooped out from all the writing I did yesterday, both on this blog and in real life, so I’ll try to spare y’all from reading another long post. Having listened to almost nothing but classical, inspirational, and Asian pop music for the past several years, I’ve been out of touch with what a lot of people listen to on the radio. Until recently, when I got a little tired of listening to auto-tuned music. I blame my brother for this “current obsession” that arose several days ago. I mean, I’ve definitely heard of Coldplay before, but I never actually bothered to check out their music. Yeah, the (wo)man that was living in Plato’s Allegory of the Cave? That was me.

So now that I’ve discovered the light, so to speak, I’ve been listening to them non-stop on repeat. I wub them. It’s just awesome music, and I lack the eloquence to heap tons of superlatives about this band. Or perhaps I’m just too tired to. Anyhow, here are my top 4 favorite Coldplay songs, which was really hard to choose, given how many awesome songs they’ve made. Please share some of your favorite music as well, be it Coldplay or another band!

“Viva la Vida”





3 thoughts on “My Current Obsession: Coldplay

  1. I’ve liked Coldplay since high school, but (like you) I’ve been on a steady diet of Kpop (and more sophisticated Korean music) for the last couple of years, and I’ve recently rediscovered them on my iPod. I love all the songs you’ve posted here, but my current favorite is their song Yes from the Viva la Vida album. It’s long, yes (ha! no pun intended, sorry), but so addictive! In fact, it popped up on the rotation right as I saw this post! It’s totally FATE! ^_^ kkkk

    If you like Coldplay, might I suggest you check out a group called Mutemath? I really like their stuff, too. You can check out some of my favorite songs of theirs here: They got me through finals and the five billion research papers I had to write.

    • Thanks, estel! I’ll check them out. I only recently got back into “Western music”, so I’m finding myself like a little kid that doesn’t exactly know where to start in a new world with a giant selection of music.

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