Some Jung Kyeo Woon Goodies For Me To Share

Holy mother of shisus and green tea ice cream. I-I-I-Can I please marry him? T___T

Now before you totally judge me and think that I’m a completely shallow person — that is, if you haven’t already deemed me as some crazy fangirl — can I just say that Jung Kyeo Woon is really stepping up his A-game in the acting department for Romance Town? I’ve liked him ever since he was Kim So Yeon‘s love interest in Dr. Champ, but RTΒ is just making me love him all over again, especially since he’s continually to shine and ooze charisma in this drama.

I don’t know, there’s just something so winsome about his character in Romance Town. He’s born into wealth, but as the fat kid next door that was constantly made fun of, he’s not full of arrogance as most rich guys are. In fact, he’s quite tender-hearted and endearing as a character, all the more reason for me as a viewer to root for him.

Well, I’m sure you didn’t click on this post to read about what I had to say about Jung Kyeo Woon. That’s another post for another day. I hope these photos will whet your appetite — and mine as well — because the alternative is that these stills will make you hungry for MOAR MOAR MOAR! Oh God, is it Wednesday yet?


10 thoughts on “Some Jung Kyeo Woon Goodies For Me To Share

    • True, he’s acting quite aloof and cold after returning to Korea, but we get hints that he hasn’t really changed much at all from when they first met. He definitely likes her, I think, but is also unsure of how to act when around her. After all, he hates her for replacing the grandmother nanny he had — and I’m sure he figured out that SHE was the one who kept writing to him in the nanny’s place. That’s gotta be weird, finding out that the person who you think is worried for you is actually someone else.

      We’ll see how it goes, though. πŸ™‚

      • him kicking her out was totally uncalled for and in my opinion out of character. i was under the impression that he had a crush on her for 3 years, but then he had no problem kicking her out. while the little kid was bawling for her to stay. that was ice cold. i can understand him being mad at his step-mom and dad, but the girl didn’t do anything wrong. she just needed the job. also why can’t the household have two maids? his grandmother and the girl.
        and then in episode 3….that was rude of him to write on her paper. i would be offended even if it wasn’t worth a few million dollars.
        i hope he starts changing back to the way he was fast because i don’t like his attitude at the moment…i wonder what happened in America that turned him into an asshole.
        btw…i don’t think he knows that she was the one writing to him…idk but he never said it outright.

        • I think he was able to act ice cold because he felt betrayed by her. He thought she was his one true friend, but then finds out that 1) she works for his family (whom he resents) and 2) she replaced his ahjumma. (Thankfully he realizes the hypocrisy of it in ep 3/4, that he’s tearing San away from his ahjumma.) I don’t think it was something in America that changed him, but that he came back wanting to take control of his life instead of being his father’s pawn and taking responsibility for his father’s flaws. That’s why he is more confident and arrogant. As for the writing on the lottery paper – I think he did it because 1) it was convenient, 2) it was another chance to tease and pester the girl he likes, and 3) he didn’t know how important it was to her. She was sufficiently pissed – and thankfully gave him a good beating. πŸ™‚

  1. i must say, i don’t like the scarf 😦 cody please….don’t feature them throughout of the drama, which i fear will be the case (he even wore it to the press conference)

    but on him jung kyeo woon, i’ve got no complain

  2. You know, of all the May dramas, RT was the one I was the least excited about…but it’s turned out to be the drama I’m anticipating the most! It really drew me in, and I think a lot of that has to do with GW’s character. I think kaedejun pointed out in her recap on dramabeans that it’s pretty slice-of-life, but I adore it despite that. Or maybe because of it. I like the stories the characters are telling us. And I just love that GW isn’t your typical kdrama hero of the last five years. He’s a big ol’ softy on the inside, and terribly hurt that SG “betrayed” him (even though she had nothing to do with it and no idea). I can’t wait to see where these two are going to take us!

    • Same here, I was definitely not looking forward to this drama, though I admit I was a tad excited to see Jung Kyeo Woon again. Just a little. Gun Woo really is special and like you said, he’s not a typical Kdrama hero that we’ve seen. When I first read his character description, I thought it was going to be another one of those cold, rich bastard types, but RT is tweaking that to provide a fresh outlook on how the wealthy lifestyle isn’t as lavish and wonderful as it is in many other dramas. Instead of the girl being the one he needs to “rescue” out of povery, Gun Woo’s the one that needs some lovin’ and care from Soon Geum.

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